Which heroes are you working on?(why?)

I’m working on

I’m pretty excited about having a slow blue hero, eset is waiting on a tome to ascend, and super excited about those 2 red heroes and a hero who dispells first

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I am currently adding emblems slowly to my newly maxed Hel and Costume. Currently +14.
Sadly I am totally out of ham and iron, and I have no aethers to even LB1 her for now.

Was extremely lucky this Carnival and got Jana and Carmenta so I’ve put Hohenwerf and Willow on the back burner as I think I want my gods to play together

Almost finished Guan Yu, unfortunately I’m low on emblems to finish him completely

Probably only getting Cel to 3/70 as I’m also working on getting Tremor and 9HB to 3/70 to get an even better feel for them as right now I only have enough scopes to ascend one. Azurite is already at 3/70 as well. Too many ice too few scopes. I know, it’s a good problem to have but still lol


This is the team I’m working on

Sadly Quintin, Willow and Frida will reach just 3/70 due to the lack of materials

The next in line

:purple_circle: Hannah

:yellow_circle: Goldie

:large_blue_circle: Frida (picked in the Fated Summon)

:green_circle: Vainamoinem

:red_circle: Santa Claus and costume


New update…


Barkley Lb1 and fully emblemed. Got two more alpha aethers on Sunday so could LB2 Becky. Did a LB1 on 2nd Melendor too. Base Snow White and her costume are waiting for 3 more scopes.

Work in progress:

Ranvir works well with Becky in Challenge Events/AQ. A 2nd Itham as an Alfrike counter in VF and CoD for anti minion warfare especially in 4* content.

Future projects:

Bera for minion prevention
Ptolemy to have a 3rd green 4* healer
Zarel for the Bard bonus in 3* content
Felton as Ludwig counter in rush and Shrubbear counter in 3* content.

Happy gaming


Working on some damage dealer depth:

Next in line:

:purple_circle: Alfrike
:red_circle: Cardinal Richelieu or Ukkonen
:yellow_circle: Goldie
:green_circle: Eiora & Fluffy
:large_blue_circle: Frida


Been a while since I’ve been on here. Currently working on:

Purple: Grimble at 4:28
Yellow: Ithar at 3:53
Blue: C2 Grimm at 4:55
Green: El Naddaha at 2:44
Red: Sekhmet at 3:59


Can’t even remember who I was working on last time I posted. It’s been so long!

I’m trying to get all candidates to 3/70 and play with them a bit. All 2* feeders go to 5* and all 1* to a 3*.


:purple_circle: Belladonna has just earnt her tabbards after a prolonged testing period.
:yellow_circle: Nemesis is on the way to 3/70
:large_blue_circle: It was Quintin but Ghealach has just jumped on the 3/70 train.
:red_circle: Red Hood, surprisingly, is on the 3/70 train. She might stop at 2/60 and let Blossom on instead.
:green_circle: Mulgog has just got to 3/60.

In the 3* queue (whoever has the highest number of 1* feeders gets fed)

:red_circle: Bagreg
:yellow_circle: Jaco
:green_circle: Alessia
:large_blue_circle: Knuckles (I don’t have any 3* candidate)
:purple_circle: Meadow (likewise)

Choo choo.

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Been a while!

Purple - Heifeng Guai, Ok sniper but the DD and extending ailments is good next might be grimble 2 to 3-70
Yellow - Zione - Yeah only use for her is the yellow only quests, not excited - 2LB Felton next
Blue - Planchet - pulled Knuckles but seeing the stats Planchett might be better. Frida next
Green - Vainamoinen - May take to 3-70 or 4-80. Can give her 20 emblems no problems. Next Grace to 3-70
Red - Skagremar - Will max, I have 28 rings. LB1 Tahir next



:purple_circle: Malicna (was sitting at 3/70 until her buff) and Turgruk

:red_circle: Tetisheri and Ukkonen

:large_blue_circle: Areax

:green_circle: Vainamoinen and Peridot

:yellow_circle: Inari

There’s a lot of levelling to do!


Finished Becky and picked up Felton so he is next then on to finish Ulius .

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it’s going slow and steady with me. to remind myself of my progress…

:blue_heart: finished C-Triton, now working on Sobek (he’s at 2/34 now).

Guardian Lemur joins the queue, then 2nd Kiril’s c1. Balur and Thorne… maybe some day…

:green_heart: finished C2-Elkanen, now Heimdall (at 3/37 now). After that, will do Jing for a “quick win”, then base Elkanen and his C1.

Horghall and dupe C-Lianna… maybe some day…

:yellow_heart: finally done with base Roc, going for Eset now (3/67!).

in queue: Lb1 for C-Melia, Voluptas, Justice C1 and C2, dupe Vivica

:heart: Wilbur is almost done, at 4/67. then his costume.

then Guardian Falcon; Kravekrush, Tahir, and a dupe R&N

:purple_heart: Ahhotep done, now Ana-Belle (3/31)
In queue: Ameonna and a dupe Sergei – this is the shortest queue, it contains no 5* too. can’t complain, I had a string of amazing Purple 5* (Nyx, C-Victor, Amethyst, Dioachan) - and also an amazing 4* in Kitty - my luck was gonna balance out at some point!


:purple_circle: Grimble currently at 3.60 - Dark is my weakest 5* group and I’m hopeful his minion destroying will come in handy. I had just finished Proteus’ costume. Rigard’s 2nd Costume is probably next.

:red_circle: Boots - sitting at level 3.47 currently, but I plan on at least LB him once and see how that goes. He just seems like a really strong 3*, and I picked him up right before I needed to pick another fire hero to work on. I had just finished Bonecrusher - was going to LB him, but waiting for more materials. After Boots, plan on leveling Phenexa.

:large_blue_circle: Ceto - currently 3.56. I had just completed Valeria because I just kept putting her off, and decided that I wanted to finally finish her before the Morlovia started (again). Pondering Planchet, Triton Costume, Nodri Costume or maybe Virgil after.

:green_circle: Snowball - currently at level 4.74. Myoin-ni is next as I picked her up right after I had started on Snowball.

:yellow_circle: Finishing LB on Hachiko, he’s currently at 83. I had just completed Li Xiu and her 2nd Costume. Felton will be next, and then not sure if I want to level Waddles or Goldie next.

It’s been about a year. Let’s see :thinking:

Legendary - Deadboot - Because they’re new and shiny
Epic - Kitty - Not much to choose from here so may as well
Rare - Aderyn - Wait…Still??? :joy:
Legendary - Ithar - I like the buff steal
Epic - Scoratek - Not many options here either. Plus he was aaf when I faced him in a bloody battle
Rare - Rekhetre - Wait…Still again!?? wtf
Legendary - Quintin - He looks like fun
Epic - Linus - Because I forgot I had Knuckles and I’m forcing myself to finish the ones I start before moving on to the next one.
Rare - Jarif - I’m starting to notice a theme with my rare heores…
Legendary - Liu Bei - Because I want to use the 3 leaders of the 3 kingdoms in the same team
Epic - Villiers - Again, I have grown fond of buff steals
Rare - Whacker - Yes…still… a whole year later…This is getting a bit embarrassing…
Legendary - Serandite - Think she’ll play well with Ninja Granny and Garnet
Epic - Aodhan - Because he’s aaf so why not
Rare - Bagreg - Because I finsihed Hawkmoons costume :smile: :smile:

Maybe I should get those rare heroes done. It would only take a weekend :smile:

Game Well :sunglasses: :mechanical_arm:

currently waitng for another set of darts to ascend Eset


also have sevond costume for Lianna just ascended to tier 4 level one will finish that one next

Update after over 3 weeks.

:red_circle: Finished Skargremar at +20 waiting for LB quest, finished C2 of Gormek and Boldtusk + 1LB. Plan to level Nadezda.
:large_blue_circle: Misty went from 4/80 to 6/90 after aether quest, Cao Cao is 4/41. Also got Planchet from blue elemental portal - maxed + 1LB.
:green_circle: I don’t think I worked on anything green. But will do Alessia soon.
:purple_circle: Finished main Proteus with LB’s costume + 1LB.
:yellow_circle: Finished second C2 Li Xiu base version and costumes and at +20, no LB materials for her yet. Started Felton as my current secondary project.

Current main project : Cao Cao then Nadezda.
Current secondary project : Felton then Alessia, currently putting 2nd and 3rd Proteus’ costume just for costume bonus at hold and will probably start Knuckles after these 2 are done.


Felton done and just picked up C Proteus so he is number 1 favorite hero and finish him then Ulius.

Now I have 6 Tabards I am finally working on Darkfeather. I just finished Smarttongue to lvl 85 and love her, so can’t wait to finish DF too

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