Which in First : Color Debuff or Ramming Pulverizer?

Let’s take Panther and Tibertus as an example : should you trigger Panther’s special first or Tiburtus’ for maximum damage output ?

Well, within this case, two cases - tile damage and special attack damage. Tiburtus’ special will do more damage, so to maximise it, fire panther first. However, for longevity of tile damage, fire Tibby’s first as it is good for 6 turns as against Panther’s for 4 turns. Also we need to keep in mind that Panther’s is a fast mana special whereas Tibby’s is average. I am not considering special scenarios such a made board or all attack heroes in a team ready to fire.

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On green titans I fire falcon before Gormek, cause both are red. On purple I fire Grimm then Jackal, but they are not both yellow… I don’t have Panther to answer your example but I’d fire her first

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Are both specials at 8/8?

I would fire the special which lowers defense the greatest amount first. The weaker the enemy the more damage that can be dealt.