Which heroes have the best Defensive stat

when maxed out (not including the talent grid) ?

So far my best is Boril, but i was wondering is there a place to check this ?

Kunchen I believe has the best stat. Could be wrong tho

Actually, looks like Mother North does at 819.


Do you got to click on each list seperately to see the stat ? My Boril is the highest one ive seen but dont have any 5*s maxed yet.

I would have thought there would be heaps of 5*s with way more defence then Boril and alot higher also .

Also i did save these a while a go. But thought since this is the main site for the game they would have a data base of all their heroes somewhere where you can sort them out ?

But thanks for your post anyway KL, least i can get an idea through clicking on each one.

Kunchen, Onatel and Yunan have the same defense stats IIRC. I give the edge to Kunchen though, because he’s immune to def down ailments.

I’m surprised Mother North is one of the tankiest 5*. Her art looks a bit too soft :thinking:

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Oh, wow…


With all that extra padding…no wonder she’s a defensive wonder!! She will beat you into submission and then bake you cookies



I never played this game at the Xmas even and look forward at trying to get her.

Also Boss Wolf is very strong. His defensive stat is 826, but never see anyone use him.

:santa: :trophy: :crown:


Padding? So you’re saying those are fake?? :cry:

(By ‘those’ I mean those extra layers of armor of course :stuck_out_tongue: )

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They are used for defensive purposes only. They tend to protect her from the chest to the knees. It appears her cankles would be her weak spot? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


So is it important to have a high defensive stat for a tank ?

It definitely helps, yes. It is an important factor for sure but other factors are important as well: HP & special skill.

Gravemaker’s stats for example are not tanky (normal HP and normal DEF) but his special skill and speed is devastating enough to make him a good tank.

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top 5 best defense *4 Heroes:
792 = Boril
754 = Falcon
731 = Sonya
711 = Boldtusk
690 = Wilbur

top 5 best defense *5 Heroes:
830 = Santa Claus
826 = Boss Wolf
819 = Mother North
817 = Richard
815 = Onatel, Yunan, Kunchen

Stat list:

A question here, is there any particular formula to get Sturdy based on Defense Health?
And also skill in mana speed.

Edit: Gobler wrong stat, @ArchitectAssassin thank you, that spreadsheet should update.


How much has a not talented yunan?

Gobbler’s attack is 737…his defense is 450! That spreadsheet has it wrong.

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Yunan 815 :slight_smile:


Also here is more interesting resources, not only defense but also hp…


I heard a few people say Guinevere is the best tank but her defence isnt that high compared to others as well. And that list must have taken a while to do.

Be cool if it had a rating system also

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It’s aaaaaall about the SUPER PORRIDGE!!!

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