Which Kind of goal did you have in this game? Tell me your goal

Hey guys. I am playing this game since 1st Oktober 2017. One Year and i have 13 fully maxed 5* heroes. And for another Two 5* i have the mats. My goal is to reach 30 fully ascended 5* heroes in a Year. Than i would have 30 5* in 2 years playing. I dont know if this is Good or Bad. Is it Good 30 fully ascended 5* in Two years?

What is your Personal goal?


I’ve been playing since Feb/March this year (can’t remember exact date) and my goal is to fully ascend my first 5*. I have Marjana at 3/70, just waiting on one mystic ring.

After that it will be to fully max my current 5* team that I’m levellling - Morgan Le Fay, Magni, Marjana, Drake Fong, Sartana. I’m hoping I can have that done by the end of the year - ascension mats permitting!

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To stop getting 5* purple heroes.


My current goal is to get my second set of five star heros up and running. Then I can use them to hopefully improve my raid defense team to the point where I am no longer successfully raided by teams 600-800 points below mine.

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  1. Break past 100k in titan damage on a a 10 star or higher titan.
  2. Get to top 10 in rare, epic, and legendary, not at the same time of course. Get #1 in those categories as well eventually.
  3. Get 6 one-shots on 4k teams in War

My goal is to constantly knock people off the top 100 every now and then which I do frequently. Oh yeah to have my 5x5* dream heroes on my team. :joy:

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Nice goals.

6 one Shots i did. My highest Titan Score was 114k on a 10 star green,
i Think. And my best was 91k on a 12* purple rare Titan.

Top 100 i am daily. Most Cups was near 3000k Beated zero, jimme and whole 7dd guys :slight_smile:
The only Thing i have Not the goal to be in top 10 in the Events. I am fine with getting 6 World energy flasks. :slight_smile:

So no more goals. Only to have 30 fully leveled 5* in october 2019.

Hahaha but if you’re already playing that long can you really stop at 30? Might as well max them all lol

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Have an alliance of 30 active players …strong enough Like 7DD …Palace and fermented

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Yes. Max every single hero including 1*. Maybe SG will reward you for your hard work. :joy:

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  • To completely blow my in-game budget every time there’s an event… Even when I don’t need the heroes.
  • To ignore my kids when they’re trying to talk to me while i’m pushing cups in raids.
  • To wake up in the middle of the night to use flags so they don’t go to waste.
  • To completely ignore incoming calls from relatives because I’m in middle of a titan hit.
  • And last but not least. Skip work because there’s a new hero coming out and I need all morning to get him and max him within the hour…

Oh no, wait… Those are all the byproducts of my actual E&P goals… :laughing::laughing::scream::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

My actual goal was simple, to be the best player I can be in all aspects of the game AND, most importantly, have fun doing it… And guess what ? I’m running out of things to do, so looks like it’s Epic and Legendary next for me… :metal::metal:


Excellent byproducts of your goals. The only one I can have is probably your first one. The rest would be me being murdered by my spouse. :joy:


Hahaha, I know a thing or two about that myself… :facepunch:


Playing long? I play since 1 year. Here are guys they play more than 2 years. :slight_smile:

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I’m a little less. When I started I have already missed most of the nice HoTM. The HoTM when I joined, was Aeron. So you will know how long I have played. :blush:

I didnt see all the good hotms like, hel, athena, ares, musashi, alberich etc…
My first HotM was thoth. I got 3 of him and was so happy first, than i saw how weak he was :frowning: :slight_smile:


I did a max pull and I still didn’t get Hel on the first Atlantis. How disappointing. :sweat:

My goal is to stop spending money on this game!


@ sanchezsam2:
Yes, a very Good goal.

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The first Atlantis i didnt see. I was in a Hospital for 5 weeks. But the last Atlantis, i did 2x30 pulls and got alby, ares, khiona. Normally i Wanted tarlak. But i am happy with the result.


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