Which heroes are you working on?(why?)

A couple of months later and a tiny mistake when I fed Karil (got another one to level now. Karma😆).
Levelled the rest and decided to try and get a full 4* team to make life easier for Atlantis hard.

:blue_heart:Currently finishing Sonya who’s sitting at 4/19
Then have to decide on a Green.
Atm I have 2 healers so not sure if I should go with Tettukh, Buddy or Melandor.
Guess I’ll see what happens when I swap Helo for Sonya.
Sergei sitting at 4/13 but leaving him for a while as I’ve still got 3 stars to level


:purple_heart: Onyx - first 5* ninja for me
:yellow_heart: Vivica
:blue_heart: Zila Lei, because why not
:green_heart: Lady of the Lake and costume - I have few five star nature heroes, and the Lady will be awesome for VFT and rush wars
:heart: Junaid - my one S5 pull, and he’s a good one!

Currently focusing on the Lady, but all of them are going to be good or even great additions to my roster.


These are currently the heroes I have lined up for levelling next.
But being honest the line changes every portal - the release rate is just crazy.
Currently pushing Kara … but who would you go for next?


Kara: my first Taunter - next Bellrive
Quintin: because he’s awesome - first hero i use in raids/wars long before maxed - next Costume Alasie or Azmia
Mother North: has finalley earned her LB - next Silvaria
Junaid: Great 4* - next Marjana
Khonshu - fast hitters are always welcome - next Visacro

hoping to draw a better next on in red…

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the Lady is great for everything. my playstyle completly changed when i got her a year go… especially for events etc.

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currently working on a bunch of different level heroes:
3* because i need stronger 3* for tournaments and events
4* Griffin, the only yellow i was encouraged to level when i started him
5* Fenrir maxing in progress


Wowza, what a nice selection @JGE! :+1: I am not familiar with the S5 heroes… I’d suggest showing your roster and perhaps emblems for more detailed suggestio(s). :wink:

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C-Master Lepus #2 base finished. Paused.

All feeders going to Zeline now (4.71).

I rushed Zeline for war. She is +18 now. :wink:

Purple - Paused ~ C-Sabina #2
Yellow - Paused ~ Jackal #3
Blue - Paused ~ C-Master Lepus #2
Green - Peters (3.39)
Red - None

I’ve paused everyone except Peters due to extreme ham shortage. :sweat_smile:

I think I’ll work on my second blue mana troop before restarting C-Master Lepus #2.


Well, here are my current ones:
Hel - just LB her, while my Khonshu is waiting at 3.70 for his final tabard. I have her for very, very long time and she is still awesome. My 4th LB 5* in dark.
Ruby - for obvious reasons :crazy_face:
Kara - emmm, another taunt hero could be useful?
2nd Miki - might give some edge in the very fast wars and Mystic titans.
Kalo - could be useful in 4* tournaments. Something like double Kalo + tripple Treevil? I just hope that the nice SG people wont fcuk him up hard after I LB several copies…


New priorities

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Haven’t updated for a very long time…

Finished 2nd BT costume, Colen (with costume)
Next: Anzogh to 4/80, 2nd Falcon to 4/70

Finished Zila Lei, 2nd Kiril costume and Sonya costume
Next: Skadi to 4/80, c.Finley to 3/70 first

Finished Tettukh and 2nd Melendor
Next: Buddy to 4/70, Hansel to 4/70, Jack O’Hare costume

Finished Xnolphod with LB, 2nd Sabina
Next: Panther to 4/80, Merlin to 4/70

Finished Leo with costume
Next: Devana to 4/80, 2nd Mist to 4/70

I am hoping to pull some good nature hero before I move Lianna to 4/80, if I cannot pull anyone better than her, she will see ascension material around end of the month… dreaming for c.Kad from costume portal and El Naddaha from S5 :heart_eyes:

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Minor change of plans so might aswell report now :smiley:

Finished since last post: Phileas Fogg to 4/80, emblemed to 10 as of now, just need to gather more food. G.Falcon to 4/70, max emblemed but I lb’d him so currently level 74. Hulda to 4/85, 19 emblems where I will leave her. Bonus: c.Finley to 4/85+re-emblemed to 20 focusing only costume side sword path. Also Zagrog is now max emblemed (19, in my case)

Now working on:
:red_circle: Just finishing up G.Falcons last lb levels, then I can finally start working on Black Knight, who will be used most likely pretty much everywhere. Can’t wait to use a taunter! Also he will be very good against titan paired with Wilbur!
:yellow_circle: Haven’t gotten the HotM yet, so I still use 1* holy heroes to G.Chameleon, which is now 3/50. (I know he is green)
:green_circle: Lady of the Lake(+costume once regular side is ready) and Kalo. 5* healer with most annoying minions in the game, need I say more? And since I’m not working on any holy heroes currently, I’m giving all the 2* holy heroes to Kalo. Super unique and strong hero, I’m just afraid I won’t get him ready before he is nerphed. But atleast I want to try getting him ready.
:large_blue_circle: Lord Loki! I just had to pause c.Lepus once again, I paused him earlier when I got that Finley costume. Lord Loki is just literally any hero in the game, so I must get him maxed ASAP! Defensively he won’t be that good though, but as I got Finley costume my plans of replacing regular Finley to c.Lepus was already scrapped, I will put cLepus to equalizer war defense one day though, when I continue with him.
:purple_circle: Alfrike will get her tabards tomorrow. I hope to get her ready for the next vf-war.

Yellow - Leonidas/C. Leonidas finished, emblemed to 13 the long wait for more begins
Purple - 2nd Proteus on hold as pulled Ametrine during Ninja tower so she is now getting done
Red - C. Wilber all done so no reds at the moment
Blue - pulled Soroca during gargoyles so will start once Ametrine is done
Green - none

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RED - Just Shaderveawe ( Got only BT C LB, Colen LB and Scarlett LB, thats why, Kelile in diapers)

GREEN - LB-ing Caedmon (still not sure if he shoulda got the aethers or C Kashrek :thinking:), Tekttukh (?) Is not shielded enough at 3.60

BLUE - Richard, the newcomer is slowly cannibalizing minor heroes, need food asap (recently maxed Mireveawe, even emblems couldn’t mask my mistake, as she was only 4th blue 4*+ hero I got beside Kiril, Grimm and Sonya )

YELLOW - Ma man Chao fresh on board LB, working on his twin brother to get that costume bonus. Hanitra pretty starved for now at 4.70.

PURPLE - Aquired C.Sabina recently, one of my favs in whole game, so she be getting fat like a depressed necrochick should. Boomer on the bench knows he ain’t be getting any meals. Sorry Boo, its not you, its me :face_with_raised_eyebrow::thinking:


I’m leveling everything I can get my hands on at the moment. It is currently not much new and also not very spectacular what the portal spits out.

:purple_circle: Ursena is finished and got emblems (a/d). Pulled Ahhotep and Sabina’s costume. These are the next.
:yellow_circle: Gretel is done. Sally is done. Now starting White Rabbit and costume (but still not enough darts).
:large_blue_circle: Captain is ready, now Helo. But I don’t know yet if he will really replace Frosty. Jarvur and Vodnik will follow.
:green_circle: Peters is done. Pulled Gadeirus and costume. Next probably Tettukh.
:red_circle: After Zhou Yu now Scarlett’s costume. After that Rokkamush?

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Working on Thorne currently. His innate immunity to nerphing is a major factor for this.

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Haha, this is funny. I didn’t know that Season 1 heroes have any passives. :grin:

Currently I’m working on:
Yellow - D’Andre, then Gretel, Griffin and Kara.
Purple - finishing Merlin, then maybe I will limit break some heroes or will start working on Obakan
Blue - Master Lepus + costume, then Isarnia
Green - finished Lianna at 3/70, now I want to max Melendor’s costume, then Peters.
Red - just Reuben, I have nothing else to work on in this color.


Currently rushing through Green 4* Kalo
Hopefully I get to use him at least once before they nerf him

Purple: Ingolf, been meaning to for a while. No purple 5s I’m interested in currently on my roster

Yellow: Hanitra, been slow but I have all the emblems needed for her

Blue: Frank, his turn, have plenty barbarian emblems

Green: Franz, because well why not

Red: Regular side of Gormek so I can emblem. Then Ferant