Which heroes for final province?

Took a bit of time out from playing the map to level up some heroes recently. Came back to it today and 23/4 was a breeze, but 23/5 is causing problems. Based on my roster below, which heroes should I level up to make the remainder of the province easier?

I have read on the forum that you need a strong yellow stack to take on the dark lord,assuming you talking about s.1.
Luck! Helps too.

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I would stack a couple of yellow to include Onatel and a couple of healers Boldtusk and Kiril maybe

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Color stack against the enemies. Against the boss, use arrows and axes if you have a lot of trouble taking them down.

Yellow is important for stage 6 and 11 in this province. So I would level Hu Tao. His blindness effect also being a good reason to train him, because that gives you potential chances of staying alive.

Kiril, Boldtusk and Scarlett can all help your team stay alive, I’d continue focusing on them (max Boldtusk before Scarlett). If you use both Boldtusk and Kiril, use Kiril’s brew before Boldtusk’s war cry, because Boldtusk has a higher attack boost than Kiril.

That gives you a team like this:
Kiril | Boldtusk | Onatel | Scarlett | Hu Tao

Which looks pretty good to me for completing the remaining stages.

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Cheers for the advice. I ended up beating 23-5 when I accidentally played 3 purple heroes after fighting a yellow titan.

Beat the Dark Lord using Boldtusk, Onatel, Bane, Little John and Gunnar, as well as a pile of bombs, arrows and axes.


Nice! Make sure you collect those rewards from the “Missions” menu :slight_smile: You can use the summon tokens while springvale is around… hopefully you get one of the bunny heroes!

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I pulled Squire Wabbit. I’ve read he is one of the best 3* heroes, so I am pleased with that. Got 2 4* troops with the Epic Troop tokens too, so that has helped my team considerably.


Meh… I carpet bomb with Wu at my side . Lol