Which Kind of goal did you have in this game? Tell me your goal

I didnt see all the good hotms like, hel, athena, ares, musashi, alberich etc…
My first HotM was thoth. I got 3 of him and was so happy first, than i saw how weak he was :frowning: :slight_smile:


I did a max pull and I still didn’t get Hel on the first Atlantis. How disappointing. :sweat:

My goal is to stop spending money on this game!


@ sanchezsam2:
Yes, a very Good goal.

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The first Atlantis i didnt see. I was in a Hospital for 5 weeks. But the last Atlantis, i did 2x30 pulls and got alby, ares, khiona. Normally i Wanted tarlak. But i am happy with the result.


Hate you for being lucky. :yum:

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My goal is to make good use of all 6 war flags lol. I currently have 3 good teams, I’m working on it.


I’ll swap you for some of my yellows :rofl:

My goals are to get a 5* blue; then I’ll have my 1st 5* rainbow team that will never be used at the same time but will look “pretty” in my roster.

Next is to “crack” the 100 in Epic and better my score in Legendary.

Stop doing pulls and focus on levelling what I currently have…but that won’t happen this year, perhaps a New Year Resolution?? Whilst on the subject of pulls, to stop getting Yellow 5*s.

Actually to stop spending money on this game, the same way I have with shoes and handbags…which has never happened :joy:

uninstall if you can’t be in control? o_0

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Hahaha. Actually I stopped another money eating game. Clash of Kings. I uninstalled that one. Not only takes away money but requires too much attention to play.

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Who said I’m not in control or that I don’t want to play anymore. I just want to get to a point where I have enough and can play without spending that’s my goal.

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you know that enough is a ideal thing… considering HOTM that will appear…

lets not fool ourselves :stuck_out_tongue: - no finger pointed here :slight_smile:

dont think SG will let you to be bored somedaydue to game oversaturation. :wink:

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And, …

  • Reach 4000+ cups, since no player has ever done so!

Part 2 of the PV=nRT post is forming up, dear @Kerridoc.

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Geting my first 5* hero.

Geting Wu Kong.

Geting enough fully leveled 4* heroes so I can really adjust my raiding team to the opponent at hand. :smile:

To convince @Anchor to buy a third rat for his daughter.

  1. You know when they are happy! :smiley:
  2. Their tailes are amazing! :rat:
  3. Look at how the other 2 already love you! :heart_eyes:
  4. They are just super smart! :mage:
  5. Males and females have very different booming personalities! :couple:
  6. They were one of the first animal species to go into outer space! :rocket:
  7. We all love napping, right? :sleeping:
  8. They keep it clean! :bath:
  9. They love you and will brux for you (tapping their teeth together)! :tooth:
  10. Oh yeah, they aren’t so long lived… :frowning:

Just bring him yourself

Complete a rainbow of 5*

I’ve been playing since March, and have the following, just checked my spending and I’m just over $300 over 7.5 months.

Guardian Panther 4/43
Drake Fong 4/22
Alasie 3/70 Need 1 telescope
Gregorian 3/70 Need 3 Tonics and another tome after Alasie.
Marjana 4/75

Perseus 2/60 could ascend now
Thorne 2/60 my first 5* been on the back burner
Horghall 1/1 first TC20 5* just got

Edit: just ascended Perseus.

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Get out of credit card debt :disappointed_relieved:


No 3 i like that and my goal too like that wkwkwkwk…

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