Which lady would you escort to the dance

Which lady do you think you would want to escort into battle Vivica or Delilah?

A hypothetical real battle?

I think either of these brave warriors would have to drag me kicking and screaming anywhere near actual danger.


Minions, Minions, Minions…

So cool, if Lianna hits one of your dudes with 3 minions and even a non maxed Proteus will survive with reasonable HP left.


Delilah. Prefer her look, and her heal + minion powers.

Also, I’m a head-shaving balding guy so there’s less risk if she is actually the mythical Delilah. Of course, I wouldn’t be her “type” then.


None…I am a woman and want to get invited by a cute man myself :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Red Hood :heart_eyes::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:

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Inari and Hel :smile:

Would that beautiful gentleman have any chance?

And i’d love Delilah, but i think VVK is more « reachable »


Arnold in Conan V :upside_down_face:

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Got no problems with “horny” guys :rofl::rofl::rofl: (bad joke, I know) but this one looks a bit sick. His skin is green already. Don’t want him to puke on me during the date :joy::joy::joy:


I would go anywhere with Mitsuko tbh

(Delilah to answer OPs question, also it’s ok my wife knows :slight_smile: )


Honestly I’d be happy with either.

Oh wait an actual battle? Gonna join Jonah there. The dugout sounds much safer.

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When did dancing become a blood sport?

Delilah has that exotic look but she’s a forbidden hero :wink:

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Natayla. No question.

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Okay then so of all the men here which one would you want? I hope it’s a not bold tusk

Delilah is better for pure healing. She fires more often, and the minions represent a “pre-heal” of future damage. On PvE fights, you can also hang out in the level before a big boss encounter and just stack up minions on everybody, which gives a very nice cushion for the upcoming fight.

Vivica does things which are pretty rare, though, and they are quite valuable. Few 5* heroes cleanse everyone. You basically have Zim, Kunchen, and Vivica. And Vivica also produces a very powerful shield, which mitigates future damage.

If your focus is Titans, Vivica is your best choice. Minions cost time in a titan fight, and both Viv’s cleanse and shield are super useful.

If your focus is Raid/War defense and you need a decent yellow tank, Delilah is your best choice.

If your focus is PvP offense:

  • If you already have multiple cleansers due to emblemed Rigard, Zim, and Kun, then Delilah for faster and heals and minions
  • If you need a 5*-caliber cleanser, Vivica

This answer seems far too serious.

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I’d go dancing with athena.

For #community-content maybe. But this is #gameplay-help-tactics :man_shrugging:


Grimm but I need something for his head to hide :rofl:


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