Which heroes should I ascend?



I would say gormek is largely negated by wilbur. Red defensive debuff is already present in wilbur and larger too!

I only pulled gormek first time the other day (and again a day later) but will never level.

Wilbur is amazing


Kenny Rogers is funny, I don’t care who you are. Sadly, that is all I will think to call him from now on, so thanks for that.


Have Aegir Grimm and Sonya in blue which to ascend next? I have triton and Kiril ascended the rest of my ascended heroes are cyprian Wu colen melendor LJ. Partly ascended boldtusk khiona chao kelile and proteus also have Rigard Hansel lianna Caedmon kashhrek gormek Scarlett and Sabina. Which heroes should I concentrate on and how would they best fit wit
My existing ascended heroes. Would greatly appreciate assistance

What are realistic expectations for alliance participation?

I HAVE SONYA ascended to 70 without trouble and revives others. A member has Grimm and Aegir however they are having extreme difficulty in getting ascension materials so they are not progressing and frustrated. If you can ascend then I find Grimm hard to fight. Heroes have varied powers. To ascend for $$$ it will cost $100 on avg to buy. Otherwise you wait like my member, he’s patient atm.


Looking for help with my roster. Thwo questions how best to set up my team (defense & offense) finally who to ascend next.
Yellow: ascended Wu & chao, bench wu, chao, LI & hu
Blue: ascended triton, Kiril Grimm 3/58 bench Aegir, Valeria X3, Sonya & boril
Green: ascended melendor, LJ 3/60 bench lianna, horghall, Hansel, gobbler, skittleskull, Caedmon & kashhrek
Purple: ascended cyprian, khiona 3/39, bench Domitia, proteus, rigard, Sabina & tiburtus
Red: ascended colen & boldtusk bench zimkitha, Natalya, kelile, gormek & Scarlett
Have mats to ascend 1 of each color
Any input greatly appreciated