Which heroes are you working on?(why?)

Ich arbeite an einem Held der dem Entwickler in den arsch tritt.

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@Sasori2008 please stick English on forum.
Foreign languages are enabled only in Foreign Languages category.
Translation(but I’m not good in German):
“I work on a hero that kicks *ss of creators”

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After a month…

New heroes since last time: Paeia, Alfie, Mother North, Misty, c-Helo, c-Zila Lei, toon Colen

:blue_heart: Finished c2 Sonya and Knuckles. Went with c-Helo first, now c-Zila Lei. Then it will be Jott, Virgil, toon Graymane, Guardian Lemur. Then slowly Thorne c1 and c2, Misty, Balur.

:green_heart: Yona done, now Leadria for Green support depth. then maybe 2nd Franz, as I lack tomes. then Alfie, then Bo & Runt for offense, Mother North for more support, and eventually, maybe, Horghall.

:yellow_heart: Hachiko almost done.

After Hachiko, everyone is a bit meh. Rustbeak, Paeiea, c2 Wu will all be fast at least…

Then… eh. Will choose between Voluptas, Zione and Holly. Might instead do 2nd Goldie, more useful. Also thinking of doing a 2nd Li Xiu c2, but I don’t know if I have it in me to max the base AND all the costumes again…

Zora and C1/C2 Justice bring up the rear.

:heart: c2 Gormek and Shale done, was working on Cookie but decided to sneak toon Colen in. then… I lack Tomes, so might work on some 1* and 2* feeders first for museum completion. then Zarga. finally, Dupe R&N if I decide to keep her.

:purple_heart: Anoushka and toon Prisca done, now Juliani. Then Boomer, Thoth-Amun C, Sargasso…


Even if it’s actually boring…

:purple_circle: No project.
:yellow_circle: Not that either.
:large_blue_circle: Richard’s costumes.
:green_circle: Tuck’s toon, just because.
:red_circle: Guess… :roll_eyes:

I’m so happy for you all that you pulled so many beautiful shiny heroes. :sob:


I really respect your good attitude to others, and feel for you.

I just goes to show that even a regular player, presumably, can have bad luck. I’m glad you’ve got Richard.

I’m sure you’ve thought things through and imagine that you can see the potential from more costume pulls. If I were you I’d be using all farmed gems in the costume chamber. As it is, two of my leveling projects are costume dupes.

Richard, with costume and emblem bonuses, can get +7% mana - so, unless you have a magic troop at or approaching level 29, the lower mana threshold will be low. It could be worth going all in for a blue, paladin, legendary troop that you could use in wars with successive dupes. Just a consideration.

Good luck with draws from your TC20s for access to soul exchange and with your pulls from the portals. :crossed_fingers:


:heart: Eron at 4/85 now, Pepperflame at 4/40with Madhammer and poor Starswift in line.

:yellow_heart: Finished Bertful so Aviana, Boggart or Ribbit will be next.

:blue_heart: Still waiting for a new blue, otherwise Athena is next (low on scopes so I’m hesitant).

:green_heart: finished c2 Caedmon, c-Hansel in progress. Praying for a nice 5* to spend some of my 50 tonics!

:purple_heart: Still debating…

All is subject to change, with all the nice reds I received lately, the other colours don’t get much action.


Another month, another visit to this great thread.

Purple - Lepiota (2-17) then her costume. Slow dripping her only purple 1 and 2 star heroes

Yellow - Waddles (3-46) Duck will be very useful with weak yellows. Next Cedar

Blue - Boril 2nd costume for depth(4-58) - next up Knuckles

Green - Lionstring (4-6) can help my epic tournaments - Next Ginger (Winter Beast)

Red - Finished Toon Gormek now Lodius (3-21) this beast get all red and all other trainer heroes and 3*+ heroes. Can’t finish him too fast, I only have 4 red aethers…need one more. Good candidate for 2LB, I’ll seee how his play suits my style.



I am working on Laohu, i have maxed him but have also LB1 him, 82 almost 83 for now, I only have 6 or 7 on his emblem path for now (out of ham)

After him I will go back to a few 4* (Anna-Bell, Gormek and costumes) and then also do the 3* William


I recently pulled costume Zeline, so she will be the only one I’m working on after I finish Yona.
Pretty happy to lvl up another priority dispeller

Yona is almost done…well maybe a little longer
Not sure if I should max her or not


Max Her, she is awesome

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Mostly I’m working on toon hu tao and toon gormek but also chang’e. But I have thought my way through omen and then I think I will go back to humbert and voidstar.


Two months gone - time for an update.

Finished projects


  • LB2 for Odile
  • costume for 2nd Killhare


  • Francine plus costume for titans (edd against blue)
  • Gelert
  • Bo&Runt including LB1


  • LB1 of Sif‘s costume
  • LB1 of 2nd Li Xiu
  • costume of Griffin plus LB1
  • costume of Poppy to boost the hero
  • toon costume of Bane including LB1


  • all 3 costumes of 2nd Richard
  • toon costume of Kiril plus LB1
  • 2nd costume of Sonya plus LB1


  • 2nd costume of Boldtusk to boost the hero

Actual projects

  • red :Timothy to 3/70 for red CoE
  • blue : 3rd Richard - yes he is that good with toon costume.
  • purple : Cyprian with all costumes
  • green : Kalo for rush and MI
  • yellow : Lb1 of Rekhetre for tourneys.

Happy gaming


Update after 2 weeks and 1 day(I forgot to update yesterday):
Boom&Fang: 4/60 → 5/80+21(waiting for Master emblems, 5 lvls after LB will be done soon)
Koda: 3/40 → 4/52 (stopped for now)
Kalø: 2/?? → 5/70+20 :tada:
Feeding :purple_circle::yellow_circle::
Base Sartana: 3/70 → 4/1 (will do her after her toon)
Toon Sartana: 3/70 → 4/67(leveling rn)
c2Sartana: 2/52 → 3/1( will do her after both Sartanas)
Feeding :red_circle::large_blue_circle::green_circle::
Toon Caedmon: 1/1 → 1/23(base done Long time ago)

Cya in next 2 weeks!

Time for an update - funny how things can change with just a few pulls:

Since last time, I finished:
:purple_circle: cProteus (for sorcerer quest) - pulled and prioritized after my last post since my sorcerers are… not great!
:yellow_circle: toon Leonidas (duplicate), LB2 c1 Leonidas (primary) - I am having so much fun with c1 Leo and c2 Leo together on the same team!
:large_blue_circle: toon, c2, and c1 Magni - needed him for multiple master emblem quests, and he has been a great upgrade to my roster anyway
:green_circle: c1 Elkanen to get the full toon bonus - toon Elk LB1 is great!
:red_circle: toon Kelile - for tournaments and stat bonus

Currently, big feeders go to:
:purple_circle: Domitia (trainers only for base LB1 levels - for rogue quest - c2 already LB1), and Anoushka (my only 5 star healer)
:yellow_circle: toon Leonidas to 4.80 or 4.85 or 4.90 - base, c1, c2 are done - this is my primary Leo, c1 and c2 are LB2+25 - he is already fantastic and will become my strongest hero by far - then Aviana
:large_blue_circle: Tethys - will go to LB1 - for titans and probably PvP
:green_circle: Guan Yu, who just came last W3K on a random coin pull (probably from MI loot!) - will go to LB1 - my greens need help, and another minion counter is always good
:red_circle: giving these feeders to Leo for now - still thinking for after that

1 star feeders:
:purple_circle: cGil-Ra (for rush tournaments to pair with Treevil?), later Ana-Belle - another healer for contest of elements and W3K
:yellow_circle: finish Bertulf to 3.55, maybe for mythic titans and tournaments - then either another good 3 star
:large_blue_circle: Boril’s costumes in case his toon costume is good and I pull it :slight_smile:
:green_circle: finish cGobbler for stat boost, then maybe c2 and toon Skittleskull - for rush tournaments (and maybe rush wars for tile dispel?)- or either Little John’s costumes, Villiers, or a good 3 star
:red_circle: toon Azar - I guess for tournaments - not really sure here, maybe another red 3 star?

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My rotation of heroes to work on keeps changing up every so often because Costume Chamber has been giving me some of the missing secondary and toon costumes for my S1 set of heroes. I’m getting close though, with maxing the last 2 left. Then I can get back to what I was working on before.

Fire :fire:

  • Gestalt - the game refused to give me the Legendary XP tome and they wouldn’t add it to Ascension Summon, so I guess Imma have to do it myself and hope I get the Epic XP tome that gives me the last 5 levels.
  • Starswift - her prioritization is 100% because Boots is ugly to look at. I know he has his usage, but god, he’s among the ugliest of the Goblins. Her buffs are nice though.
  • Others of Note: Elba, Isrod, Gravemaker, Reuben, Skargremar, Elena, Azlar, Mack, Rokkamush, Boots

Nature :herb:

  • Caedmon (Toon) - pulled from Costume Chamber in my chase for Rigard. No luck, but the new addition of the toon costume moved him up.
  • Melendor (Toon) & Melendor (Disco) - two chambers back. I managed to get both costumes and been moving kinda slow on both costumes. The Toon one is almost finished, but the Disco one is still on second ascension.
  • Alfie - the second pull from Super Elemental Summon (this year) where I managed to land one of those fancy heroes. Unlike Lexi, his Special Skill gimick is actually great imo. His little song will make sure all non-Nature enemies are afficited with SOMETHING!
  • Others of Note: Balbar, Horghall+costume, Yona

Ice :snowflake:

  • No new projects. All heroes and costumes maxed!

Holy :sunny:

  • Zora - hadn’t prioritized her in leveing for so long that she’s been sitting at 4/62 for the longest time now. I should get her done and hit that wall again of “no new Holies.”
  • Cedar - pulled from Covenant Summon that gave me Elba. His skill looks neat. I could see myself using him once he’s maxed.

Dark :skull:

  • Guardian Panther - got her from Fated Summon, since the game refuses to give me her from retrainings or Festival I with the costume. Dark Defense to replace Sergei.
  • Others of Note: Arfanias, Freyja, Uthragan, Lucinda, Obakan, Quintus, Lexi, Jabbar, Gafar, Boomer

Starting dumping any ice trainers and feeders into everyone else to attempt speeding the process for the other element projects.


Starwalker 4/73
Lemonwood 4/61
Diaochan 3/49 (costume 2/16), so will take a while
Gestalt (dupe, but best red available to me) 2/40
Villers 3/24 [Can’t get a “modern” green for anything]

Currently working on Richard. Then onto Khagan. (Just finished Starwalker and Lemonwood). But damn these toons are tough and I just got those costumes. I’m joining the cool kids and heading to toon town.

I can’t believe after all these years that I’m finally leveling those two. But the toons are worth it.

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I have no more tomes of tactics so not working on anything


Same here. I’m just bringing up 5* to 3/70, then drop a newly acquired Tome in front of all of those 5* and let them fight to the death. The first five knocked out will go to Soul Exchange.

But I am bringing Verus to 3/70. Might start working on toons as well.

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One month and one week later and I’ve leveled every 3* hero I own! The only grayed out hero is Renfeld who I fed away ages ago and haven’t been able to pull again in the last several weeks. This has been so much fun and feels great to have accomplished. Now to pull the 10 missing ones :crossed_fingers:

My strengthened 3* army helped me finish top 100 in the revamped Gargoyles when it released. :crossed_swords:

Working on these next:

Happy leveling! :slightly_smiling_face: