Which is harder to kill defense or health

Assume that there are 2 equal heroes but have different stats:

A hero with high defense but low health and a hero with high health but low defense.

If they are put on defensive team Which one is harder to kill, Why?

High Def and small HP: weak against DoT.
High HP and small Defense: weak againts sniper and other direct damage.


It depends. Troops can boost defense and possibly health. Synergy of heroes could help boost defense or health of friendly heroes. The enemy team could also alter these.

Sometimes you want high-defense teams. Others, you want high-health.

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Defense is meaningless in DoT while HP is meaningless in HoT.

Not counting DoT, if we are given 3000 points to allocate stat, with 1 defense cost 2 points and 1 HP cost 1 point (NB: this is emblem cost ratio between defense and HP). Then the answer is when Def = 0.675 HP which will be achieved with 862 Defense & 1276 HP.


Which precludes anything Muggy related…

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