Which heroes to ascend next in my roster?

As a c2p, I am in a place where i have to make implrtant decisions. I noticed i never asked anybody and maybe someone would like to offer an advice. You can check my current status in the pic attached.

I saved 10 eht’s and gems enough for a 10x summon for january but couldn’t pull vela. I also tried 3 extra costume summons and it didn’t work either. Then lucky enough, tc20 spitted out a thorne. I plan to max him as i desperately need a blue 5* to take my game to the next level. At the moment all i can hope for is isarnia or magni from tc20. Even one of them would come sooner than i take thorne to 3/70, i would max that and hope for another from tc20. Otherwise, i am sure thorne would do just fine.

Reds are gonna be a problem for so few hidden blades. My plan is the same as what i would do if i had all h-blades enough for all my heroes. I wonder if i should adjust my order of ascension according to my mats.

My idea on quintus is close to the one i have on thorne. However, it will be too long before i get the tabards so i might pull a better purple 5* until then.

I had to read this twice. I believe this is your question. Essentially, your asking for thoughts on your plan to proceed.

Red - is that a dupe Boldtusk? Can’t read your nomenclature. If so, I’d focus on falcon. I just recently got him and I think he’ll do well with your maxed heroes.

Blue - again, don’t understand what your listing means for costumes. No more repeating that. If you don’t plan on pulling much, given 15 scopes, Thorne could work for you.

Green/yellow - no comment.

Purple - is only add that if you struggle with events, you may want to consider cyprian. At your level, you may have outgrown him. View him as an offensive hero, not a defensive one.

Thank you for the reply. I agree on cyprian, i might never get to max him but the other option is quintus, so i have to rely on tc20’s to give me another purple 4 or 5*.

As for the costumes, boldtusk w/c is boldtusk with costume. And below where i list the heroes i am leveling, it is just that costume. You know, costumes need to be leveled, too. That was what i meant, i just have one boldtusk

If that works for you, great. What confused me is I read this as you have Boldtusk fully leveled with the costume, hence w/c. Doesn’t really matter.

As a note, I’m leveling a Quintus right now too. It’s either him, or obakan 2, 3, or 4. :man_shrugging:

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