Which is the best position in DEF for Elk?

…and would you use him in DEF at all?

On the bench.

Seriously though, though, I’m a firm believer in playing what you’ve got and not sulking about it.

He is quite tough so I’d play him on the flank to absorb some flak.

He can tank, but his weak, reliable splash (thanks @Kitten) isn’t very scary.


Tank or wing. Not flank.

If you use him to tank, be sure to flank him with damaging fast heroes.
His only job is to stall time and not to damage the opponents.

In the wings, he is just tough. He can be a pain during end raids when you dont have much hp left and he just fires and kills 2/3 of your heroes.


Lol, that’s fighting talk :rofl:


Thanx, Jonah and AirHawk!

In this DEF team…SESHAT+3 / ONATEL+7 / KUNCHEN+6 / THORNE+6 / ELKANEN…would you change something with the positioning? :thinking:


That’s a pretty awesome team.

Given how durable Kunch is, I’d leave it as is as Thorne firing on top of the defence debuff will be devastating.

I’d move Elk to flank if he was covering for a soft big hitter like Azlar or isarnia.

But, wait to see what the esteemed @AirHawk has to say, I’d happily defer to their wisdom.


Correct lineup.

Tough middle 3 with 2 fast wings.


Thanx, guys! I think I’m going with this…waiting for Morgan Le Fay…she’s going to be maxed soon…:slightly_smiling_face:

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I find him very annoying in the wing for war defense teams myself. In regular raids where hero choice isn’t an issue though, he doesn’t scare me.

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