Which is the best dark tank pt 2

As Bastet has been released a new list

  • Xnolphod
  • Bastet
  • Lu Bu
  • Freya
  • Freya C
  • Ludwig
  • Alfrike
  • Louhi
  • Nyx
  • Diaochan
  • Hulda
  • Guardian Panther c
  • Khonshu
  • Boss Wolf
  • Bera
  • KĂĽnchen

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Again 2 choices and please explain. Added couple of heroes and dished some.

It’s still Xnolphod
Original version for better tracking

Oooooops forgot Goseck

That’s what/who i was looking for.

The answer is alfrike for vf, xnol for everything else… But… You can kill him with 3 tiles and a mono holy team… Which isn’t impossible.

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It’s actually really easy, the only problem is having six mono holy teams, if you play mono

Might aswell throw 2nd c.Quintus in the mix