Which Holy to Level

Akkorog or Guardian Gazelle ? Have Darts for one.

Guardian Gazelle if I were you.

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Gazelle. I would even if you have Miki or Tarlak.


Here’s another vote for Guardian Gazelle

Another vote for the unanimous Gazelle

Akkorog? Who’s that?

Just kidding. Go for the Gazelle. I have 2 maxed. Used in wars in 2 separate teams. Also very useful in Mythic Titans.

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20characters of Gazelle


Akkorog?!? Are you serious?!?:joy::joy::joy: Gazelle hands down! Maybe the best all-around-yellow available now (Prof. Lidenbrock is very close…): no regrets!:wink:

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Gazelle 1000%! Mine is sitting at 3.70 waiting on 2 darts so wont be long.

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