Which heroes are you working on?(why?)

Finished Athena, all of Dom’s costumes, Jasper + costume + lb, T.BT, Ekanite + LB, T.Kailani, T.Berden.
Currently working on a bunch of costumes.

Next up
Dark: C2.Sabina, dup T.Domitia
Blue: Linus
Holy: LB + emblem C.Rocc
Green: T.Skittleskull, C.Peters, dupe T.Caedmon
Red: T.Azar, T.Nashgar, T.BT (dupe), dupe T.Azlar


Progress check after almost 3 weeks…

New from last time: Toon Kelile, Toon Berden, toon Cyprian, Agwe’s costume, Gramps’ costume… and Athena from Fated

:blue_heart: Swan Maiden done; Thalassa LB2ed. Now back to Jott. Agwe’s costume next, as it’s actually not useless. Then maybe toon Graymane and Guardian Lemur as they’re fast. Then Misty (though I might do 1* and 2* feeders first depending, as I lack Tomes), then Athena, Thorne c1 and c2, Balur.

:green_heart: Alfie, toon Berden, Gramps’ costume all done. I did Aife, and am doing Derric, just to get them done for museum completion (while feeding Green trainers to Bo & Runt). depending on my mood, I might do Brogan and Needler really quick… but 2s take way longer than 1s. Then Mother North, and eventually, maybe, Horghall.

:yellow_heart: second Goldie done, Laohu getting close to final ascension.

Then: I lack Tomes, so Aviana will be parked even though she’s solid.

Rustbeak, Paeiea, c2 Wu will all be fast at least… Then, Voluptas, Zione and Holly. Aviana comes in next due to the Tomes situation, then Zora and C1/C2 Justice bring up the rear. Depending on how things evolve, I might sneak the Yellow 1s and 2s in after doing the 3* and 4* crowd

:heart: no change: Itham done, now toon Kelile, then Starswift, then c-Sumitomo will be fast. then Zarga depending on my Tomes inventory (but I am feeding her all the Red trainers); if not, I’ll do the Red 1* and 2* first

:purple_heart: Luna now in final ascension, then Shar’Khai, then toon Cyprian, then Boomer again. Then (depending on how many tomes I have), Thoth-Amun C, Sargasso… if I lack Tomes, I’ll start doing some 1* and 2* instead.


Greg. I need to finish Greg. Then Berden. Then Bonechill. But then there’s Barkely and Ebba at 2/60, and then there’s Christine Daae and Mistra, and Colen and his new looney tooney costume. Too much… :flushed: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :upside_down_face: :skull_and_crossbones:


Ask this to me!
I’m doing Kalø, but after them I need to finish Caelen, Sartana, cSartana, c2Sartana and then do Fizzcoli, Elba and Poseidon and cPoseidon.
Oh and goldie.
And after 'em I need to do:
Dupe Norns
Dupe cNorns
Dupe Ahmoushka
Dupe Gladius
Dupe Neema
3rd Neema
And these are only 5*!
There are ~130 epics and rares to do also!
So, ur queue is REALLY NOT LONG


Haha!! Nice list you got there! I have almost the same. I purposely didn’t even list down all the heroes I need to work on. Those are just the ones that came to mind. I got Mistra last night, and she made me forget about Armel, Caelen and Atlantea. Had to force myself to feed Greg, otherwise I would forget all about him.

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Update time!! I do love this thread, seeing what everying is up to supplementing their roster depth.

Purple - Reset Rochefort which gave me the aethers to LB one of my favs, Acidfire. Not planning on 2LB him so Lepiota and her costume will be after AcidFire gets to 4-85

Yellow - Rustbeak is in there so I’m not splitting feeding between too many legendaries. New up, my 15 soul eating Laohu.

Blue - Knuckles, a definate buff booster star but that’s about it. Next up probably Atlantia, perhaps Dawn #2

Green - Fungustine! She’s at 4-50, may be able to use her in this rush for in my final flags. Will LB her too and she if she’s worthy of Alphas. Yona will be the next to level

Red - Gormek’s two last costumes to get them to 4-75. Next Scarlett’s 2nd costume.

Happy playing!


Since last time, I finished:
:purple_circle: base Domitia LB1 (for rogue quest, c2 was already LB1), cGil-Ra (for rush tournaments to pair with Treevil?)
:yellow_circle: toon Leonidas (duplicate, I like running c1 and c2 Leo together), Bertulf to 3.55 (maybe for mythic titans and tournaments)
:large_blue_circle: cHelo (stat boost for tournaments)
:green_circle: Fungustine (!) to 4.85 (when I pulled her in my one and only summer solstice 10 pull, I gave her every feeder I could find - she is my first leveled 5 star healer), cGobbler for stat boost, c2 Skittleskull for stat boost and tile dispel
:red_circle: toon Hawkmoon to 3.55, toon Azar - tournaments (especially Hawkmoon)

Currently, big feeders go to:
:purple_circle: Anoushka (my second 5 star healer)
:yellow_circle: Aviana (for yellow attack depth and purple titans for crit buff)
:large_blue_circle: Tethys - 4.80 or LB1 - for titans and probably PvP, then probably LB1 for Magni and all three costumes
:green_circle: Guan Yu to 4.80 or LB1 - my greens need help, and another minion counter is always good
:red_circle: giving these feeders to Tethys for now - still thinking for after that, may try to use saved gems when toon Marjana is featured

1 star feeders:
:purple_circle: Ana-Belle - another healer for contest of elements and W3K
:yellow_circle: Jaco to 3.55 - tournaments
:large_blue_circle: Boril’s costumes in case his toon costume is good and I pull it :slight_smile:
:green_circle: all three of Caedmon’s costumes to 4.75 (finally got his costumes! for tournaments and probably wars), then toon Skittleskull (for rush tournaments), or either Little John’s costumes, Villiers, or a good 3 star
:red_circle: Itham to 4.70 (I thought I would use him for tournaments, but I am so short on paladin emblems after Fungustine - he may wait a long time for emblems), then maybe a good 3 star for tournaments

And - why not - I’m saving troop feeders for now until I have enough to level a green rogue/paladin legendary troop to useable status. I haven’t converted yet. This troop class matches:

  • Fungustine
  • Frigg (with cb)
  • Guan Yu
  • C2 Caedmon
  • Franz
  • C2 Elkanen (although, I always use the toon)

So far, I have only converted one troop - I have a level 30 ranger/wizard blue legendary troop that class matches:

  • Athena (with cb)
  • M&M
  • Tethys
  • Lord Loki
  • toon Kiril
  • Areax (if I ever finish leveling her)
  • Gladius (but probably won’t level him since I have toon Magni)
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I lb1 toon richard but not his original (i lb but didn’t level to 85) but now im working in Acidfire because I finally got my tabard i have been needing