Which is better to level

I got ‘Little John’ and ‘Caedmon’. Can someone tell me which is better to level and why.

I would pick Caedmon because he is fast mana and removes enemy buffs that is very useful in war and raiding.


Another vote for Caedmon for the same reasons above. He was a staple on my main team for quite a while until TC20 gave me Lianna.

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Caemdon hands down. Little John isn’t worth the ascension mats in my opinion. Too slow and squishy.


When you say “level”, I assume you are not speaking of maxing the hero. Also, will go with the idea you are newer player.

Take LJ if you are still fitting a few new 4s in to a team of mostly 3*s. He will farm better, and this is first step of grinding. Caedmon will be best when your team builds to a raid/titan attack. And, then the two will work well together.

BTW, the LJ recommendation is to 3^60 not max.


I agree with Bud. The investment in LJ is also worthwhile down the road, because he is very good in the epic level of Challenge events. You use the two minion rounds to power him up, hen unleash him on the boss level.


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