Which heroes are you working on?(why?)

Things have changed quite a lot over the past couple of months. Firstly, I’ve had a blocker that needs SE to release.

Of the above - Belladonna is LB1’d and happily fighting alongside me. Loving her.
Nemesis remains at 3/70. I have lots of candiates for the darts and I can’t pull the trigger.
Ghealach is at 3/70, as is Quintin.
Red Hood got off at 1/50 as I pulled Lewena, Hathor and Gestalt
Mulgog is still at 3/60

My current queue for when unblocked

:purple_circle: Rigard C2
:yellow_circle: Jove to 3/70
:large_blue_circle: Fortuna to 3/70
:red_circle: Hathor is at 3/70 and will get the rings
:green_circle: Xiamara is heading to 3/70

I’ve then got quite the dilemma with who to take up:

:purple_circle: Mortimer / Khonshu / Ptholnous(?) / Salmon / Kemeny
:yellow_circle: Jove / Nemesis/ Eset / Kushanku / Queen G / cRoc
:large_blue_circle: 9HB / Adalinda / Ghaelach / Tethys / Milady deWinter / Fortuna / Quintin / CSnowWhite
:red_circle: Hathor / Gestalt / Cardinal / LaSalle / Blossom / Otis / Xenda / Hohenwerf
:green_circle: Xiamara / Queen Anne / Athos / Edwin / Green Knight / Galapagos

Thankfully I’m nearly at the end of my 3* and 4* queue having focused on them. Just a couple to get up.

It has been nice, waiting to use my mats, as my emblems have gradually built up again so I have enough spare for one of most classes now.


Hi :slight_smile:
That’s who I’m working at:

(Sartana with 3 costumes, so it’ll take sooooo looooong)
(Yin with 3 special levels, and LB(and also +5 lvls after LB) left)


I am currently taking Hathor to LB1 (I had to wait for this current mirage of omega for the Aether 1s), and also working on my new shiny Fizzcoil.


I just finished Porthos, he’ll get 20 nodes now, the rest will get food :blush:


Finishing these

Then on to these


30-pull in Black Friday + Fated Summon + lucky pull in Valhalla = queue has grown and changed again!

:blue_heart: still plugging away on Aqualith. But BUBBLES has displaced Thalassa in queue! So I’ll do these two good 5* first, then do some easy ones just to get them done…

Jott, Virgil, Guardian Lemur, the c1 of my 2nd Kiril, Balur, Thorne…

:green_heart: base Elkanen and his C1 (the c2 is already maxed). General Yin joins the queue, then Horghall. With my growing roster, I’ve already decided not to keep a dupe C1-Lianna.

:yellow_heart: now working on Goldie, who displaced Justice C1 and C2. My Yellows have been shaken up recently with some neq acquisitions, so the new queue is:

Gullinbursti and costume; Norns; Kinsaishi; Jaco; Justice C1 and C2; Voluptas. Dupe Vivica has been dropped from the queue; with Goldie and Gullin-C joining, I don’t think I’ll need 2nd Viv anymore! (also, Voluptas keeps getting bumped, whoops!)

:heart: still Xiwangmu. Shale join the queue, but behind Kravekrush, Tahir, and maybe even dupe R&N.

:purple_heart: Ameonna done, now working on C2-Rigard. the new queue will likely be: Morganite; 2nd Sergei; 2nd Proteus’ costume; Stonecleave


I finally decided to max Topaz and of course Lexi is a must :blush:


Getting Farrah to end of 89(can’t finish until I get a legendary dark aether), getting Carmenta and 9HB to 85, and willow and Athos to 4/80 for now

After those are done, I believe this will be the next group
Since I’ve already been feeding them here and there lol


Update after 3 weeks:

Finished projects:

  • Uthragan plus LB1
  • Frida
  • LB2 of Barkley
  • Goldie
  • Costume of Gadeirus
  • 2nd Costume of Boldtusk
  • 1st Costume of Gormek

Work in progress:

Happy gaming


Just finishing LB1 Fizzcol and LB1 Hathor, then I will go back to Goldie and also Morganite.
After that I will do another 5*

My current batch:

Ceto in Blue (Currently 4/20 or so) {Strong hit all}
Tweedles in Purple (Currently 4/40 or so) – loving them on yellow titans!
a second c2-Boldtusk in Red (nearly finished, an extra overhealer is always welcome) – Afterwards, most likely Chomper, though I also have Neema
Archie in Green (still very early on in leveling) {Already have El Naddaha, but more of that annoying special is a good thing}
c-Griffin in Yellow (nearly finished, to stall a little on starting a 5*, and he has his uses) – Afterwards Malosi to use against Ludwig tanks.


I’ll beat u this time:

I rly don’t need tht much Neemas(just one is okay!!!) but what an irony…
1st Neema week ago from goblins
2nd Neema yesterday from Valhallia
3rd Neema today from BF
So basically I have 12 legendaries=of wich 25% are Neemas :rofl:

It seems to go in spurts. You’ll have a dry spell with none at all, and then suddenly get a huge number of them. I had five Tellurias back in the day. Only got one leveled before she was nerfed to inconsequentiality, fortunately. I had another a while back with 3 or 4.

It will take me awhile to level them fully but I’ll get there



Darkfeather is my 6th hero chosen to go 2LB

Holly is just one of the few Holy 4⭐️ heroes that needs to get to 4/70 before she’s never seen or heard from again.

I’m excited about Cupido, but I don’t have the Rings. Getting to 3/70 before I level up some sub-5s.

I don’t have any Scopes left for my brand new Guardian Hippo, so Aqualith is the most useful/interesting hero for me to work on.

For Nature, I don’t have any 5⭐️ heroes worth leveling at the moment. Working through all 3⭐️ costumes I have left. Then, 4⭐️ stragglers and their costumes.

Last year I got Victor from Morolovia (from 2nd pull :0) and then till the May I didn’t get any 5*. And then single 5* in May-Septemper, then 4 in October, and now 3 Neemas in November (:rofl:)

After some lucky pulls some priorities have changed

:purple_circle: I replaced Kitty for Darkfeather since he came from GV and it’s at 3/62. I’m taking to 4/80 since I have the mats;

:yellow_circle: I turned to Malin since I pulled him in BF. Currently at 3/9 until 3/70 since I lack the mats for holy;

:large_blue_circle: took Ulius to 3/70 and started Cel who’s at 2/41;

:green_circle: took Frond to 3/70 and started Hammertusk (BF) who’s at 2/58;

:red_circle: I brought Alucard back since I got the mats and he’s at 4/21;

Next in line (backlog has grown):

:purple_circle: Darkboot (goblin), finish Kitty, Koda

:yellow_circle: finish Joon and his C1 costume;

:large_blue_circle: Aqualiyh and Hetepheres;

:green_circle: Liu Bei. When I get the mats Evelyn will be finished;

:red_circle: Ukkonen, El Duque, Hohenwerf


Update after 10 days:

-Finished Yin
-Finished Torben, now going to LB2 him
-sended Aqualith deeper in the queue
-starting cChao after finishing calassic one


Planning to do all those. The order will depend if and when I get the ascending materials .

Just finished Smarttoungue and Charon. Waiting to get some aethers to LB both.