Which is the best dark tank?

A top 10 of best dark tanks would be awesome. I’m putting down a list. Choose the best dark tanks

  • Diaochan
  • Boss Wolf
  • Goseck
  • Xnolphod
  • Nyx
  • Bera
  • Freya
  • Alfrike
  • Ursena
  • Ursena c
  • Sartana c
  • Guardian Panther c
  • Ludwig
  • Hulda
  • Louhi

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Would be nice if you explain your choices. Choose 2

I myself go for Goseck and Ludwig.

Goseck because of the passive and the huge damage
Ludwig for the taunt and incredible mana

Alfrike and treevil for rush

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I myself go for Diaochan and Alfrike. Diaochan for fast healing and stealing improvements, Alfrike for mid att and huge dmg

Depends on format…if it’s just standard non-rush it’s probably Xnolphod. Get a substantial number of huldas on a team for war and it’s probably her. If it’s rush it’s Alfrike.

Why is Sartana C in the list but Lu Bu isn’t ?


I have none of the listed heroes :frowning: so my vote is for costumed Marie Therese.

Take out Sartana and Ursena, and put in Lu Bu. Then you can throw a dart and any one of them would be a winner.

Alfrike might be better in flank in any non-rush format.

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Is it based on our team roster or who we have faced on raids etc? Freya is by far my best purple overall and if I get enough ravens in the air, my team almost never looses but I dont have the others in the poll. I do hate fighting Alfrike though more then the rest of them.

Kunchen is a pretty good tank though he doesn’t do damage. It’s funny nobody picked Boss Wolf. I have him and will feed him to soul exchange whenever I get enough other bad legendaries.

Is it better to close this one and start a new one nect week? Considering Bastet?

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That little cat does kick the crud out of Arfanias.

Probably Bastet should be added to the list

I would like to see Costume Freya added to the list. I think she is doing well among the recent purple heroes.
In fact, one of our alliance members has been using Freya tank for a long time in standard formation and his average cup has gone up from 2,600-2,650 to 2,700-2,750 since getting the costume.

Please close. I’m making a new one