Which heroes are you working on?(why?)

Currently for me …
The costumes for both Black Knight and then Killhare….
And then I need to focus on some of my neglected 4* heroes


My current projects… along with Costume Panther. After these I’m planning Costume Gulli, Bold Tusk Costume, hmm maybe Azmia, Aqeela/Maeve, a couple more 3 star greens. My roster was really lacking in pure damage. I’ll be short ascension mats for 5 stars after these.



Zenobia and Hulda maxed; Liu Bei limit broken

Azmia and D’Andrea maxed

Ingolf, Boldtusk, Marcel and Xiahou LB

Lady of the lake is now at 3:70 but I’ve got El Naddaha from the portal yesterday so she will be the first to get the tonics

Currently working on some costumes

5* Lu Bu, Gefjon, El Naddaha, Passepartout (will take him to 3:70 but might eventually max Iris before him), Kara (although very tempting to push Zhuge Liang ahead of Kara!)

Costumes for Seshat, Athena and MN (all heroes already maxed); take Vivica and Santa’s costumes to 3:70

And some 4 stars! Very excited about Mielikki :green_heart:


Working on…

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Nice heroes

20 characters :green_heart::turtle::green_heart::turtle::green_heart::turtle::green_heart:


Thanks ive been building up for a while always difficult and slow to choose who to level and then level them up.

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I am working on a second Rigard, Kailani is getting her costume. Elana, Horghall and Richard are also being leveled up. I need another green, so Horg is one I am leveling up, although I have a second Caedmon and LJ, but not sure about that. Rigard, an excellent healer that is worth leveling up. Kailani is also worth the costume. And Richard is a good hero too.

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I might as well do an update after 25 days.

Finished Papyros, Arfanias, Kara, C Magni and C Rana (CB Rana at 4/1). Had to reset QoH for Kara, but gave her golden emblem for last node, so QoH got back to +7). I won’t have emblems for C Rana anytime soon, so regular version is gonna stay 4/1.

The only 5* projects I have left are CB Rana, Balbar and 2nd Kara which I’ve decided to keep and not feed into SE as purple tanks are everywhere and taunt is useful. None are high priority, but I have a surplus of 4* mats, so I might get them leveled when I have no high prority heroes to level up anymore.

Fully finished Waqas, Faiez, Jouka + LB and Aqeela which will be waiting for emblems for a while, cause Arfi is currently getting them all (I might give him golden emblem for node 19, as I never do rogue’s node 20 and I have many mainly 4* rogues in a queue for emblems [Wren, Zila Lei, C Kelile, Ahhotep, but also 2nd C Marj which I’m not gonna ever emblem fully, because of my rogues situation and also Aqeela which I’ll do first]. I might LB her even if she won’t have any emblems, cause I like that dodge ability, something new to see on 3* hero.

I stopped Cillian at 2/50 and started leveling Ptolemy which gets all the feeders right now and after that I’ll level Junaid which will also get all the feeders. I got both of them from last S5 portal as they are new to me. Got full emblems for both and they are easily emblems and LB worthy, all S5 3* and 4* heroes are very good. Junaid looks super good for a red sniper that I’m lacking in 5* (not counting regular Marjana, as I have her costume and I never really use her regular version anymore). That 470% hit, if also passive gets activated, looks dope, kind of wondering what his attack is with full attack from emblems and LB. Ptolemy is also my first green 4*/5* cleanser, as I never pulled C Caedmon or any other cleaner in this color of these rarities so far. I also got 2 of him and I kept his dupe, cause I always keep a dupe of every 4* healer I get.
After these 2, I’ll probably finish Cillian and then start leveling Ahhotep.

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I like this thread because I often get pleasantly surprised at how fast levelling can go

after 18 days…

:blue_heart: Done with Xiahou Dun. Working on 2nd LB Lepus base (already LBed the costume). in queue: 2nd Azmia, Thorne, Klaern (lol, just to have someone to absorb feeders, I always keep at least one copy of every hero)

:green_heart: finished Silvaria. I have 14 tonics so will ascend someone soon, maybe Kadilen, maybe Horghall.

:yellow_heart: Guardian Owl is getting there, now level 63

:heart: Junaid! really happy with him. Also finished LB Zagrog.

:purple_heart: currently none, though depending on how things go I might raise a 2nd Domitia with costume. I have 11 Tabards now, and she’s quite useful, great utility and versatility.

re depth, there are many heroes I am working on who will never make my main teams. but with my rule to keep one copy of every hero, and events like wo3k / the Towers including upcoming Styx, depth is useful!


My current work:

:purple_circle: Khonshu is at 4/80. So sad I don’t have emblems or aethers enough. Diaochan is getting there. It’s at 4/70 and leveling

:large_blue_circle: Ariel is at 4/80 and being emblemed. Sobek is at 3/60 and growing

:green_circle: C Kadilen is ready. Lv 85 and emblemed; Quenell is fully emblemed and stands at level 84 waiting for more green trainings. El Naddaha is being leveled (currently at 4/17)

:yellow_circle: Eloise is finished. Now I’ve got a bunch of heroes at 3:70 waiting for mats: Prof L, Kara, Kullervo. Also needing orbs for 4s like Bellerive, Griffin and Wang Yuanji. If I pull Faline, Zuri or D’Andre, they would be leveled first

:red_circle: C. Wilbur ready. G Kong and costume at 3/70 waiting for mats

The LB heroes are leveled only with trainer heroes from their colors


Waiting on some ascension materials for Loki and Wilbur actually.

Finishing up Kunchen first, then on to Frigg and Zhuge Liang. By then, Loki and Wilbur should be ready to go.

The good news is, I have all the Emblems I need for Kunchen ready to go already. Frigg, I’ve got about half what she needs. Kunchen’s going to be replacing Sabina as my main healer, a welcome change to my roster.


Kunchen is awesome was my main dark untill i got lucky with xnolphod.

… and only 2 days later, this has been completely upended due to some good summons luck

:blue_heart: still 2nd LB Lepus base (already LBed the costume). in queue: 2nd Azmia, Thorne, Klaern (lol, just to have someone to absorb feeders, I always keep at least one copy of every hero)

:green_heart: Noril!

:yellow_heart: Guardian Owl is getting there, now level 69

:heart: Junaid is done! now working on new pull Eichbelborg!.. no wait, parked Eichelborg for newer pull Zhabog :slight_smile:

:purple_heart: Edd, and then Maeve!

got 5 unique new 3* and 4* heroes from Challenge Event 2, so quite pleased!


Change of plans :slight_smile:

Passepartout and Gefjon will wait! And Lu Bu now at 3:70 but can’t make up my mind re Lu Bu or Khepri! So will take Khepri to 3:70 and then decide (but no ranger emblems whatsoever - whatever I have will go to Alasie! So I may eventually max Lu Bu)


Finished Azmia now working Quartz 4/13 . I want to get Rian and Khagan and Tahir done .

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Haven’t been working on anybody recently but got Marcel yesterday so going level him and see if he helps my Titan score.

Also seem to face nothing but blue tanks in war so another green hero can’t hurt

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He’s a great Titan hero! Blue Titan team is by far my strongest team and my scores have rocketed since I maxed Marcel. Congrats on your summon.
(Tarlak Marcel Almur Franz Quenell)

I’ll max a second one (was lucky enough to summon a second Marcel yesterday)

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It’s my weakest Titan team at the moment as I have no green defence down or attack up heroes

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You can try the 3* Brienne for attack up

I appreciate it’s not ideal, but I use Treevil, Nordri and Bertulf against 10-12* Titans

I don’t have her as I needed the roster space, I do however use limit broken Nordri against red titans so I’m not averse to using the stars on Titan teams