Which Heroes First? Please Help A Newbie

Hello. I apologize for this topic but i am really confused. Can you please give me some advice about which heroes i should upgrade firstly ?

For map because i can not pass map level 13-3 and above.
I’ve learned that colors are so important and i should use different tactics for almost every pvp or titan fight or map. On the other hand, just please, can you please make me a general squad for these? Priority upgrade for which heroes first? Thank you very much! ^^

For Map: ?
For Titans: ?
For Raid Defense: ?

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Some advice to help first:
You do not need to rush through the map. Stay at 12-9 for the meantime. You will find lots of things you need there and lots of recruits to make feeder heroes. You will not get a big reward at the end so don’t rush.

Do not feed your 3* yet. You will need some of them later. Get your training camps to lvl 11 if you don’t have them yet.

Feed heroes of the same color.

To the line up:

Kiril - Scarlett - Jack O Hare - Tiburtus - Wu Kong

I would “upgrade” these heroes at the same time if i were you. This line up will do great in map and titans. Raid defense is not important for you right now.


I would go with BT over Scarlett and Caed over Jack O hare. When you look at second level ups. Li Xui, Grimm, Rigard, Gormek are all really good as well.


Hello Mananabas. Thank you very much for your answer. Actually yes i found it buy luck and last a few days i was farming 12-9, non-stop lol…
Yes you are right about “rushing things”. Started to this game a few days ago and what a great game. Made me addicted of it.
My training camps are:
Level 13
Level 4
Level 2

Level 13 Elite training took too much time and i tried to find some videos about training camps…
I’ve learned from Zero and Anchor’s and someone else’s videos that i should do ;
Common training, Uncommon training and level 11 extremely slow and cheap training ?
Do you recommend something else??

Hello Something. Thank you very much for your answer. I will try to upgrade them too. As soon as possible. :slight_smile:

@Mananabas @Something

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Get those 2 training camps to 11 asap. :smiley:


Alright. :slight_smile: Trying to do it. ^^

On the other hand, i did a alliance war defense team like;
Kiril (Second ascend) -Caedmon(Second ascend)-Li Xiu-Gormek(Second Ascend)-Little John

Should i swap little john to rigard? i also have grimm,chao,bane and a lot of new heroes that is not showing on the roster picture now. :-s ?

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For now, focus on one team only. If you have decided on who you are going to level up, just go for it.

The core team should be 1 or 2 heroes with heal. At least 1 hero with ramming pulverizer.
The rest would be heroes that either dispel effects or deal high damage.

Your first 5 will be your raid, titan and defense team. Defense teams should not be a priority right now, this is why i will not recommend Rigard right now but he is an excellent healer/tank.


If no one else says it, DONT eat your 3/4/5* heroes for now. Keep them all. As you learn which are the best later on, you can decide who to throw and who to keep.

With Alliance War—once you start participating in that LATER—you will want 30 heroes to fight with. But that comes later. :wink:


Hello. Thank you very much for spending your time and explaining. ^^

@Mananabas I did a team and improving it. I did a lot of x10 summons and at last 50x on purple elementals and sartana didn’t dropped… i have 6 Aeron now. Burned two of them and saved 4 of them for Alliance war at the future maybe… I am ultra sad because i was dreaming a team and that didn’t happened. It is why i had to upgrade rigard with kiril for healer. Boldtusk is on the bench because i was upgrading gormek :frowning:
It is really hard to upgrade everything in a short time. This is a great game i wish i could start 7 8 months ago… Sadness of 9 days newbie player lol…

@Rook I’ve noticed those things thank you very much. ^^
I would like to do a faster upgrade, can any of you please help me to an approximately calculate on gem burning for upgrading stronghold faster?

My Stronghold level is: 13
My Iron Storage levels are: 10-11-11-12
My Iron Mines are: 10-10-11
Food Farm(windmill?) levels are: 13
Training camps: 13-6-2
I want to upgrade stronghold to level 20 quickly and i will upgrade food farms with training camps after that. Thank you very much from now on and i wish someone will help me to calculate that. Have a nice day.

Prepare to be patient. :wink: Or to invest thousands of gems to speed up construction. Stronghold of 20 takes a week to complete. And before you’ll be able to build it you’ll have to improve your iron storage (about a day per level each) and 12 hour per level for iron mines .

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Hello @SuuriKoira :slight_smile: Thank you very much for your message. Yes, as you said it will be a long time and i am aware about thousands of the gem burning lol. But how much? Can anyone please try to calculate it? So i will figure out that maybe i can buy gems for it or i can be patient and spend gems for next month hero and troop summon runs.
Also for the love of god can you guys please increase chance of 5* hero chance because they are not dropping. :(((

After that many pulls, you may not need to rush to TC20 now. You actually have more 4 star heroes than me. What you will need is a lot of feeder heroes and a lot of materials to ascend your team.

The 4* heroes and Aeron that you have now can do serious damage against on all types of titans, raid defense teams and world map.

TC19 will help you in getting those heroes leveled up.

And then there’s the question of ascension materials:
How many compass and fine gloves do you have? Warm cape/hidden blade/sturdy shield?

Those items don’t come along everyday, you can buy them (random chance) in the shop once in a while though.

As for spending gems to speed up buildings, if you are willing to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars into this game then no one will stop you.

Just remember that you can’t rush this game in a month or two. This game will require a lot of patience even if you pour money into it.


I was hoping to reach stronghold level 20 with maybe 20.000 gems, not more lol. It seems it will cost more and i am not rich.

I don’t have that much materials for ascension, guild leader says i should not level aeron and focus on rigard first. Alright i will be patient about leveling stronghold. :slight_smile:

Alas, I didn’t burn gems to get there (only time), so I’m not sure exactly how to calculate gem cost.

You can check the time/food/iron costs of each building level here (click the different building names to access the different spreadsheets):



I agree with your alliance leader
Levelling Rigard who is one of if not the best 4* hero’s especially on healing is a better option as like most you will have to wait a while to lvl aeron on final ascension as you will need the mats to do it
If you feel you want to see aeron moving slowly but surely adopt the partial feeding regime. This would mean that any 1* dark hero you feed to aeron he will grow that way slowly over time


VIP Pass gives you a second builder which speeds up build times. I hoard food ( Note 1 ) so when I run out of iron to improve my other buildings, I just use food from my hoard to improve my mines. When I have all four mines at level 20, I will start leveling my Watchtower. The Watchtower, like mines, requires food to level.

Rigard is insanely good. An alliance fellow has two and I am sooo jealous.

Rigard is a tank, so alive late in combat to heal team
Average mana speed, good for a healer
42% heal all allies, almost TWO full hits of the war Revenge bar
Cleanse all allies ( removes debuffs ) one of the few healers in the game with this ability
Almost impossible to remove from the corner on a war defense team without using a tanky sniper/ titan killer

4* hero ( true level at 4.70 is 220 ) so much better than a 3* ( true level at 3.50 is 120 ) and almost as good as a 5* ( true level at 4.80 is 260 ).
4* 4.70 costs 47% of the XP to level compared to a 5* 4.80 ( Note 2 )

Note 1

Note 2


@Rook Thank you very much for your valuable message. I checked the guide it helped a lot. ^^
@Allslost Thank you very much for your valuable message. Alright i am upgrading Rigard first. He is healing so nicely but on the other hand all enemy is ignoring to attack Kiril and only attacking Rigard lol… Should i use Rigard on the middle? My “for everything” main team is Kiril-Caedmon-Gormek-Bane-Rigard. Should i change something on this line ?
@Gryphonknight Thank you very much for your valuable message. I’ve checked guides and they helped me a lot. I will study on them more. Alliance leader says i can’t do everything and she is right really. Bought Vip pass it helped a lot. From level 11 to level 12 mine upgrading is only giving +97 more mine, am i missing something or that value is too low?
Yes sir i feel regret about upgrading Bane, he is 8/8 skill and almost last full level, he dies like a housefly whenever Balthazar fires his 8/8 special skill on him. :frowning: Wu kong and Xi liu upgrading could be better but newly learning those things… My “for everything” main team is Kiril-Caedmon-Gormek-Bane-Rigard. Should i change something on this line ?

Do you guys also can help me for last thing please? It is a hard decision… I have some 3* troops but which ones i should upgrade?
For example for blue i have Ravager Archers - Imperial Elite Strikers - Imperial Knights. Which one is better for Kiril?
For example for green i have Rebel Ullusionists- Deepwood Ents- Rebel Sharpshooters. Which one is better for Caedmon?
For example for purple i have Reanimated Knights- Guild Knights - Reanimated Fighters. Which one is better for Rigard?
For example for red i have Barbaric Maulers - Firecaller Battlemages - Barbaric Minotaurs. Which one is better for Gormek?
I only have one 3* Devout Assasins for yellow and i can’t ask that for Bane lol.
Can you please help me about to pick the right troops for them? Thank you very much ^^ :blush::face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I’d put Kiril or Rigard in the middle, depending on who has more health +defense currently. Like this:

But this is in case either of Kiril or Rigard has currently more or the same health as Gormek. Otherwise, wait until they reach required level.

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@SuuriKoira Hello SuuriKoira thank you very much for the answer. One day i was reading forum and i was digging it so badly lol almost all day long reading things, a day i think @Rook has written that “kiril should fire first” and when i read that, i’ve started to use Kiril on the left side. Alright thank you i understand and i will try to work on whatever you said. ^^ :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Kiril will not fire first if he is on the left (heroes don’t fire from left to right). First hero that charged mana fires first. And to charge mana defense hero must be hit several times. Hero in the center takes more hits then others, so it gets charged faster as well. If a hero is strong enough to survive those attaches it works fine. Thus central position is usually for healers with a strong defense or other heroes with a strong defense backed by healers.