Which is your S3 favourite hero? And why

My favourite season 3 hero is Freya. I simply love her design and actually she has good value , is a good card / heroine overall.

And my less favourite is Skadi. Not because the power of the card but the art design. It simply seems to be out of place, i dont like it at all

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Art-wise, I agree with both. Freya reminds me a lot of Urd (Ah/Oh My Goddess).
The proportioning of Skadi’s head looks a little off.

As for usage… er… haven’t pulled any S3 characters of note. :sob:

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She looks the same i agree. I wonder if someone in sg took inspiration from there

Artwise, there is only one queen for me: Alfrike. I understand Fenrir why he fell in love with her. Her special looks great too. Runner-up would be Sif, the polar opposite of Alfrike with her gracious pose.

Utility-wise: Heimdall. Great tank, great wing, great on defense, great on offense, great on Titans. His special also looks nicely and really pumps you up with that Horn of Gondor, I mean Gjallarhorn. Sif and Alfrike are runner-ups, with Sif having more global utility.

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Same here. I was planning to use all my Valhalla coins once all S3 legendaries are released, but with Frigg, I don’t mind making her my 6th maxed nature legendary investing my remaining 12 tonics on her as she is fast and the only nature regular defense down hero, who would pair well with my Eve. I regretted pulling this Valhalla since I got nil S3 legendaries, though I was able to pull Gullinbursti, who will serve as healer in my 2nd monoyellow team replacing 3/70 Viv as I hesitate using some of my 20 darts on her unless I get her costume.

The only Valhalla 5* I have are Freya and Fenrir, but I actually pulled 2 Freyas virtually back to back. I was disappointed at first, but since that both charge fast and cast together, their minions’ attacks are immediately buffed and I gain ~500 HP for everyone, too. One is +18 and the other is only 3/70, but they’re huge fun to use together. Easily one of my favorite heroes in general.

Haven’t pulled any S3 on my main I’m going to next time. I usually raid in mid low diamond and don’t see alot of S3 hero’s there? Is it a case of people have them and stick to the same.
I see a few but not as many as I’ll be like ok what this hero doo.

Norns - best artwork.
Alfrike - best Special.
Freya - best fast.

I totally agree with freya, she’s really good hero that can be fit with purple team so thats what I love about it, also there is a few more I like season 3 hero’s like lady Loki, rataskr, frigg , alfrike theyre just great hero’s to have, they all can be used for more damage after all.

Do run into Alfrike a fair bit. Might just be luck of the roll with raids. Likely a consequence of the main defence team in diamond and who else to use with the main two/three.

Tyr because he come to my roster.

Art: Alfrike = Sif, Freya, Norns, Mist, Brynhild, Heimdall. In that order…

Utility: Heimdall, Brynhild = Sif, Almur, Lady Loki, Mist, Freya, Alfrike. In that order

Yeah probably right with the current line up. Probably in this 4* tournament I’ll see some S3 hero’s more likely.

Frigg for sure. She’s the most beastly hero to come out of Valhalla. Her damage very is often massive for a fast AOE and defense down has to be the best ailment in the game.

She went way under the radar and now she’s twice as rare as Finley in terms of percentage chance.

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…with very big hands?