Which heroes do you regret using 4*AMs on (your personal list)

Let’s not be too pessimistic and say ‘waste’ (because I so want to on some of mine)

For each colour, you regret…






Optional, the reasoning behind your regretful decision.


Thanks for the overwhelming response. I shall add a bonus question in. You may reply, you may not

-heroes in your roster you may regret using 4* AMs in the future-

for me it would be

  • Thor
  • C domitia
  • Raffaele
  • A second Frigg
  • Two noors

And also please be respectful of one’s decisions. Thank you


I’d regret ascending Azlar. I have him at lvl 9 on talents and he is so bad at survival its ridiculous. Most of the time, in pvp specifically, he will be dead before he gets enough mana to use his special.

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Telluria, Justice C, Snow White. Natalya, Morgan Le fey,


I’ve only fully ascended 9 5*'s and I don’t regret any of them so far.

I read the forums regularly to try to avoid having heroes to put on the regret list. Thanks to the forums, I haven’t ascended Horghall even though I have 17 Mysterious Tonics in my inventory.


For each colour, you regret…

Ringing- lady loki (I ascended her on a whim. Because I had lord loki and I wanted the male and female set. She’s barely used and there are so much more better red heroes than her. I view her to be a lower tiered Valhalla hero but that’s another topic for another day. Really makes me think that heroes that reflect ailments are more hype than practical)

Scoping- Rumpelstiltskin and surprisingly, skadi (never really regretted too much for rumple. RNG is the essence of this game and this hero is the definition of RNG. I just have much important blues to scope. Skadi was nothing but hype for me. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate skadi and her minion killing skills but now she rarely sees any use outside of minions and is very 1D to use. These two are my least regretted heroes to use AMs on, but there’s still some.)

Tonicing- yunan (this was back when I was really a DOT fanatic and wanted to collect every different DOT to stack. Was aiming for yunan only because lady Locke was green. Got the sand king, but Locke never came and I even ascended him in anticipation to getting Locke. So now he’s in limbo, rarely getting used other than the rare use for war and talent quests. With so many other great greens on my roster, like a second Frigg and lianna, and also zocc, there are many of my green heroes that deserve the tonics now more than him. I’m done with Locke, if she arrives then she arrives and my yunan will be back in business. But right now, there’s little yunan usage for me.)

Tabarding- myztero (the reason why I started this thread in the beginning, my 6 tabards I cry over them. Myztero appeared back when my dark roster was so pathetic, the only choice I had was either him or a second Clarissa, and I refuse to tabard any S1 without a costume. I rather train my second clarissa now. With recent months, my dark roster has been improving so much overnight. Sigh, such is life. Myztero sees incredibly rare use from me and doesn’t work half the time)

Darting- Guinevere (quite unfair to put her on my list because I got her really early on and she was on my tank for a really long time. so she got her time to shine before her inevitable dethroning. But now with so much great yellows, I wished the RNG gods gave me king Arthur back then instead of guin)


Wait, c justice is not good. Isn’t she supposed to be the better g owl?

240% + 50 par each dead allies is just not enough

Her mana gen is not enough?

You got to be kidding me. Myztero, Skadi , Lady Loki are great in this meta vs Bera, Freya tanks .


Maybe if i emblem her up to 20 and get her attack to 800+ it would make small difference but as Is she doesn’t hit hard d enough on offense or defense

I don’t play raids as often now and I factor in other things like stages, titans and ultility when making my list. I just don’t see myself using these heroes often.

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Telescope - Fenrir … I just dont use him anymore anywhere…he only finds usage in a few maps and ninja tower…too situational for my tastes. I was advised not to ascend him and still went my way…wrongly.
Tabards - Clarissa … Is more of a synergy issue…since i got Bera maxed Clarissa barely sees any playing time.
Tonics - Telluria… I have too many good greens and nowadays telly does nothing too well to justify her usage. I only see her useful on defense but i ve got my frigg there.
Darts - No regrets here.
Rings - Tyr … I dont completely regret maxing him because he s still pretty useful when used but my mono red usually does well without him. marjanaC, mitsuko and AzlarC have too good damage to be replaced

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Not Raids but at high lvl Wars Bera and Freya rule . All 3 of those would be super usable vs them.

Neith, just because I hardly use her. I even use more Li Xiu (for the 4* tournaments) rather than her.

I can’t add anybody else to the list because I usually play with the other maxed 5* I’ve got).

Actually I would add Clarissa as well. But that as a tiny dishonourable mention. She couldn’t do anything on titans because her damage is so low and my Cheshire cat’s poison overwrites her’s. and her extra damage to holy, I rather use mok-arr than her. Yes Mok-arr, the hero everyone’s been ■■■■■■■■ on since day 1 gets more use from me

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MYZTERO (tabbards)

Turns out… he is as badly designed as everyone suspected.

His impact is negligible, and requires way too many support heroes to make a small dent if he even gets enough ailments to send back.

Some niche heroes are still fun to take out for a spin on events and such (and provides niche utility), but not this one the way he is designed,

For an ultra rare hero, SGG should’ve done better LOL.

INARI (darts)
She needs a buff.

Semi regret: Boss Wolf (tabbards)
Great hero, well designed. But the meta has evolved passed him, he needs a slight buff. He still comes out for very fast events though.


Thanks for sharing your experience and perspective!

I recently pulled Guinevere so I was hoping she would still be worth ascending. I only have her at 3-70 since I don’t have the mats yet anyway but seems like you don’t think she’s worth spending the mats on anyway.

This sounds like a great rule of thumb to use when it comes to Season 1 5*'s!

Vivica - I never use her, not even in war, really. Though I have her costume maxed also, so she’s pretty decent, I just have better options. Sadly, I don’t really have any better 5-star Yellow that would’ve be better off getting emblems though, the only Yellow I have waiting at 3-70 is Norns, and I don’t really plan to ascend her/them.

Grazul - I tried using her for a while during Telluria’s heydey, but even then, she wasn’t all that great. She now only gets rare usage in wars under very specific circumstances. Right now, I’m waiting on two potential ascensions in Red, I have to choose between Marjana and a second Tyr… so if I could have the Grazul mats back for either of them, I’d take it. (I will probably ascend Marjana - I love Tyr #1, but I think the variety will be better than the duplicate for now.)

Honorable (or dishonorable?) mention goes to Kunchen… but not really. I mean, I wish I could get the mats back from him now because I never use him anymore, but he was one of my early powerful 5-star healers, and he helped me stay in high Platinum and low Diamond, so I suppose I don’t regret him. It may seem odd, but I prefer my Costume+19 Rigard, of which I have two… I use them before I use Kunchen.

I’m also going to state my disagreement with some others here - at least for me, Clarissa is a hero that I use daily, in many, many raids. She and Gravemaker go together very well, and just pile on damage, and then my other three heroes get picked based on the tank color, typically. :slight_smile: Sure, Clarissa doesn’t hit as hard as Gravemaker, but she’s not too far behind, and she’s got durability and speed!

Good gaming!


I like Clarissa but unfortunately Bera dot overwrites Clarissa dot and at least for me Bera is a better fit in my mono.
The problem is not the hero in her case but my roster in particular.


My biggest (and probably only) regret in terms of giving 4* mats to is KUNCHEN

Guy is just totally outclassed by Rigard & Costume Rigard…

  • Rigard = cheaper to max (no 4* mats)
  • Rigard = faster to charge (Avg vs. Slow Mana)
  • Costume Rigard = attack buff vs. Kunchen’s Defence Down (similar in effect)
  • Both give the same healing
  • Both cleanse.
  • Rigard = cheaper to emblem up… like a LOT cheaper
  • Rigard = costume bonus so boosted stats AND MANA boost.

Literally the only benefit Kunchen has over Rigard is that he’s a 5* so has higher base-line stats… That’s it…

Others that I kinda regret but had a use for at the time are:

  • Aegir – now rarely used, even when facing red tanks in wars… BUT I don’t regret it as he was a great blue tank in his day & also is amazing on Red Titans as he gives endurance AND full team healing

  • Yunan – also now rarely used. was my staple green tank for a long time… actually performed better than Telluria for a long while there after T’s initial nerf… Don’t regret maxing him as he was great for so long… Fallen out of favour as there are virtually no blue-tanked war enemies and we now no longer use green tanks in my ally.

  • Vela – the nerfs hit her hard… Still use her in Red Tank wars tho so no real regrets on maxing her.


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