Which heroes are you working on?(why?)

I came back after a 1 and a half years hiatus, so I’m missing on heroes past S2.

Purple -Guardian Bat
Yellow - Finishing Joon (4-65)
Blue - Alasie (3-63)
Fire - Yang Mai (3-50)
Green - Brienne

I have only one tome, so I’m not sure who I’ll be ascending.
After this i’m gonna start leveling a few 3* heroes for events and tourneys while I finish my SH and farm 3 and 4* AM.

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Primary Secondary Next up
Red Yang Mai cKelile Vollermork, Sumle
Purple Killhare Edd Morrie, cTiburtus
Green Margaret Gramps Peters, Almur
Yellow Prof Lidenbrock Danzaburo Mica, Poppy
Blue Agwe Frank Sanngrior

Figured it was finally time to give Margaret tonics after 2 years. Other choices for nature 5* to ascend aren’t great; next tonics will probably be Ratatoskr unless I pull a decent 5* green.

Next tabards … either a second Seshat or Domitia.

Almost out of 3*. Most of my 5* don’t really “deserve” ascension so I’m waiting until I have 12 x4* mats before choosing one – limited options for red (Elena, Reuben) and blue (Richard) anyway.

So, a lot of working on my 4* backlog, which is ice and fire heavy.

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Finished Alfrike lately ( + 19 on emblems) now working on Drake finally as i got enough darts for him, he will be maxed on emblems and replace joon on my def team.

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What happened?

To anticipate questions: I don’t have a 5* from S2 / S3 / S4. My S1 5* are all leveled up or I don’t have the materials or you can find them below. My last HotM was Reuben. Therefore, I am gradually completing my collection of 4* and 3*.

:purple_circle: Currently the cat. Clarissa will be next.

:yellow_circle:Ranvir (HA) is finished, now Mist. She’s fast and I like her debuff.

:large_blue_circle: Valeria is finished. Even if I still need one scope I started Isarnia.

:green_circle: Finished Gobbler. I have my hopes in him as my only minion killer. Now Horghall. Next Buddy for reasons.

:red_circle: Marjana. Got her as my last missed S1 5* from HA. She’ll support my attack as another sniper and maybe she’ll get emblems.

@Kikyo I love the idea of the colored circles, so I hope you don’t mind me stealing it. :wink:


I only level one hero at a time (I know, I know…). Currently leveling Prof. Lidenbrock. Here’s the queue:

Holy: Prof. Lidenbrock currently at 4/33
Fire: Tyr or Yang Mei…haven’t decided
Ice: Frosth
Nature: Ratatoskr
Dark: Dr. Moreau…probably


Current levelling plan

Just finished Merlin and now working on Quintus and Costume as we use purple tanks and I think he may be more suitable than Seshat in VF format. Purple is one of my deepest colours anyway so I can afford to level a luxury without worrying even if he ends up only VF depth.

Kvasir as short on darts for levelling a 5 star and have Uraeus sitting at 3/70 for next load. Just finished Pixie so adding some more 3star depth as when I first started the game I pretty much went straight to levelling 4s and only had one rainbow 3star squad.

Costume Kiril, got him today (best pull since Uraeus) and had just finished Frida last night so able to make a start on him right away.

Zocc bringing to 3/70 then will do Kadilen to 3/70 also. Already have Bertilla, Gregorian and Margaret there. Have enough mats to ascend 2 of them will play about and decide which 2 later.

Colen almost done, then will work on Scarlett.


Bera and Jackal maxed!

Then I pulled Yang Mai… she’s been power leveled too, stuck at 3/70 waiting for one more set of Rings

Now, new costume pulls: Wu Kong and Valen. Power Leveling Wu Kong 1’s costume, and Valen’s costume. After that, will work on Wu Kong 2 and 3 and maybe 4, while waiting for the Rings for Yang Mai…

After Yang Mai and the Wus are maxed, will slowly level Guardian Owl, Obakan, Santa 2, and Richard 2 alll to 3/70.

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Currently working on:

  • Elizabeth
  • C. Chao
  • Bera
  • Zila Lei
  • Tettukh

I do have Onyx waiting in the wind as the next Dark hero to get to at least 3/70. Still debating on if I should take Dr. Moreau to max level or just give the tabbards to Bera (or Onyx).

Don’t have another quality Holy hero to work on, thus the reason for elevating C. Chao. Once done, may work on a second G. Jackal until I pull a 5* Holy.

Elizabeth, Zila Lei and Tettukh are self explanatory.

Once three more scopes are earned, will max Frosth and allow him to replace either Magni or Isarnia on my mono Ice team (Skadi & Master Lepus) although none of them are minion producers.

Once Elizabeth hits 3/70, will go back to work on Yang Mai until I get the other rings needed so I can max out Elizabeth. Figure her with a lvl 20 mana troop should make her very usable on my Fire team (Garnett, Gefjon, Santa and either Azlar or Elena w/ C. Rigard for the added boost.

Current projects

I had been hanging on to do Richard’s costume and getting a bit more blue depth, as he was previously good enough, but I just took his emblems off for Frida so doing his costume now for extra punch. Next up for blues are 3 star depth I never did previously.

Uraeus had been at 3/70 waiting on a dart. I got them while still working on Griffin, now that finished him it’s back to Uraeus.

First Elradir, then second straight after.

Quintus as we use purple tanks and my Seshat isn’t doing well in that position, so at least in VF format I can use Q instead.

JF again to help my war D, he will be a direct replacement for Anzogh and also easy emblem switchover.

Link to what I already have HeroPlan.io

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I’m really trying but have run out of heroes I want to work on apart from Lord Loki (who is a major priority) but for some reason RNG is giving me sturdy shields, blades and trap tools

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Lazy with my updates …
I experimented a little with my 3*, equipped two rainbow teams with emblems. And now I have all S1 5*.

:purple_circle: It’s time for Quintus, my last unleveled purple 5*. I have no idea what’s next. Duplicates?

:yellow_circle: Brought a couple of 5* to 3/70. Now Onatel from the tavern. And then?

:large_blue_circle: Finished Isarnia. Got Magnis costume from the chamber, so what else? Next up Skadi, my first and only 5* season hero not from S1 (after I gave my scopes to Isarnia :roll_eyes:).

:green_circle: Elradir! He’s not finished yet, but he’s already very helpful in a green mono team. I only say mana! Buddy or Horg’s costume next?

:red_circle: Khagan is my last unleveled red 5*. And mana again! And here, too, the question: what next?

The future? Maybe I’ll take a break from leveling and hoard materials. Or do I experiment with 4* or emblems or limit breakers? I hardly pull at the moment either. I keep EHT for Christmas. And I only pull S4 when all heroes are available.

Take it easy!


Recently finished: Gramps, Yunan (costume too), Hu Tao costume
Currently working: Quintus and duplicate Caedmon (including costume)
In the queue: duplicate Isshtak and costume
TBD/I may decide to use ascension mats on: Bertilla, dup Yunan, Kadilen, Marjana

I stopped using TC2 as I have too many feeders. I still have 1000+ trainers in TC11. I have 1500+ days queued up. I might have to destroy some recruits to get food back soon enough.

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Recently Finished Glenda after taking a 5 month break from the game and coming back in May. Of course who did I receive in the last S4 Summons, Morel. Now gotta wait around forever for Scopes.

Currently working on Devana as she’ll be an interesting addition to the yellow team. Already used her once in this war as her stats at T4 L56 is better than some of the S1 heroes I have.

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After finishing the Costume Chamber this weekend, I decided to empty my TCs into some projects I’ve either been postponing or had just received. I’m excited to play with all of them:

:purple_circle: cSartana - I have Boss Wolf, Victor, Kunchen, cQuintus at 3^70 and 6 tabards. I wasn’t sold on any other them, and then I pulled cSartana. Have her maxed already and the costume will be even better

:yellow_circle: cJustice - similar situation as cSartana–Bai Yeoung (3^70), (Norns (3^33), Delilah (1^1), Devana (1^1) all options with 6 darts. I was excited to pull her as Justice(+13) has been collecting dust. Hopeful to find a place for cJustice. Just maxed Candy and Griffin.

:large_blue_circle: cKiril - Ive wanted him for a looong time and finally pulled him! Just finished Magni#2 prior, and I have no other Ice prospects

:green_circle: cKashrek - had him for a bit but had other priorities. Excited to level him and find synergies with his costume–a great resurrection of a once iconic card! Just maxed Hisan and Whacker

:red_circle: cBoldtusk - I wanted him just for the costume bonus and finally got him this weekend. Just maxed Anzogh and have no other red projects


:purple_circle: leveling Gafar and Jabbar, as a collector and to play around with Gafar

:yellow_circle: cChao, De’Andre, Jackal#2 (4^60) also option

:green_circle: either cLittle John, Elkanen, or Gramps


I have 20 tabbards collecting dust, and only Victor is ready to use them right now. However, he won’t get a chance to put them on. I have Malicna being power levelled right now, with Devana coming up right after.

However, I did get 2 Marjanas in the past 36hours (Costume Chamber and Hero Academy) So I figure I’ll level up one of them to compliment the one I already have.

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