Which Holy to limit break

Here she

is :v: :four_leaf_clover:


Prime candidates in my roster are:

A: Delilah, Uraeus, C-Joon, Poseidon.

B: Onatel, Lidenbrock, Drake, Sif

C: Vivica, Bai Yeong, Norns, Leo, Justice, Ranvir

Its going to be close and will depend on my emblem choices in the future. Currently C-Joon, Poseidon und Uraeus are +18 or higher with Poseidon propably having the strongest effect and C-Joon having the most raw damage.



Wow! Thanks! You helped me make my decision!

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Looking for advice. I got a 5* Holy aether in the latest tournament, so now I’m torn on cLeonidas +12 (need 2 more 3* aether for the costume) or Guardian Gazelle +11.

Other dark horse candidates are:
Joon +20
Vivica +19
Onatel +9
Devana 3/70
Norns 3/70

I only have 1 set of darts, so the last two are a long, long way from being ascended let alone maxed.

I am seriously considering Viv and Costume. I use her in my defense and most of my raid teams.

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Both are good contenders, who do you use the most? Who is on your defence team? I think you have the right two out of the list, just pick who fits the best

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I did Drake and I’ll do The Professor next.

Did you do the Limit Break on cJoon?
Any regrets if you did?
Thanks in advance

Gonna end up breaking Bertulf.

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