Which Heroes Still Need a Buff?

Yes please consider buffing 3* heroes. We have now tournaments so it’s worthwhile to rebalance them. I’m primarily thinking of Dawa. She deserves better


Dawa deserves better? Does she though?


I think Guinevere needs an improvement. She should be fast mana, reduce the mana of all enemies by at least 25%, and her HoT and elemental defense should cover all the team and to be undispellable


Well about 3*, Dawa and Hawkmoon are good examples. Hawkmoon is in disadvantage against Belith, and Dawa as well against her similars like Isshtak. The self-healers (Prisca, Renfeld and Graymane) arent that bad, but they are far from game-changers. At least Prisca is resistant and will survive well.

About 4*, Agwe could get his damage increased and his mana be changed to slow (I guess same goes for boomer) his hits are ticklings.

About 5* I don’t have much to say, but after having faced Atomos, I think at least his resurrection should be undispellable

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Yes. She’s a glass pea-shooter. And I don’t say pea-shooter because she’s a 3* with sub-400 defense. Compare her stats (488/391/679) to Karil (484/378/733) who does 260% damage vs her 210% and it becomes clearly obvious. Dawa is a mistake. Her only saving grace is being a rogue in a class of few.


There already is a cool 3* buff…

…being food for stronger heroes.


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Several heros needs to be revisited 3,4 and 5 stars.
And many of them just need very simple changes to make them fit better and be more viable in today’s standards.

The last hero buffs patch was a great step to the right direction.

Any of the following suggestions can be applied not all ofcourse.


  • increase his damage to 270%
  • make his attack drop be 44% instead of 34%.
  • give him the ability to remove buffs

-increase damage to 250%-270%.
-summon minions to the caster and nearby.
-and like someone said, when a minion dies you get 10% mana.


  • increase his defense
  • make him fast or even very fast
  • healing per minion interested to 100


  • add cleanse to the whole team
  • even mana generation

Renfield and Prisca:

  • add damage over time that heals them on top of the initial heal.

And so on. I don’t what to dwell on it too much. There are many more heros. I just wrote what came to mind.

I really hope SG are looking into it.


Can we please add morgan le fay to the list?? I just pulled her and i really want a buff for her life drain :))
Getting seriuos now:
Classic heroes need a little attention to stay competitive with all the shinny new heroes that SG keeps throwing out those gates. Plus the classic: Elk, Kadillen, Chao, Thorne and Richard, maybe a little buff in attack for Marj etc.

Mok-arr needs to be completly rebuild imo. He’s just bad.
Gobbler and Captain Diamonds or whatever he’s called need buffs as well. Right now they unusable imo.
Margaret should extend her special to all allies.
Guardian Kong.

Rebalancing heroes should be a priority for SG imo. I know there are good heroes and bad heroes but the gap between some of them is just too big. Any 5* should be worthy of those ascension materials.

And of course Morgan le fay :))))

Thoth-Amun because somehow I pulled him… :unamused:

Make his mana very fast too… and I will fully ascend him, all materials are ready :rofl:

cough Anzogh cough

Captain Kestrel needs a considerable buff

That is to similiar to Ursena…

Do you mean it could be broken? :slight_smile:

Broken like Ursena who consider all of the opponents as holy hero.

But without reflection effects and he would deal “soo low damage” on targets under 50% hp (me sad).
So it would be as balanced as her!!!

How much is her bonus damage against holy hero anyway?

Nevermind the reflection, they would probably have died by then. :innocent:

I think something around 40% extra damage, by comparing the damage on various targets.

Atomos - he is worse than 4* heroes, totally worthless. Needs a complete redesign.
Quintus - no secondary special - slow, so buff his main dmg at least
Ammeona - needs to recover some mana or HP or both while in ghost mode, as now she’s useless.
Greg - he’s not bad, but comparing to other HOTM , he should be fast. Why Alasie is fast when he’s average?
Thorne - a bit better after buff but still considered as one of the worse 5*s. If you don’t want to give him secondary special like Alasie for example, give him 512% dmg like Liana


I think with average speed and that kind of damage Quintus would be flank on every top 100 defense team, with high level 4* mana troops…

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Yes, agree that he needs a buff. 450 defense is the same as Frair Tuck’s, a 3* hero. And I’m pretty sure Friar’s healing rounds out to him having about as much stamina as Gobbler.

I think a good start would at least be to increase Gobbler’s defense and maybe decrease his HP, make his stats more well rounded like C. of Diamonds.

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My real suggestion were in the link (Rebalance Old Heroes) and the ones under the very same link.

as it seems that someong couldn't get it


every reference to Ursena’s broken special is purely casual