Which heroes to focus next?

I have the following two maxed rainbow teams

I want to choose next rainbow team to focus on. Want to ask some advice who should I focus on for each colour

Blue - valeria 3-60, boril, kiril both at tier 1
Yellow - inari, li xiu both at tier 1. I hav the epic ascension mat for inari
Dark - crypian 3-60, rigard at tier 1
Green - cademon
Red - nanamage (no 4* to train)

Blue: Kiril is very, very good.
Yellow: inari is well worthnit.
Dark: a second Rigard will help your war offenses.
Green: Caedmon is superb.
Red: sure, he will help in 3*-cap Events

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Thanks Kerridoc

Does kiril special sit well with BT special? They seem to overwrite each other

Is it a good idea to have all my 3 dark heroes to be healers?

Yes, Kiril replace Boldtusk’s attack bonus but it’s also true for the other way around.
While in the same team you should try to cast Kiril first and then replace his +30%attack with Boldtusk’s +48%attack.

While it’s not good to only have purple healers you could need another Rigard for war’s hits, as Kerridoc said, but the old fashioned suggestion it’s always have been to not ascend Cyprian to the 4th tier, a suggestion that could be ignored if you actualy needs him to complete Paladin’s trials (paired with Monks and Rangers).

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