Which heroes are you working on?(why?)

A little update here

:purple_circle: I picked the Salmon in Fated Summon and he became the priority for this color. Kitty will have to wait

:yellow_circle: Goldie is leveled and LB1. I’ve got the last dart and started to work at Erlang Shend who was standing at 3/70. He’s 4/59 now

:large_blue_circle: Quintin is at 3/70; I picked C Perseus in ToL and took him and costume to 3/70 as well. Lysander came today and I’m leveling her to 3/70. Tomorrow I will get the sixth telescope and then I will decide who’s gonna be ascended. Maybe Lysander because my best reviver is Heimdall (not costume)

:green_circle: Ma’at is at 4/80. I finally picked Evelyn and her costume as bonus for and she’s 3/70 at both. As soon as I get enough tonics she’s gonna be leveled. For now, I’m taking Haulstone to 3/70

:red_circle: Zim and costume at 3/70. Now I’m leveling Nova for Super Elemental Quest and Tournaments. She’s at 3/21.

My next in line for leveling (if I don’t get the 4* ascension mats)

:purple_circle: Hannah; Kitty

:yellow_circle: Roc and Costume; Norns

:large_blue_circle: Ulius; Frida

:green_circle: Vainamoinem; Liu Bei; Villiers

:red_circle: Santa Claus and costume; Skargremar; Baldur


:purple_circle: Double costume Domitia, because I will pair her with Lucinda for a average speed hard hit 3. Sometimes alternating with Turgruk. In the background is Fura! I finally ascended her once the trap tools passed 100 and was sure I didn’t need them for someone else :wink:

:yellow_circle: Ithar… don’t know why as she’s next to useless outside niche raid opponents, and really high attack stat for someone that doesn’t deal damage. Don’t have other yellows except Motega who I can’t think of a use for… feel free to suggest.

:large_blue_circle: err, double costume Domitia - she has a blue tinge? Could do Klaern as I now have excess scopes but feels a little desperate, but probably still much better than Ithar.

:green_circle: Double costume Kadilen because she’s a dependable lady. Sometimes a few to Mielikki and 1st LB Ptolemy

:red_circle: Zhou Yu 4* geezer who produces minions. Not so special but not bad either.

Zhou Yu is a real great hero .

I finished C Proteus and Becky . Finishing Ulius and I’m out of swords and backpacks . I have a bunch I want to level but I think I’m going to take a break .

Working on attack heroes, at least the few I could get

Purple: Narcisa (4-46) chose her over Turgruk
Green: Cinisia (4-44)
Yellow: Wolfgang (4-47) picked him instead of Hanitra (not sure about that…)
Red: Oceanus (4-22) seems very funny hero! and working slowly with my second Elizabeth (c)
Blue: Frida (4-15) need some power in my weak blue team…

Finished Ulius now I take a break . Please pick next project

  • Basil
  • Boots
  • Dante
  • Waqas
  • Bauchan
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FWIW, I have Bauchan, Waqas, and Boots. Waqas has been my #1 3* red for a long time. Boots I just started today, I figure he’ll take that title. Bauchan I’ve had for months and haven’t touched.


A short update.

Finished since last post:

Halted projects

Bai Yeong - waiting for Darts
Bera - no monk emblems and another purple project
Snow White - waiting for scopes

Alfie - no idea where to use

CoD - another blue project

Work in progress:

Barkley‘s LB2 - one of my MVP‘s in offense and defense

Frida - to retire Nordri from titan duty

Uthragan - to assist Becky in a purple stack

C.Gadeirus - to have another overhealer

Goldie - heal and reflect for all allies

Happy gaming


Happy spooky season everyone! It’s time for another update - and at this point, i’ve give up on trying to be consistent with the day of the month I post on :smiley:

Another month of running 4x TC11, aqnd of course, being supplemented by pulls as feeders, so, lets see what we’ve got:

3 :star: Heroes
Just one new joiner that was released this month, and we’re still waiting for Morganite…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

:red_circle: Fawn - 1^1 → 3^50 :tada:

4 :star: Heroes
The main focus for this month, including levelling, LB’ing, and embleming my super elementals … for fun mostly :laughing: I’ll be getting ready for the last one coming Soon :tm: :

:green_circle: Alfie - 1^12 → 5^75+20 :tada:
:yellow_circle: Goldie - 2^39 → 4^70 :tada:
:yellow_circle: Zione - 1^1 → 5^75+20 :tada:
:large_blue_circle: Linus - 3^48 → 5^75+20 :tada:
:large_blue_circle: Aqualith - 1^1 → 4^70 :tada:
:red_circle: C2 Boldtusk - 2^30 & 2^50 & 2^50 → 4^70 & 4^70 & 4^70 :tada:
:red_circle: Nova - 1^1 → 5^75+20 :tada:
:purple_circle: C2 Cyprian - 3^54 & 1^15 & 2^50 → 4^70 & 4^70 & 4^70 :tada:

5 :star: Heroes
The entire lot has changed, and I’m finally making a start on them again! :partying_face:

:green_circle: Winifred - 1^1 | Xiamara - 1^1 → 1^16
:yellow_circle: Erlang Shen - 1^1 | Persa - 1^1 → 1^27
:large_blue_circle: Ghealach - 1^1 | Lysanor - 1^1 → 1^23
:red_circle: Tetisheri - 1^1 | Hathor - 1^1 → 1^14
:purple_circle: Aramis - 1^1 | Phorcys - 1^1 → 1^24

:saluting_face: Troops
All natural

:green_circle: :balance_scale: level 20 → level 22
:yellow_circle: :balance_scale: level 17 → level 20
:large_blue_circle: :balance_scale: level 16 → level 20
:red_circle: :balance_scale: level 19 → level 21
:purple_circle: :balance_scale: level 18 → level 20

I’m still dissapointed to have not gotten Gestalt, but, I suppose i’ll take it as a sign, and keep holding out for another chance, one day… maybe… Anyway!

That’s all from me :wolf:


Monthly leveling update!

Purple - Phorcys, my first legendary taunter! He’s getting all 2* feeders and up - next Morax
Yellow - 2nd Felton…yeah he’s that good. Next up 2nd Li Xiu, yeah She’s that good
Blue - Frida to replace Nordi on titans. Next up LB Quintin
Green - C2 Caedmon and then LB 2 him. After that, Grace
Red - Skargremar almost done. Next up Buster, got one in the red chamber, accidentally ate the first



I like the sort of rush of leveling players up so I probably enjoy leveling 3* characters the most because it’s much quicker and the ascension materials are available to me. Right now I’m focused on:
Purple: Cyprian and will probably move on to Renfeld and Oberon once I get Cyprian to 3rd rung level 60. The only reason I’m leveling Cyprian is I’ve been waiting forever to get a purple 4* or 5* I liked but it just never happened so I finally gave in and will level Cyprian because I want some more help for higher level battles. I’m level 32 in the game and only have 2 4* purples and the second one I just got yesterday from the costume summon. Game just doesn’t like giving me high power purple.
Yellow: I don’t really like any yellow I have that needs leveling so I’m working on Dawa and Kailani until I get someone I like more. I put some resources in a second Hu Tao(I already have 1 leveled up) but I kind of regret that now.
Blue: The game loves giving me blue so I have a ton to work on. Nordi needs 1 more level on his special and he’s leveled up and at some point later I’ll work on his costume. Azmia is almost at 3rd rung 60. Frank is early on but he’s been my main focus. I just got Grimm and I’m thinking about focusing on him after Frank is done.
Green: The only 5* I have is Guan Yu and I’ll have to make a decision soon on if I want to spend my ascension items on him or not. I’m also working on Mnesseus because I want his Dispel ability for 3* challenges.
Red: Leveling Guardian Falcon and trying to get the last 3 special levels for Waqas.


I finished Boots then Basil . Boots far superior. Basil is a niche hero and I love those . Waqas will have to wait I have no packs nor swords off to the grind .

Finished Peridot and Frida. Then did Zagrog who I got in a HA10 retrain as he seemed a better option than Turgruk or Suzanna.

Now leveling Marjanas costumes that came in the last costume chamber as I have her base fully levelled already and my Reds will have gone from my worst colour to best since January.

Once I’ve done that I will probably level Turgruk for depth and titans unless HA10 is feeling generous this weekend and spits out a better hero option.

I have Peridot to 3/48 and should be getting Frida from FS early next week, so here’s hoping you report back on what you think of them!

I’ve only used Frida on titans but she’s a massive improvement on Nordri as not having to worry about her dying is a big help.

Peridot I’ve used more and he has replaced C Kadilen in raids. The damage, DOT and accuracy reduction are much better than the dodge chance.

I either use his special on dangerous opponents who are about to fire to reduce their accuracy or hold him till third charge and fire him after Ahmose to finish what’s left of the opponent.

This is my currently leveling team

I have leveled C2 Joon and now I’m finishing the base and C1 (both were 4/1)

Ulius and Myoin-ni are going to 3/70 due to lack of material

Kitty will go to 4/70 for tournaments

And I have mats enough to max Alucard

However it’s gonna take a long time since I’m lacking backpacks for feeders

My next projects:

:purple_circle: Hannah

:yellow_circle: C1 Li Xiu

:large_blue_circle: Hetespheres

:green_circle: Frond (new), Liu Bei

:red_circle: Ukkonen

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Currently everyone else got put on hold to put all resources to level my first 5* elemental… finally…


been about a month, let’s remind myself of my levelling progress…

:blue_heart: Sobek done, now Aqualith for a relatively quick win! In Queue: Thalassa (excited for her, but wanted a quick one), then Guardian Lemur also for a quick one… then 2nd Kiril’s c1. Balur and Thorne… maybe some day…

:green_heart: Heimdall done, then Jing for a quick win. now working on base Elkanen and his C1. Horghall and dupe C-Lianna… maybe some day…

:yellow_heart: Eset done, C2-Chao done, now Justice C1 and C2. in queue: Voluptas, dupe Vivica

:heart: Guardian Falcon done, but Xiwangmu sneaks in ahead of Kravekrush, Tahir, and a dupe R&N

:purple_heart: Proteus’ costume snuck in before Ameonna, who is now 4/67. then I will finish C2-Rigard before dupe Sergei, then Dupe Proteus’ C1, and dupe Rigard’s C2. should be relatively fast, then we’ll see…


Finished Aodhan then Anastasia. Nice pair for bloody battles . I’m really out of backpacks I mean it this time . Btw Atlantis event is always nice for leveling.

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Purple - deadboot - leaped WAY ahead of Lexi
Yellow - Goldie - so excited to get her…then I got another
Blue - Fizzcoil- top priority, going to be good
Green - Level 80ing OG Caedmon, just finished double limit breaking the 2nd costume
Red - Buster - mistakenly ate the first one, didn’t F up the second time.