Which heroes are you working on?(why?)

Ok fine so I went on and finished Xiahou Dun but seriously I’m out of backpacks and swords . I’m serious this time . Slowly working on waddles

Speaking of a lack of consistency… :laughing:

This month, it’s been a rollercoaster of levelling! Because I’ve been running 2x TC2 and 2x TC11, so, it’s been a busy one… Let’s go:

3 :star: Heroes
Mostly just filling in the blanks:

:green_circle: C. Gramps - 3^50 & 1^1 → 3^50 & 3^50 :tada:
:purple_circle: Morganite - 1^1 → 3^50 :tada: (Finally, a full museum!)
Then :yellow_circle: Jolly went and ruined it all by not showing up to my roster in time!

4 :star: Heroes
Some costumes, but mostly LB’ing and Embleming:

:green_circle: Mulgog - 4^70 → 5^75+20 :tada:
:yellow_circle: Goldie - 4^70 → 5^75+20 :tada:
:yellow_circle: C Griffin - 4^70 & 1^1 → 4^70 & 4^70 :tada:
:large_blue_circle: Aqualith - 4^70 → 5^75+20 :tada:
:large_blue_circle: C2 Grimm - 4^70 & 1^1 & 4^70 → 4^70 & 4^70 & 4^70 :tada:
:red_circle: C. Wilbur 4^70 & 4^70 → 5^75+20 & 5^75+20 :tada:
:purple_circle: Lexi 1^1 → 5^75+20 :tada:
:purple_circle: Shar’Khai 4^70 → 5^75+20 :tada:
:purple_circle: C2 Sabina 4^70 & 1^1 & 4^70 → 4^70 & 4^70 & 4^70 :tada:

5 :star: Heroes
Now for the main event:

:green_circle: Xiamara - 1^16 → 5^83+20
:yellow_circle: Persa - 1^27 → 5^81 (no spare ham for emblems)
:large_blue_circle: Lysanor - 1^23 → 5^82+20
:red_circle: Hathor - 1^14 → 5^84+20
:purple_circle: Phorcys - 1^24 → 5^81 (no spare ham for emblems)

Next Up: :green_circle: Galapago; :yellow_circle: Erlang Shen :large_blue_circle: Thalassa; :red_circle: Gestalt; and :purple_circle: Belladonna… may be superseded by C Lady Locke and Black Caesar though… :shushing_face:

:saluting_face: Troops
Last batch of levelling until they fix the costs:

:green_circle: :balance_scale: level 22
:yellow_circle: :balance_scale: level 20 → level 21
:large_blue_circle: :balance_scale: level 20 → level 21
:red_circle: :balance_scale: level 21 → level 22
:purple_circle: :balance_scale: level 20

Alright, see you again in a month, and what will scarily be… a New Year (potentially)!

Currently ongoing projects:

Leveling Sabina’s second costume for the stat bonuses, will LB2 her first costume as soon as possible.

Cardinal Richelieu and Queen Guowang should be self-evident, though I don’t have enough sorcerer emblems for both.

I’m most excited for Eiora & Fluffy because the meta has introduced a lot of annoying minions recently. Will give her barbarian emblems and looking forward to limit breaking as well.

Miki has been a mainstay in my ice titan team for a while now but only now maxing him for the lack of other worthy ice heroes. Don’t have enough emblems for him though.

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I am giving 5* a rest for a while, I am very weak in 4*, so I am finishing some in no order:

Sabina + both costumes
Almur + costume
Sun Shangxiang

and more


I really want to lb cleopatra but I’ve been short of the needed big yellow balls.
So I am doing my 2 toons. Atlanteia, cxnol because he’s lethal against purple, and amber because she looks interesting

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Here’s my update!

Purple - Deadboot (3-64) I have a tome of ascension so I can save tabards when I’m at 3-70
Yellow - Goldie (3-43) Really excited about her but she’s third in line as far as priorities.
Blue - Grimm second costume (2-11) He’ll get all the 1 star blue, that’s it
Green - Grace (3-47) She’ll be nice to have for depth
Red - Gestalt (4-1) He’s getting all the big feeders. Priority #1 with a LB and most likely LB2


Almost end of year update. Let’s see :thinking:

:new_moon_with_face: Legendary - Seshat (+costume) - Just taking her to the 3/70 club before I decide who gets the tabards
:new_moon_with_face: Epic - Koda - Won the coin toss
:new_moon_with_face: Rare - Greel - Decent in rush and only Para waiting behind him
:sun_with_face: Legendary - Ironmaw - New & shiny
:sun_with_face: Epic - Scoratek - Just not a priority for me right now
:sun_with_face: Rare - Kinsaishi - Looks okay and a bit of fun
:snowflake: Legendary - Hetepheres - A bit more useful than other current options in waiting
:snowflake: Epic - Linus - Just taking it slow.
:snowflake: Rare - Planchet - No other current options waiting
:leaves: Legendary - Viselus - Minion specialists are always useful
:leaves: Epic - Villiers - Taking my time here too
:leaves: Rare - General Yin - Gotta love a dispeller
:fire: Legendary - Vanda - Popped out of HA10 so why not
:fire: Epic - Zhabog - Won the 4 way dice roll
:fire: Rare - Fawn - Won the coin toss. Only 2 more to go

Game Well :sunglasses: :mechanical_arm:


Working on neema because her fiends are pretty chubby and she hates taunters and i have 44 rings


Dark: C2.Obakan > Toon > C1.Obakan. A second Obakan is probably my next best play over Salmon Loki or Uthragan
Holy: Goldie. Jolly comes next. After that I’ll consider a dup C2.Li or Ithar
Red: Neema. Bagreg will come next which should give me a better rare red team.
Green: Villiers. Next I’ll decide between Horghall and his first two costumes or Anton
Blue: Aqualith. I’ll finish C.Triton. Alasie is probably my next best option after that. And as I say that I think I’d rather have C2.Sonya.

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Norns-events, MT, reg titan
Stepping up some of my 3* and 4* for events, teams.

All projects just got put on hold to try to get him leveled as soon as I can.


Dark: Sharkai - Boost for titans and could be fun on a Dark attack team.
Holy: C2 Leo or Toon Vivica tough choice as i have to level all costumes so its gonna take a while but both will eventually get done… no rush right :sweat_smile:
Ice: 2nd Pengi - For MT
Nature: Villiers - might just be as punishment for passing on Diaochan… might be…:thinking:
Fire: Khufu- cause he’s a beast!

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Dark: C2-Domitia: upgrade to Guardian Panther for Yellow titans
Holy: Malosi: He’s almost finished. Hope to get c-White Rabbit next
Ice: c-Agwe. Mostly to put off making decisions. I started Horse-Guy (Areax?), but switched to delay committing resources to him.
Nature: Archie - Fills same niche as El Naddaha, but nice to have anyway
Fire: Gestalt - Actually pulled two of these, but might do Neema before the second one.

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These 5 will take me a while to complete but they all should add to the cause!

Close call between Ginger and Sha but he is the complete hero really.

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I was working on some 4*. I lack them the most for epic events, for example.
I maxed and gave emblems to Almur + Costume, and to Aqualith.

Now I am taking Thalassa to 3/70, then I will take Tethys to 3/70 too when I get her from SE


Currently doing toon elkanan, c/squidface purple healer, atlanteia, jasper finally, amber.

Squidface is my gpanther nemesis so now I have him too, perhaps he can do what he does to raiding party’s purple teams.

Toon alkanan because toon… and the rest make great modern heroes with modern stats

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Now that Sha is as high as I can currently get him

It’s time to move back to my rainbow leveling. Need to finish Willow, then move back to Vaishali(who is at 3/6), Thalassa will probably only go to 3/70 for now as I have limited scopes and have about 4 other ice I’m considering them for. Hohenwerf is waiting in the wings after Alucard, however I may swap those out if I decide to go with Kemeny in SE

Haven’t made so much progress. DF and Myoin-Ni will go to 4/80. Others to 3/70

:purple_circle: Darkfeather is 4/64 and close to the top;

:yellow_circle: Malin is at 3/61;

:large_blue_circle: Cel is at 3/62;

:green_circle: Hammertusk went to 3/70. I used the tonics on Myoin-Ni as I need a VF healers and she’ll go to 4/80;

:red_circle: Alucard is at 4/80. Ukkonen is going to 3/70

Next projects

:purple_circle: Deadboot, Lexi (for events), Koda (titans) and Kitty (tournaments). I’ll be busy with purple

:yellow_circle: finish Joon and C1 and take Horus to 3/70. If I pick C2 Li Xiu she’ll be the priority

:large_blue_circle: if I get the sixth telescope I’ll be leveling C Perseus (and base) to 4/80; if not, Aqualith and C2 Grimm

:green_circle: Liu Bei to 3/70 and Ptolomy for events

:red_circle: I have so many new heroes: El Duque, Hohenwerf, Neema and I hope Garnet from SE. If C2 Colen comes he’ll be priority given events and tournaments

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I finished Waddles , General Yin and Jaco. Off to start Shark ai Joukaheinen Neema and Leadria.

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little late update:
-Finished Torben
-finished cChao
Now I have new priorities:

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