Which heroes should I level up first?

Hello everyone,

I’m starting to have a strong 4 stars team & got lots of nice heroes recently, I’m a bit lost about which should I level up first, who should I toss for good?

My main team of 4 starts is as follows :

  • Tiburtus Costume fully maxed emblems 19
  • Hu Thao emblems 14
  • Boril Emblems 10
  • Little John Emblems 19 with costume being levelled up
  • Gormek Embles 4 break limit 75
  • Kiril Emblems 14

Then I have some strong 3 stars such as :

  • Aderyn Emblems 20 break limit 55 (Love her)
  • Berden costume fully maxed with emblems
  • Belith 50x3 with emblems (waiting for her costume)
  • Ulmer Costume fully maxed with emblems
  • Valen fully maxed with emblems (I’m missing his costume!)
  • Bane Costume fully maxed with emblems
  • Kailani 3x50 no emblems (Had to make some choices)
  • Vodnik 3x50 no emblems (I’m considering giving him emblems)
  • Rudolph 3x50 no emblems
  • Azar 3x50 no emblems (waiting for her costume)
  • Nashghar 3x50 no emblems (Not sure to keep him)

Among those 3 stars, would you toss any ? Give emblems priority to some?

Then I have lots of heroes with I’m not sure what to do :

I’m currently levelling up:

  • Balthazar Costume
  • Treevil (I have 2, should I level the two?)
  • Chao as I don’t have any fast 4 stars yellow
  • Sonya costume (I have no debuffer)
  • Hansel (It will be my first 4 starts green fast)
  • Black Knight (i’ll level him up later)
  • Lianni costume (I’ll level her up later)

And I have all those heroes which I don’t know what to do with:

  • Mack
  • Rokkamush
  • Boldtusk (I read I should level him up)
  • Kelile (I find her quite week in defense, wondering if I shoud use her to feed)
  • Kashhrek costume (Is it good for war & raids?)
  • Caedmon (I already have Sonya but could be good to have a green debuffer)
  • Little John (Should I level up another one?)
  • Melendor
  • Rigard costume x2 vs Sabina costume → I think I’ll level up Rigard first
  • Gnomer (Should I toss him?)
  • Shrubbear (It looks powerful 3 stars tank)
  • Mnesseus
  • Carver
  • Zila Lei
  • Captain of Diamonds (Don’t know if he’s over powered or normal)
  • Frosty
  • Gunnar costume
  • Gretel
  • Sally
  • Poppy x2
  • Merlin
  • Domitia Costume
  • Quintus costume
  • Marie Therese
  • Viscaro x2

I know it’s a lot folks haha Basically, who would you toss forever, & who would you level up first? Thanks a lot !

Heroes that stand out to me:
Black knight
Gunnar costume
All of the healers


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Prioritise these first:

Black Knight (level him up now, not later)

C.Rigard x2

Gunnar Costume

Toss away: Sally, Capt. Diamonds, 2nd Little John, Carver, Zila Lei, Rokkamush

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Thanks a lot Sergiulescu! Should I also toss Mack & Kashhrek?

keep Kashhrek as you have his costume - overheal (boosting health) is incredibly useful, especially on the world map / quests/ events. you can keep overhealing to boost HP, so even if you get hit by the boss you can more likely survive

Mack… I would keep for now, I don’t use him that much but can see him being useful in tournaments (esp. bloody battle) with the attack buff and riposte. also, he’s not that easy to get… though if you really need roster space I would toss.

I read the replies above, I’d like to comment on the following not mentioned…

I would also keep Merlin. Mana control is always useful, he will be great against single bosses

Domitia costume is very useful, with the costume mana bonus and a level 5 mana troop, she can charge her special in 9 tiles. being able to cleanse or dispel depending on costume is really useful too

I would keep Kelile. she is not a defensive hero, but can be useful on offense.

Boldtusk you should definitely level. generally, the healers/buffers (Boldtusk, Kiril, C-Rigard) or healers/cleansers (Rigard) or healers/dispelers (Sabina, Melendor) are all very useful!


Good advice given above I wouldnt feed away any hero… At this point in time… (2nd little John I’d maybe chuck)
Some people who use the hero’s have uses for them use the search… Type in hero name have a read for yourself on how people use them.
Class Trials is a good one sometimes need them to clear it… :+1:

By the time you level all your other healers, Kashrek with or without costume is nominal. For me, he only heals three, I need healers that heal all.

I wouldn’t feed away Sally, she’ll be a beast for 3* VF wars

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