Which is better - HA10 or proposed Soul Exchange

Just wondering & request your thoughts too

Is it better to retrain the dupe 5 stars in HA10 or trade them in Soul Exchange?
Soul Exchange can guarantee the hero you want + free roster space
is very costly @ 10/15/20 trade-ins

HA10 cannot guarantee a particular hero but will give more chances.

For e.g.; I have the following dupes
Hanitra - 8
Chakkoszrot - 8
Bertila - 3
Elena - 2 + Costume
Leonidas - 3 + Costume
Kadilen - 2 + Costume
Motega - 2
Vivica - 2
Grimble - 2
Devana - 3
Sartana - 3
Horghall - 4 + Costume
Malicna - 4
Elradir - 2
Russula - 2
Alexandrine - 3
Frosth - 3
Onatel - 2
Obakan - 3
Magni - 2
Join - 2 + Costume

This would give me 23 chances of getting another 5 star in HA10 (if I keep 2 copies of every 5 star)
in Soul Exchange, it would get me only one 5 star (Tier 3) or two 5 stars (Tier 1)

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Use both.
Actually HA10 gives you something useful so rarely that you dont need more than 2-3x 5 star hero in your reserve and you can trade the rest.


10 x 5 stars for a guaranteed choice of one of 5 fairly meh average 5 star at tier 1, then 15 and then 20??? The hero academy might suck, but to me that is a solution for mega whales only. I’m a sardine.


At least HA10 5* retraining swaps a 5* for a 5* unlike Soul Exchange v0.1 were you lose 19x 5*

Soul Exchange v0.1 is too expensive for me at $1,940+ USD for Gravemaker ( 20x 5* from Elemental summons )


Soul Exchange v0.1




In my case need both, I like soul exchange idea because I can clear up roster space , and get a hero I don’t have as a bonus. I like HA 10 because it’s a weekly lottery ticket. I been feeding dupes for a long time the cost of exchange is high , but it’s a lot better than the XP from feeding !

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It all depends on the player, their roster, and their luck. :rofl:

I’m vc2p, and have had okay luck with HA10. In a total of 47 retrains - I have gotten classic Alberich (before they released his costume), C-Sartana (unfortunately a dupe), and my first classic Leo (for collection purpose only).

In other words, I’ve only had one great retraining in almost 11 months. :crazy_face: I know there are others who have had a worse experience than me.

I have a lot of dupe S1 that I’d gladly exchange for a Skadi or classic GM. For me, it’s got very good potential to have an immediate improvement to my roster. I have a huge mats stockpile, and lack worthwhile heroes to use them on. I could ascend Reuben, but I choose not to. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I also look forward to clearing out 19 or so hero slots. I’ve never fed away a 5*. :rofl:

I do think the value of the proposed Soul Exchange is all subjective.


I don’t compare apples and motorcycles. They are unrelated. You should be doing HA10 once a week, and then do soul exchange when there is a worthwhile unit and you have the resources. end of thread


HA10 if you don’t want those heroes

Once in a while, a hero you want or need might show up in the lower class exchange. For me is Lianna, I’d gladly give up 5 for her.


@leaponover, I believe in doing so as the common source for both is ‘my money’, hence need to think if I am getting best possible outcome. :grinning::+1:t3:

Thank you, everyone, for sharing.
Just an afterthought, is there any substance to the online opinion of ‘if you put an HoTM, you get a better hero from HA10’?
Just wanted to draw on your experience as I am still @HA1 & in the process of upgraing.
All this information gathering is for me to plan ahead - whether to invest 8n roster space or clear out via Soul Exchange, etc.

No, this is only a rumor…
only thing which is granted: you get a different hero out then what you put in (5% chance that it would be a non classic hero - and if the drawn hero has a costume, there’s another 5 % chance to get his costume)

The cost isn’t too expensive when you have over 40 dupes saved. And I’ve also stopped pulling many months to limit getting HOTM dupes, now that they have value I’ll pull far more

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Set your mind on the hero you really need and keep enough duplicates to get him, use HA in the meantime (endless!? cicle) as it could allow you to not lose 9/14/19 heroes wich could neat you another good hero.


Strange response. Neither one of them cost actual money. And HA10 for sure is free as you can get 1 season 1 hero for free from TC20. This new one might include units that have cost you actual money, but again…that’s why they are completely unrelated.

Which is better?
  • HA10
  • Soul Exchange

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Adding Poll

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Maybe you should insert a poll in your post so we can know the majority response

I would run both if have enough resources.

Depends on what you want out of it, perhaps?

I have gotten 2 non-S1 5* (Poseidon & Alice) out of 57 re-trainings in HA10.

I have plenty of dupe 5* to exchange for a worthy hero and a desire to clear space in my roster. I would prefer a lower exchange rate, say 5/10/15, but would do it at the current beta rate if there’s a hero I really want that I think is worth it (been chasing for Guardian Panther and Mother North for 3 years).

The rate of successful HA10 re-trainings is quite low, so I agree with the poster above that you can do both. Keep a few dupes for HA10 and use everything else on Soul Exchange. If you pull from portals and TC20 regularly, you will get more.


If you have this many dupes in your roster, I would go with soul exchange.

And hold off HA for the time being.

HA10 is very ham intensive. If you are still building up your buildings, troops, hero roster, you will need every single scrap of ham that you can scrounge.

I would just patiently wait for the Global Beta and exchange at least 20 dupes for a “new” “top tier” hero for your roster.

It is expensive at 10/15/20 but it would be a good solution for you if you have this many dupes.

Utility of any solution is relative. To a player’s individual roster and preferences.


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