Which is better Puss n boots or Grazul

My alliance member wants to know which of these to is better. That is the complete question asked I have no more information

Grazul is better in any case except for all-minion command (or having Garnet) , because:

  1. Very fast mana
  2. Very useful buff (status aliment protection)
  3. Direct heal (important in dispel wars).

Puss in boots have HoT and Atk buff, which is very similar to C. B, and only minion allies make him shine.


In the current state of the game with many DoT and status effect heros, Grazul is likely the more useful option on offense.

PiB could be better if you are bringing several minion summoners, particularly Queen of hearts, as he bring up. An extra taunt minion when he goes off

But in most situations its going to be Grazul.


I subscribe to the theory that your defense team is good enough and knowing all of the ways I’d use Panther if I Panther, I can’t imagine taking emblems off.

Grazul has my vote since I use her in my offense. Life saver and if you time it right her ailment defense proves to save your team.

On defense, at flank and if the attacker starts a few bad tiles or moves then she can do semi-permanent survival for the remaining heroes.

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Grazul also has an element link that give 4% mana generation to other reds. 4% may not seem like much but in offense it helps the average and slow heroes in your red stack such as Santa, Elena, Khagan, etc. Especially because the red def down G Falcon is only average

Edit : Thinking about it, we use 125 emblems for the +2% node so 4% is a big deal at very fast speed :smiley:


Definitely grazul. Very useful.

Only thing like often mentionned would be to use puss in boots on a team with queen of hearts and other heavy Minion heroes.


  • Queen of hearts, puss in boots, santa, seshat, tothamun
  • puss in boots, lady of the lake,noor, buddy, Queen of hearts

Still, the heal over time has good use, attack buff is always nice and puss in boots has a great meatshield with his three mice, what kind of makes him (her?) Maybe one of the most durable healer.
Maybe even one of the few healer that can win a 1on1 situation.

Grazul as left alone hero will not win anything.

So, its advertising puss in boots, but still grazul is the one i would ascend first.

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