Which heroes should I ascend?.. thanks!

Hi All, this my first post here :slight_smile:

I wonder if you could help me build my raid Team because I am on the crossroads. I want to have an all 5* Team and I have ten 5* Heroes already. Unfortunately, they aren’t distributed evenly throughout the colours - I have 3 blues, 3 reds, 2 yellows and only one in purple and green (Aeron and Kadilen).

Aeron and Kadilen are already ascended to 4th tier. But for the rest I have to make a decision whom to ascend.

RED: I would love to have Ares and Aeron in one team… but I have noticed that their healing over turn ability does not stack and overwrites itself… which makes them hard to combine… :frowning: So maybe I should go with Zimkitha?

BLUE: I thought of ascending Alasie, she’s a great hitter, but maybe I should go with Aegir and put him as a tank?

YELLOW: I think I should ascend Joon rather than Justice (?)

Thank you all for your suggestions!!! :smile:

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Ascend Joon, Alasie and Zim IMO, unless you want to run 2x red then use Ares instead of Aeron.

Thanks, I don’t really want to double any colour so I guess I just have to give up on Ares for now… :frowning: or maybe I’ll wait for a better purple…

Since you already have Aeron (healer) and Kadilen (3 hitter), I would ascend Alasie (see other posts related to Aegir, he is not that good), Joon, and Ares as a Tank (Zimkitha is very good, but she is bascally a cleanser, not a tank).

I have seen Aeron as a tank, if he is not good in that position, then Ares is a no brainer, too.

Aeron Only 5☆ dark healer.
Ares best 5☆ red tank.
Alise best fast blue sniper. On you.
Joon best 5☆ yellow sniper.
Kadilne your Green one.

You don’t have to use Ares and Aeron skills together …you can hold one till the other one get finished so you keep a healing supply up for your team use.

Red: Ares, awesone hero also in titans!
Yellow: Joon, very good hero!
Blue: Alasie, one of the best blue heroes in this game.

I actually think, that Gravemaker is best red tank in this game! :wink: Ares hasn’t caused me any problems in long long time.

At your stage I would worry more about titan scores (help alliance move up to get more ascension items) and attacking teams (filling raid chest and completing rare quests and special limited time events) then defense team, as the attacking teams “get you stuff” and defense teams just get cups…

…and while Ares is fantastic, you also have Boldtusk, who i consider a 4.5 star hero (one of the top couple 4s) that can fill in the same role as Ares at 80%, whereas Zim looks to be your only cleanser (can’t tell if you have rigard or not but the drop off between using BT over Ares vs 80s is waaaaaaay smaller than the drop off of using Rigard vs a 5.

So i’d consider ascending Zim IF you still have 4 hidden blades to max BT.


As usual, Dante has the wisdom here. Offense over Defense at this stage. And try not to idolize the 5s at the expense of the very good 4s you have in that screenshot: Boldtusk, Proteus, and Kiril at least ought to be in your mix as maxed heroes.

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Would like some help in deciding which heroes to ascend next. Have the following roster
Purple ascended cyprian khiona 3/57, bench rigard, Sabrina & proteus & tiburtus
Blue ascended Kiril, triton Grimm 4/37 bench aigir, Valeria & Sonya
Green ascended melendor LJ 3/60 bench Hansel, lianna, horghall, gobbler, kashhrek & Caedmon
Yellow ascended Wu & chao bench li, Wu, g. Jackel & hu
Red ascended colen & boldtusk bench Natalya, zimkitha, azlar, g. Falcon, Scarlett, gormek and kelille

hansel rigard jackal and falcon.

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Blue: Alasie (no brainer)
Yellow: Joon (no brainer)
Red: Ares for titans and offense or Zimkitha mostly for raids.

Though, I do agree, you should get some good 4* fully ascended as well. Boldtusk and Proteus are definite musts, but those are the only ones I know for sure since they’re all I can see. Melendor if you need a dispeller and immediate healer. Wu Kong and Wilbur (if you have them) for titans and events. Grimm, Jackal, Falcon, Tibs, Gormek (if you don’t have Wilbur), and Hansel- just to name a few 4* that have their place

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