Which Holy Hero to Ascend?

I am not sure which holy hero to use my mats on. Here below you can see what I have.

I understand that it also depends on the rest of my roster so in general which of the above heroes is the most versatile? I have Guardian Gazelle as well, but did not do anything with her yet.

Additional information:

  • I do not have any 5* healer (if you do not count the healing ability of Anzogh)
  • Ranvir I usually only use against titans
  • My other fully maxed 5* holy heroes are Joon and Guinevere (the latter is in my DEF team)
  • For Vivica I also have her costume

Thanks for the help

I believe you answered you own questions, Vivica because:

  1. You need a 5* healer
  2. You have her costume which makes her the first standard Holy defense debuffer, makes her even stronger and boosts her mana speed.

I did too many pulls this past costume chamber in the hopes of pulling Vivica’s costume.

I failed.

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IMO, Vivica, and with bonus stat costume, she is very worth for everywhere Raids attack, war, maps, and very shine in Tournament Rush Attack.

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Vivica ASAP. Hes so useful even witouth costume but you have it so more pleasure . Max her , Max the costume , enjoy

gazelle and vivi 20 jealous characters.

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“Funny” that all of you say Vivica, where I almost never play with a healer in my ATK team.

I don’t have and covet Vivica w/ costume, but as the proud owner of a maxed Gazelle, I must say…she is friggin’ DEADLY in raids/wars.

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Agree… healers have my priority with leveling up…

Same. I got Viv with her costume this costume event and she takes top priority in levelling since she is my first and so far only 5* healer. Also, from what I gathered 5* dispellers are kinda rare, so that’s another advantage of her costume. On top with her costume bonus she has okay defense and ton of HP, making her sturdy enough even without emblems (as if fighting Dapper Nobles with 1600+ HP from troops was not annoying enough). OP, definitely Viv.

I run with two…Kunchen and Delilah. Battle of attrition with two mana controllers as well (Hel and Proteus +20) and Drake to blind. With the defense down the damage from Drake and Hel is enough to do the job.

Many ways to play.

Vivica while in costume is the ONLY standard defense debuffer among Holy heroes hence she is very, very special (I covet her because of titans and she’ll be helpful in wars for solid extra depth, a lot of dark tanks and her attack stat isn’t bad at all).

OP has two somewhat healers in Guin and Anzogh. Both Vivica ad Guardian Gazelle are healers, and both are great (at least the Vivica+costume version of Vivica). Not sure why you said you don’t want to level up GG for now, but suppose you’ve got some reason. For me, I’d say it’s a close call, and you should level up the one that would be most fun for you. Personally, I would level up GG first since she’s got such an interesting special, and I think she’s more fun, but I don’t think you’d go wrong with either one. However, if you are ruling out GG, go with Viv+costume.

Do you have Miki/ Tarlak? If so i wouldn’t bother with Ranvir

Having costume Vivica makes her more appealing BUT you have Guinevere so you don’t really need a yellow tank… She’s still great in raids etc… but loses one appealing point in not needing a tank.

IMO it would be between Leo (more damage sniping) and Vivica Costume (defence down)

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