Which heroes have counter-attack capability?

I’m stuck on season 1, province 20, stage 7. I take with me 5 bombs, 5 arrows, mana health etc but keep getting defeated.

Now thinking about heroes to get through the stage… Perhaps that will work. I have grimm at level 60 but need 2 warm capes to ascend him to level 4, I have gobble at level 56 but again I don’t have 3 ascending items for him, I have hu tao at level 31 but his got a long way to go still his only at level 1, and has 359 power only.

What I am thinking is if I have heroes with counter-attack I can get through easily. Can I please have information on heroes that have this skill?

I’ve noticed through raids that Brienne, Cyprian, Sabina have counter-attack who else?

Elena and Boss Wolf have counter-strike all. Boril and Cyprian have counter-strike for them and adjacent heroes. Obakan has counter-strike for himself. I think that’s all of them

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Horny Atlantis red guy? Whatshisface?

One of the red 5s… Can’t remember her name right now

Sumitomo. He’s just self. I thought I was missing one

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I’m not clear what you mean by “counter attack.” At 4* and below, using the examples you cited:

Cyprian has Perfect Riposte, which does 125% of incoming direct damage to the attacker. This covers the hero and heroes directly to the left and right.

Boril also has Perfect Riposte.

Sumitomo has a version of this which only applies to himself.

Sabina has a dispel ability (Fog of the Fallen), which removes buffs from enemies.

Melendor also has Fog of the Fallen. Belith has a similar ability at 3*.

Sonya and Caedmon have Piercing Strike, which dispels buffs, and also does direct damage. The damage applies before the dispel, though, so they will take damage if hitting a riposter.

Brienne has an ability which increases attack power for everyone, starting with a base amount and increasing for each hit heroes receive.

Namahage has a limited versions of this which applies to himself only.


You might just forget about advancing in season 1 for awhile and save the battle items until you have ascended a few of those at tier 3.

It isn’t all the rewarding to complete season 1 if you burn battle items to do it, just be patient.

I recall going in bursts, where if the level was 2 hard, go farm for a few days or week and then hit a few more levels, and repeat.


Thank you guys.

I have two Beliths didn’t realise the fog buffs enemies but she’s only 3 star hero.

I have Namahage that I am working hard on levelling up.

But all your answers were helpful everyone thank you. Do keep replying I will read them.

If you only have 3s, you’ll probably want to hold off. Keep farming and hope for a couple of 4s soon. I think I needed all 4*s and up to beat that level

I have 3 heroes that have potential to go 4 star… Grimm, Gobbler and Hu Tao, but don’t have ascending items to take them to 4 star.

But I will work on Namahage and Belith.

Keep hoping for the ascending items I need, and more powerful heroes, at least a couple more 4 star or 5 star I can get summoning.

Gobbler is not worth ascending to 4th tier. Grimm definitely is worth ascending. Hu Tao has somewhat mixed reviews.

Belith is an outstanding 3* hero, and should serve you well for a while.


Grimm and Hu Tao should be your priorities if you have the mats to max them. Gobbler isn’t worth it. Hopefully you get Rigard and Caedmon soon!

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Welcome @Impertinentyogi :slightly_smiling_face:

Since you don’t have any cleansing hero (Rigard), you should take antidotes into the battle to cure yourself from bad status aliments.

All monsters in 20-7 are red, so you can bring at least 3 blue heroes and as many healers as possible.

If you don’t have 3 healers, bring health potions. You can also bring turtle banners to prevent heavy injuries and axes to hurt enemies and lower their attack. A turtle banner combined with an axe will take you about 5

Which healers do you have? Are there any heroes to lower or stop gaining mana?


Thank you Olmer for information, ice fights fire. Additional to Grimm, for ice I have Ulmer and Graymane at 3 star, maxed out into talent grid. But for healing I have two GAN JU, two Kaliani and two Belith. That’s 4 holy and two nature.

One Ganju is nearly reaching talent grid at 3 star.

I think what I’ll try immediately is feed GAN JU to talent grid then take him and 4 ice heroes with me.

Elena is self and nearby.


This is another great thread that I use to answer the questions you’ve raised.


If you have a maxed Kailani, bring her with another healer. The damage sharing should do the trick. I passed the level with Gunnar. Another hero of damage sharing special.

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I had two gunnars but I used both to level Urmer, I thought at the time Urmer was so good that’s before I got Grimm. I am regretting it now, I could have had an all ice team to defeat this level.

No success getting through that stage despite leveling up my ice heroes and using them with Kailani and Belith.

But I have some good news, I used up 300 gems today and on my first try I got a 5 star hero its one of the new ones. Guardian Panther, a dark hero, but her card says she dispels buffs from target and nearby enermies so she’s bound to be strong to defeat the fire line up in that Stage I’m struggling with.

Also a few days ago I got a Caedmon that dispels buffs from all enemies. Also I got two Tyrums which also dispel buffs from all enemies.

So counting them now …Belith x 2, Kailani x 2, Caedmon x1, Tyrum x2, and Guardian Panther x1.

Holy, Nature and Dark, no ICE that dispels buffs. But will see how I get on.

I have Namahage but he doesn’t dispel attack his fire too, but he does increase attack every time.

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Both of those only affect themselves and allies right beside each other. Elena does hit all enemies with her attack though.

Brienne does not have counter-attack, that is a berserker attack boost which raises the attack stat every time they’re hit. Not attack back. Sabina does not have it either, she just heals and dispells buffs. The heal is great but the dispell isn’t really that useful in season 1 (much more useful in season 2)

Cyprian is the only one of those that has counter-attack. His blue counterpart with counter-attack is Borril. From Atlantis there’s also Sumitomo, who casts it on himself only but has a nice boost associated with mana regeneration.

The other 5 star aside from Boss Wolf and Elena that has counter is Obakan, but 5 stars are rare.

I’ll also add that it’s good to look out for counter-attack heroes for the campaign. It’s more helpful in there especially when bosses start hitting hard and only a few of them have dispells. I got through with Borril only myself, the Dark Lord set himself on fire by firing directly at heroes with Riposte up, and it paid off with large amounts of damage.

To make counter work though, I suggest you get a good healer too. I brought along Rigard for the last 4 provinces, where I found 3 stars (before emblems were introduced) really weren’t cutting it for me at that point.

Congratulations! She’s one of the best Dark Heroes in the entire game. Definitely work on her when you get / if you have 4 trap tools, as even at 3/70 she’s very useful.

The fire enemies you’re talking about burn you, so what you need is someone who dispells ailments. Buffs are for anything that enemies do to themselves, ailments are for what enemies do to your heroes. Just to clear that up :wink: Also, you can bring along basic green potions from your level 3 forge instead.

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