Which Heroes to max, which combination the best

Hello All,

This is my first post on this forum and not in my mother language so please do not blame me if I do any mistakes. So currently I am facing problem with who is the most worth to max currently in my team. About materials for 5* I have 4 tonics, 5 darts, 5 tabards (but no 5* do far ;/), 1 ring and 2 telescopes. I was thinking about maxing Justice (or maybe should I keep darts for now and wait for another 5* yellow?) and Boldusk for wars but maybe you can help me with choosing right heroes. The most I need good defence for war and battles. Some good offence would be good as well but I know it depends on enemy team. Would be very thankful for any tips regarding my teams. Please check screenshots below.

Thank you all!

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Boldie Hatter Kiril Proteus Wilbur

and every epic or legendary non duplicate healer, that you’ll get.

2nd Zimi - not yet.
Focus on epics first.

You don’t need multiple Gormeks, Wus, Colens, Sonyas, Tritons, Hu Taos etc., since there are only a few heroes worth a dupe.


Welcome to forum, IMO do not spread level, but one hero each color until max, partially level heroes is not good, so from left to right priority…
Red: Boldtusk, Wilbur
Blue: Kiril, Sonya
Green: (Melendor), (Caedmon), Little John
Yellow: finish Bane, Chao, (Danza if you like gamble playstyle), Hu Tao
Purple: Proteus ASAP, finish 2nd Sabina, Ameonna (good for offense, very bad at defense)