Which hero's to go with

I haven’t been on here in awhile, but I have been playing the game almost every day. Just a little curious as to what group I should be using.Screenshot_2019-04-11-20-59-04

Boldtusk. Evelyn. Tiburtus. Kashrek. Caedmon.

Too many greens for defense, but so ya isn’t bad and hu Tao can be useful.

Using for what? Raid defense? Raid attack? Titans? Farming the map? Events?

Each of these will require different teams

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i suppose the best team to complete the map,i have a couple heros that need ascencion but cant seem to get warm cape for one and hidden blade for the other

To complete the map with relatively lower mix of heroes, you may need one with damage sharing capability. Of course Wilbur will be great but Gunnar is just fine.
Try Hu Tao, Tiburtus, Boldtusk, Gunnar and Caedmon as a sniper + dispeller.
In the later part of s1 province, you may need to stack holy heroes against the Dark Lord though.

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