Which Lianna is better?

Ok, forget about her costume… if you have to choose one of this four options for Lianna… all of them with 20 talents… 2 with full attack path, 2 with full defense path… each one of those with the epic troop at level 30… which one do you think is better thinking her about her special, and her “quick” mana?
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so you are talking about the first one? the Lianna with full attack path + mana buff epic troop? the most hitter of all 4 options

Ahh I misread part of your thing lol…

For me personally I would (and have) built lianna to focus entirely on attack stat. She’s not a great defensive hero, particularly when there are so many better options…

But even on defence, her primary purpose is to whack someone really really hard… not to survive for a long time & soak up hits…

So I would focus on the first option. All attack & Mana troop :slight_smile:

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I think the same… lets get her really dangerous and devastating

1078 attack, wow. Assuming that the overall enemy’s+troops defense is 1000 and considering only the highest and the lowest attack stat, the difference in special skill damage is 225 (for RNG factor = 1). That may decide about the victory or failure. My vote for full attack. :slight_smile:

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