Which heroes are you working on?(why?)

Always grinding two teams according to needs:
1st team to level 80 (limit break),
2nd team from 80 to 85 (awaiting emblems)!

:red_circle: R&N, Khagan

:green_circle: Phileas Fogg, El Naddaha

:large_blue_circle: Milena, Isarnia

:yellow_circle: Director Zuri, Jove

:purple_circle: Guardian Panther, Alfrike


:red_square: Can’t decide between Cupido (I fear a nerf), Otis (Lack of emblems) and Khufu (fear of nerf)
:yellow_square: Penolite or Topaz (probably Topaz, so I won’t get any trouble with Waterpipe tanks anymore)
:green_square: The Hatter or Guardian Chameleon
:blue_square: Tinsel or a second Milena, the race for Glasses is on…
:purple_square: Dark Lord or Hawthorne… DL wins :slight_smile:

Who would you take? :slight_smile:

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Hello, i’m a noob :). My favorite so far is Roughian & Nurgib. I somehow pulled two. I can’t fully ascend the first one, waiting on rings which i never seem to get or see an opportunity for. I also pulled a Little John who I’ve played against (not successfully lol) and I look forward to ascending him to fourth soon.


:green_square: JUST now 4/85’d c LotL. Now: My SE-chosen Arco!

Want to put my Gargoyles together for max Family Bonus

:blue_square: Xiahou Dun (finished!) Guardian Lemur

Most interesting/useful non-5⭐️ Ice hero needing leveling

:red_square: Xiaotu (Next: Xiaotu AGAIN)

Nuff Said

:yellow_square: Waddles

Most interesting/useful 4⭐️ Holy hero needing leveling

:purple_square: Goseck

See: Arco

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This game is so weird how it keeps changing your game plan! Had Arco so took Milena in the SE knowing I was super low in Wizard emblems. Had 4 free challenge coins pulls. Karil-Renfeld-Ulmer-BUBBLES.

This totally changes things because Bubbles is a fast mindless attack sniper and I have a TON of Barbarian emblems. Will also be a good upgrade on my defense over Iris. Also gives me time to accrue Wizard emblems. Here’s my current list:

Purple - C Jabberwock
Yellow - Bogart
Blue - Bubbles
Green - Zarel
Red - Kelile costume # 2



Finished* Ahmose and going to level a duplicate Boldtusk ready for the Elemental Challenge as currently only have Boldtusk and Hawkmoon as red healers.

Onatel languishes at 3/70 for awhile longer.

*Second limit break may mean me and the game have different ideas about what finished is!

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Finishing up Dark Lord (Soul Exchange), cElena (base already at +20), Steropes and LB Dawn. After that the feeders I get from playing stages will go into ghastly, pointless heroes like Volupta and Boomer, because I max every unique hero I get even if they’re worthless.

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I really like this thread, because it helps show my summoning history - and remind me that things sure can change fast with a lucky pull, and that I do get enough heroes to work on.

:blue_heart: Krampus’ costume also maxed, and now have LBed him. then - I might pause on Blues as I only have Balur and Thorne to work on, and throw my feeders to my Purples. Have quite a queue there.

:green_heart: Orla and Zarola done. Now Viselus. After that, may stop on Greens and throw the feeders to my Purples too. Only other projects are a 4/30 Horghall and a 3/70 Elkanen, and Elkanen won’t se Tonics until I get 12 of them (have 6 now).

:yellow_heart: paused 2nd Celidana cause I got Scoratek, then paused Scoratek cause I got Joon’s 2nd costume. Almost done maxing costume 2 on Joon 1, then will do it on Joon 2. Then finish Scoratek. Then probably pause, I only have 9 Darts so 2nd Celidana will not be ascended that soon + I’m not eager to work on Voluptas, so might throw the feeders to my Purples. but might also bring 2nd Celidana to 3/70 anyway, she’s like 2/45 now, just so she’s ready to ascend once I do get enough Darts.

:heart: Still Mitsuko now, and after will do R&N. I also have a 2nd R&N after that…

:purple_heart: finishing Victor’s costume now. Then Amethyst jumps ahead in the queue as I have 6 Tabards, so I might divert feeders from some other colors to my Purples. After Amethyst, 2nd Domitia and her costume (she’s already 4/ 70), then Ana-Belle finally (I know some people like Ana-Belle, but I really heavily on ailment casters and buffers so she is not as big a priority for me). Oh, I forgot Bjorn’s costume, will probably finish after Victor-C and before Amethyst as Bjorn will be fast,

Happy 1st of the month! We’re back, back, back again:

Team ‘Tanky’:
:green_circle: Guan Yu - 4^76 → 5^85+20 :tada:
:yellow_circle: Ogima - 5^81+14 → 5^85+20 :tada:
:large_blue_circle: (c) Rumpelstiltskin - ^4^76 & 4^80 → 5^85+20 & 5^85+20 :tada:
:red_circle: (c) Black Knight - 4^69 & 4^80 → 5^85+20 & 5^85+20 :tada:
:purple_circle: Hulda - 5^81+14 → 5^85+20 :tada:

1. Currently Levelling:
Fogg out and Lughaidh in…:
:green_circle: Phileas Fogg - 3^70 Lughaidh - 1^1 → 4^28
:yellow_circle: (c) Guardian Gazelle - 1^1 & 1^1 → 4^22 & 4^1
:large_blue_circle: (c) Snow White - 1^1 & 1^1 → 4^27 & 4^1
:red_circle: Kravekrush - 2^60 → 4^31
:purple_circle: (c) Guardian Panther- 1^1 & 1^1 → 4^26 & 4^1

2. Next to level:
:green_circle: Lughaidh - 1^1 Staintongue - 1^1
:yellow_circle: Caitlin - 1^1 Malin - 1^1
:large_blue_circle: Guardian Hippo - 1^1 Milena 1^1
:red_circle: Octros - 1^1 Cupido - 1^1
:purple_circle: Narcisa - 1^1

3. We’ll see…
:green_circle: (dupe) (c) Lady of the Lake - 1^1 & 1^1 Phileas Fogg 3^70, but am waiting for Green Knight from next CF1 event
:yellow_circle: Prof. Lidenbrock - 3^70 Caitlin - 1^1
:large_blue_circle: (c) Skadi - 1^1 & 1^1 Guardian Hippo - 1^1
:red_circle: Red Hood - 1^1 Grazul - 1^1, but am waiting for Hathor to be featured again
:purple_circle: (c) Jabberwock - 1^1 & 1^1

I did also get Himeros from the Seasons of Love portal, but I just can’t seem to find a good synergetic for them. They may get brought up to 3^70 at least at some point though :person_shrugging:

Speaking of the next Challenge Festival 1 event, if I do also manage to get Costume Guinevere then it’s going to be an official goodbye to Kara - even at 5^85+20, because she has really just not been doing it for me…

PS - there’s been the obligatory small levels here and there on some 4* heroes with dupes, but no focus on them.

That’s all for this month! :wolf:


Ah, it’s a new month with new heroes to level. Here Goes!

Purple - C - Jabberwock, got Greel up next but a costumed legendary takes time
Yellow - Bogart - I had to Halt the limit breaking of the Gazelle costume because I need 3 DAMN baby aethers
Blue - Bubbles - Spent 20 heroes for Milena and the cat popped out. I need bubbles more so she take precedence
Green - Zarola, finished Zarel now time for the other 3 star ZHero
Red - Kelile’s 2nd costume, Don’t use her much but with the 3rd costume and 20 spare emblems, she’ll get a lot of use.


So I don’t know how effective it is, but I’ve started leveling a set of legendaries parallel to a set of epics and another set of rares. For each color, I complete a legendary’s first ascension level, then move to the epic’s, then the rare’s, then I go back to the legendary for the 2nd ascension level. I really neglected my 3* and 4* so I thought that way I could work on them while not leaving behind the exciting 5* that I want to power up.

So here’s who I’m working on right now:

:green_circle: Staintongue
:large_blue_circle: Oniwakamaru
:red_circle: El Duque
:purple_circle: Ludwig
:yellow_circle: Director Zuri

:green_circle: Brontes
:large_blue_circle: 2c.Kiril
:red_circle: Junaid
:purple_circle: Meadow
:yellow_circle: LB Guardian Jackal

:green_circle: Faiez
:large_blue_circle: Virgil
:red_circle: Basil
:purple_circle: Aqeela
:yellow_circle: Kinsaishi

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I am slowly maxing a 3rd Boldtusk and a 2nd G Falcon ready for the Fire Contest of Elements, then I have 3x Boldtusk, 2x G Falcon and 2x Wilbur, so they will help nicely.

I recently finished Costume 2 of Li Xiu and Costume 2 of Magni before starting these 2x Reds

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From the projects I wanted to level, I got Morax up to 3/70, Aodhan is 4/1 right now, but in meantime I got Grazul from fated and she’s done up to +18. I pulled Viselus and got him to 3/41 currently and literally yesterday I got 2 quite good heroes that I think I should start leveling - Sun ShangXiang and BoneCrusher. So I’ve decided to get Viselus to 3/70 and finish Aodhan, then I’ll start working on Sun and Crusher. Old leveling plans will have to wait for even longer again :smiley:.

Duplicate Boldtusk finished and I finally finished my duplicate Guardian Falcon who was abandoned at 4/60 for several months.

Now leveling Buster and think that should have me ready for the Elemental quest.

Onatel, as ever, remains at 3/70

Boomer, Giligan, Voluptas, Zhou Yu, Edelaide…why? Because it’s all I have and I know 3 of them are likely not even worth it. What can I say…I’m a hoarder. :smiley:

Recent focus has been on EDD, hence why I am working on Leonidas & his costumes as well as Marjana & her costume. I just got Frida to 3.70 and started working on Adalinda (pulled yesterday). Toxi & Diaochan to get some fast healers into my rotation. I also love the mana bump from Toxi, another area I have been working on lately.

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Things change constantly… so here is what is in line for me to level up asap


This is my group :slight_smile:


I finished my duplicate Boldtusk and Buster then decided to take a break from from serious leveling and get the bottom of my roster sorted.

So I’ve spent the last couple of weeks doing three stars and have levelled Vollermork, Skrekok, Basil, Fianna, Goopy, Budatin and Morris.

Once Morris is finished later tonight I will finally ascend Onatel from 3/70 and finish her.


Because she was on her final ascension the last 3+ years and I couldn’t be ars*d finishing her. Contest of elements changed that.