Which is the best team for next month's knights of Avalon event?

Pls i need help deciding which team is best for next month event. I will really appreciate your help.

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I think there is no challange base on *3 heroes in next month…
Next challange will be Sand Empire (runs through the month of June).
And the challange does not retrict with *3 heroes.

I am talking of knights of avalon. It should be on the 9thing of may.

9th pleas ignore my typo

yes and I have reply to your other thread, it should be in one thread… any moderator should merge this thread with this link: Best 3 stars heroes for monthly event


This is my first time posting pls forgive my ignorance

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If you have Mnesseus, replace Belith with her, and you’re golden.

You’ll use your Green and Yellow teams equally per stages. On stages with purple minions, use your yellow team. For everything else, use green. Red team only works against stages where Morgan is the boss, I wouldn’t recommend it otherwise.


Thanks i ate very helpful

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Thanks u rock. All noted


How do you think muggy would do in the event i have 2 and 2 mnesseus berden belith brienne

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