Which Heroes to Ascend


I have quite a few heroes at 3/60, and I have the ascension materials to ascend one of each color. I’m mainly looking for event teams and Atlantis story teams. Raiding would be the next priority. Which of the following heroes should be ascended now:

Guardian Falcon
Gravemaker (2/60)
*Gormek is at 4/50

*Hansel is at 4/68

Isarnia (2/60)
*Kiril at 4/53

*Rigard at 4/50


look at this link to the 7DD site.
There is a table that gives all the features of the heros compared to the titan / raid / defense.


I’d say:

  • Red: Gravemaker, then Falcon
  • Green: Melendor (because he’s too squishy at 3/60)
  • Blue: depends on your needs, Sonya as sniper/debuffer, or Isarnia for lower defense.
  • Purple: you cannot go wrong with any of them. Since you already have Gormek leveled up, Merlin or Gafar are both great in their respective roles (mana control / sniper against healers). Since you alreadz have Hansel, maybe Gafar would be more useful right now.


Id say in that order to minimize the time needed to have the desired effects (events)
First is the hero you are already maxing, then:

healer team’s buffer
target’s debuffers
mana control heroes

G. Falcon





Gravemaker, Melandor, Isarnia, gafar


Thanks! I have seen this before, and I noticed it doesn’t do a great job of showing quest/event ratings. For example, Guardian Falcon was great for me in the last event, but he only has a B on Anchor’s ratings


Gravemaker over Falcon, even if I can only get GM to 3/60 (I need 3 more mystic rings)?


Why did you put Tiburtus above the other purples? And is Isarnia at 3/60 better than Sonya at 4/70 (I need 4 telescopes to get Isarnia to max).


Check this to compare heroes at the end of different tiers:


Isarnia at 3.70 is more useful than Sonya at 4.70, to me.
They does different things and Sonya could be needed for dispel but her stats are mainly defensive compared to the other 4* dispellers (Caedmon, Melendor, Sabina) wich are more useful for their tile damage. Isarnia would be a safe bet even for telescopes and could be useful in every aspect of the game.

For Tiburtus: having more opinion to color stacking is a good thing and you’ll find yourself trying to stack few and fewer colors in some cases. The other heroes are also strong and their effects are strong but the reduced defense on top of color stacking will raise your damage greatly.
Even the “worst pulverizer” Gormek is often on top teams on events :slight_smile:


Thanks! Looking back at your first response, would it be worth it to start leveling Gregorion over the other greens I listed? I have him at 1/1, but it looks like his critical hit buff could be useful.


Yes, he is a pretty valid hero and the crit isn’t half bad :slight_smile:


Heroes to up (Events and Atlantis)

Red: Gormek (the debuff is great) / Grave (is better for raid defense)
Blue: Kiril (buffer and healer - Isarnia is not even half useful in those)
Green: Hansel (mana control)
Purple: Rigard (2nd healer) / Tiburtus (if you are against levels with more yellow but Rigard would be the primary) / Merlin (second mana control against 2nd boss)

In quests or hard mode (bosses have too much hp, best to stay alive rather than deal direct damage and it only does a small portion of damage). Mana control against bosses is extremely useful so that they don’t launch their specials. Bring mana potion along for Hansel and Merlin in case the bosses have their mana full before yours.

PS - my personal use is Merlin (since I can bring along mana potion)


4/70 is better than 3/60. Max 4* first before working on 5* you don’t have ascension items for.


Thank you! Who would you say after Kiril for blue if not Isarnia? Grimm, Sonya, Triton?


Definitely Grimm for me. I just keep Isarnia in the freezer. Triton is good as well. Amongst the pulverize trio I use Grimm the most.


Which red/green heroes should I do next? I currently have Guardian Falcon, Scarlett, and Gravemaker waiting for hidden blades for their final ascension. I have Marjana, Lancelot, and Kelile unleveled.

For greens, I have Gregorion, Melendor, and Caedmon waiting for shields. Little John, Elkanen, Kashhrek, and Peters are unleveled.

My other max (or close to max) heroes include Joon, Jackal, Rigard, Grimm, Kiril, and Hansel. Merlin, Gafar, and Tiburtus are waiting for trap tools, so I’m working on Proteus.

Preference is raids, and then titans.


Depends whether if you are looking for offense or defense. You have a nice set of heroes there.

Also, how far are you with the rings and tonics.
If you are close with those, Marjana and Gregorion for offense. Defense would be Grave and Kashrek. Grave is still good with very fast mana if you can still get him to 3/70.

If you lack the rings, you don’t have other reds to combo so Falcon falls a little short. Still go with Marjana even your max is at 3/70. You have enough offense in jackal/joon/kiril/Grimm. So I would suggest Melendor instead of Caedmon for green.


I’m more interested in offense at the moment. I hover around 2100-2200 cups. I wonder if focusing on defense would help with losing cups. Is kash still good at this cup range?

I currently have Gravemaker at 3/70, and I have 2 hidden blades and 4 mystic rings. Should I still focus on Marjana over Kelile and Lancelot?

For greens, I have 3 shields and 6 tonics. Should I max Melendor over Greg once I get that final shield? And in the meantime, should I work on kash or little John?


Marjana Marjana Marjana

With her you get offense and defense.

Kashrek is still good at the higher end of the platinum. But flank him with hard hitters. The key is to minimize loss of cups. Make sure you have solid defense. I can already imagine kash as tank flanked by grave and marjana. Kiril and joon on the edge. You will deter many from hitting you.

You may consider replacing kiril with Caedmon. That way you will have 4 snipers and kash is to buy enough time for them to charge. Fast mana is better in that sense.