Which Holy To Ascend Next

For wars and raids attacking and defense. This is my holy mono attack teams and defense. I have 6 choices including Odin who is almost leveled.

How many healers do you have? C. Vivica could be very helpful on titans.
Mica, Odin and Onatel are very good heroes, I wouldn’t prioritize Justice or Bai Yeong.

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I don’t care about titans. War/raids attack and defense

Healers are useful even on war and raid attacks :wink:
How many 4.80 healers do you have?

Gull +20 and Vivica are my only holy healers.

How many in the other elements?

10 I have 1 healer for every mono attack team.

If you mainly use mono to me you can either ascend Mica or Onatel, do Onatel first if you lack mana controllers.

Just to give you an idea what these heroes will look like maxed (without talents), take a quick gander:

I didn’t have a quick image for Odin, sorry.

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My plan was to level Ona or Vivica until I pulled Odin and Mica then I couldn’t decide.

Question: Do you have Miki, Tarlak etc? Or do you need WuKong for his “Attack Up”?

No worries I looked at their maxed cards. I just can’t decide who I want to level. The biggest issue with Odin is he’s a paladin and I have a bunch of them so emblems are scarce. Ona can share with JF and Sartana. Vivica can share with Ariel and Rigard.

I must say you have a wealth of holy here. I’m partial to Vivica, but my highest healer is a Melendor+18, so…

I hate Wu during wars/raids so I don’t use him. I also Ranvir who I haven’t started leveling yet.

They say “[enemies’] defense down, [my heroes’] attack up”…You need heroes with specials that cause these things.

Since I have no significant attack up but WuKong, I use him. You, having Tarlak, have more choices. :wink:

I don’t have Tarkak. I have Wu and Ranvir. I use Wu for titans

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Eep! I saw Ranvir in my minds eye and Tarlak came out of my mouth… :rofl: Silly cat…

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