Which is the better Tank, Gormek or Boldtusk?

I have both at max, but have always been using Gormek due to his health level. However reading the forums give a big plus to BT. Which would be better as a general rule. I have Sabina as well so not sure about two healers as a general rule

Tough one… gotta go with Gormek. He’s a brute at the higher levels although he does not have the healing capacity his mana is average and Boldtusk is slow I believe

Both average mana, but BT has +45% attack

advice try to get kash at your level is probably the best tank. Bt is a stronger hero.
dont worry on running 2 healers both of specials are good and dispars.

My preference is Boldtusk.

He’s roughly as tanky, judging by the 2x defense + health rating:

  • Boldtusk: 711 defense, 1107 health = 2529 rating

  • Gormek: 565 defense, 1430 health = 2560 rating

And his healing makes it more likely he and the rest of the team will survive.

The AI is also quite dumb, and may not make best use of targeting Gormek’s special.

Boldtusk paired with AoE or multi-target hitters can be quite effective, and doesn’t require the AI to coincidentally have chosen well with targeting like with Gormek, where you hope it’ll hit the same debuffed target again.


I have Kash as well, but he only heals either side. Know he is a demon to knock out, but double red usually does it

Thanks zephyr, I wasn’t aware of the 2xdefence plus help. That will be useful

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48%, but who’s counting :sunglasses:

I go BT / Gormek /Colen on Kash, all 4/70+5 and sometimes the lizard survives with that despicable grin on it’s face… stacking reds against Kash is not the smartest thing to do… if he charges and uses the special, reds become pretty much useless against him… it’s not his healing that makes the difference, but his defensive buff… . so, Sabina would be a wise choice against him, for her dispel ability… Kash is by far the best 4* tank available, the only one you will meet in diamond (except for my Cyprian, maybe :sunglasses:)

Anyway, for the OP, I tried both BT and Gormek as tanks, none excelled… they both are amazing support heroes, but Kash is your tank…


I agree, while I’d pick Boldtusk over Gormek, Kashrek is a better tank than either.

Thanks for all the feedback

Hey! It seems you forgot Boril which does the trick so far for me.

Well I have Kash on 3/60 but couldnt finish him because I had to ascend Cademon first and now Melendor.
Luckyly he should be obsolete anyway since my first 5* ( Quintus ) started his last ascension lap today. :smile:
Unfortunately I am missing 2 warm capes for my preferred tank Isarnia. :unamused:

Let’s face it, Kash, Cyprian or Boril, any of them are in over their heads in diamond… None of them will keep us there. for constant diamond you need a real 5* tank. Get those warm capes and you will have a decent tank. Her defense buff makes her a lot more valuable in this position than Quintus whose special is just pure damage…

For me a classical “depends on”. If i got a fitting healer in my team already I choose Gormek. No healer and I need red? Boltusk for sure!

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BT has the revive talent. Definite edge as if he dies fully charged and returns, he heals all and increases attack.


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