Which Holy heroes should I use?


I have Justice, Chao, Lixiu, Hutao. They all kinda terrible at attacking (except Chao maybe?). is Lixiu good at raid attack? she seems average to me.

For defense, I don’t know which one to use either, seems like a choice between Lixiu and Justice. I’m not sure lvl70 Justice is good enough in the middle, or should I put him in the corner? I’m no where near maxing justice. Should I just max Lixiu first?

what would you guys use for attacking team and defending team between these 4 heroes?


You’ll get more from Li than Justice until ascension itema happen more.


Chao for attack, Li for defense and Justice when you get him to 80. Hu Tao I wouldn’t use. Chao for titans all the way or no holy at all.

No must to keep all colors in team btw. None of my 3 teams have 5 colors. Sure some colors make 1 damage then, but the other color makes double.


You should use holy crap you have good characters :roll_eyes:


Great! I always wonder if theres No need to have all colors even on an attack team, now its proven by top player. Thank you :smile:


Grin, wait until you get that amazing board for the color you don’t have and remember this statement.

In most content it doesn’t matter, in some places it may hurt… and in some it’s downright funny: I had something like 3-4 green gems in a row on a titan, and tons of green cascades: it would’ve approached epic territory scorewise, if I had included a green hero.

Instead it was just hero missing spam… on the flipside my record titan scores have come from dual heroes of a strong color, and I get more of those than I do of the other type, so I’ll continue to go with it heh. Also started using dual colors on the rare quests and been scratching my head at how much easier they are, though that probably has something to do with the fact I have a lot more levels on my team than when they came around previously too.


That is true that if you get a board with a lot of the color you don’t have you are in trouble. You just charge their mana with no damage and no managain for you. But sometimes you get the same for the color you double and absolutely rip through your enemy. So it evens out.

There are a couple of things you need to consider:

  1. Gems of a color with 2 heroes do double damage, gain mana for both of your heroes, but the defender doesn’t get double mana. So the result is better for you than hitting 2 times with different colors

  2. If you miss say blue hero, you can avoid using blue gems, rather pick the one you have 2 off. So it allows you to do more damage in that way. Hel is a good hero, she can stop mana gain and let you clear the board from unwanted gems without helping your enemy.

  3. Defense works totally different. You don’t use any gem attacks, so it really doesn’t matter what colors you put in there.


Good point on the double mana generation vs. single for the opponent in raids.

I will try doubling up some colors in raids just to see, probably based on the color of the opponent’s tank or do you use a more sophisticated strategy? Haven’t had many options for that previously.

Thank you for the interesting post.


I tried using both athena and thorne in the attack team, worked extremely well. Because they both have average mana speed and get to use both of their aoe abilities the same time.
But i guess Athena would work better with Grimm of Richard, or even Kiril since Thorne is a terrible hero


Tuning your team against the opponent tank could be a good idea. Although it is questionable is it worth to put in a lower level hero just for that. I don’t do that my self. There are only 3 teams you can make, so you would have to edit your team a lot.