Which heroes are you working on?(why?)

Currently, finishing off Shadereave who is great imo, working on Hansel (Hansel gets current shields) and a Lepus (waiting to max), waiting for some (EDIT: try) sturdy shields for Bertila and some darts for Uraeus. Lepus isn’t the machine I hoped, Shadereave is better than I expected and Bertila is a bit niche but still fun to work with on attack. Haven’t got Hansel far enough to give him a run yet.

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Bunny soon maxed and then I have mats for four 5* and I don’t have any feeders ready :man_facepalming:


for now I’m working on this heroes. I still don’t have red 5* and I’m hoping for HOTM next month (may) and for now I have materials for full ascent to holly and fire heroes:)


Wow has it really been 4 months since my last post? Time flies, well happy to report that:

  • Garnet has long since been emblemed up to +19
  • Kong reached 4/80 way back
  • Lance-a-lot was finally maxed out a few weeks ago (with 1* feeders lmao…)
  • Cobalt is at +18
  • Norns was puttered along to 3/60, where she might stay for a while, since the last 10 levels barely add any stats, and I have no intentions of ascending her at this point
  • Onyx is at +19, and second Tibs+costume is now at +14
  • Bonus: I finally maxed out Shale, have not used him even once but I guess my OCD made me finish him :joy:

As of now, I’m working on:


None surprisingly, though this is more to do with me just having power leveled TWO 5* - Sir Roostley and Elizabeth, and so the 3600 feeders I saved up got completely wiped out.

I guess I could work on Skadi (1/1) and Ariel (3/70) I. But Skadi really needs help from emblems to jack up her attack, as well as a (de)buffer on the team to reliably kill minions and get those stacks going. Liz just cleaned out my entire stash of monk emblems (damn nobility and their privileges…), and I honestly do not want to reset any of my 4* clerics for Ariel, and Ariel+0 vs cKiril+19 I’d still take cKiril+19 lol.


Red: Rokkamush, then Shadereave or second Rokkamush maybe??
Blue: Jott, then Mireweave maybe
Green: LJ+costume (costume maxed), Jack O’hare next
Yellow: Just finished Lady Woolerton, maybe a second one? Or third Griffin?
Purple: Cheshire Cat, then probably Merlin (3/60), and then maaaaybe Cyprian+costume (3/60), or 6th Rigard+costume

Ummm, I used my 1* feeders to level a second Renfeld+costume and third Poppy when feeding even 4* got too expensive, so yay? :crazy_face:

Rokkamush, Jott, LJ, and Cheshire Cat are all about 4/50 something so will finish within a week. Except Woolerton and Merlin, none of the heroes I’m working on or will work on are considered to be the most useful. But I figured since I have what I consider to be a pretty good general purpose roster, it was time for me to work on some niche use heroes so I can be more competitive in more facets of the game.


Interesting, I don’t like Jott but am on the side of people who love Mireweave. Take her into a slugfest or farming where you get 5 to 7 closely packed mobs and she is a beast. At special skill stacked +8 which might be as far as i have got her, she does withering damage with a mana troop for extra speed.

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@rho I’m going orally jealous of your Cobalt, Garnet and Onyx! It will be awhile before I get mine leveled and emblemed, but I’lol get them done eventually! Well done! :wink:

Honestly he will purely just be a mythic titan hero and nothing more. Decent tile damage and special jacks that up to 11 with a blue mono stack, but outside of that he has very limited used. Same idea with Mireweave, just going after the tile damage and having another mythic titan hero. Frank (the Halloween hero) is at least pretty brutal for rush tourneys, but even there Jott is just meh.

Thanks! But I think you might have an autocorrect typo in the very beginning :wink:

It sure feels like forever when you’re waiting for those emblems to build up, but by your next update, I’m sure you’ll have all three at +18 as well. :smiley:


S4 has been relatively kind to me - 1st 5 pulls were all new heroes. Gramps, Vollermork, Poppy, Morris, Tettukh.

So now…

  1. Green - finished Lianna and Gramps, now on Tettukh. 2nd Jack O’Hare will be next.

  2. Blue - finished Magni, no projects.

  3. Red - Khagan getting maxed. Did Vollermork. already

  4. Yellow - Poppy, after finishing 3rd Wu Kong

  5. Purple - Morris, after finishing Oberon’s costume and 2nd Sabina’s costume.


I’m working on 5* of all colors right now and holy damn it takes forever when you don’t have feeders!
I’m actually waiting for feeders from camps instead of “working on” heroes :rofl: i have mats, i have food, just no feeders. UGH
Not levelling many 5* at the same time anymore.

Red in work - Elizabeth; next Vollermork and Garnet
yellow in work - Uraeus; next lady sheep and Thor
Blue in work - Cobalt; next chick jr and zila lei probably
Green in work - mother north; next buddy and shrubbear
Purple in work - Killhare; next Freya and CCat


Red: cMarjana no.2
Green: Kadillen (then Lianna no.2)
Blue: Frosth
Purple: cOberon (then Fura)
Yellow: Pixie (then Sir Roostley)

As to why, they seem to be the most useful for my roster for each color.


Since 24th Jan didn’t update progress, so about 3 month later…


BK is ascended, emblemed+20, C.Colen maxed, Vollermork maxed, 2nd Marjana and Azlar are 3.70, Reuben 2.60, and Puss in Boot 3.70, would ascend this cat after getting 2x rings more.
Now leveling Rokkamosh, not sure if he is good, but plan to pair with my 2nd Wilbur.
Next target while wiating rings… maybe Reuben to 3.70.
5* at 3.70: Noor, Elena, Azlar, 2nd Marjana
5* at 2.60: Reuben
5* Untouch: 2nd Noor
Material: 4x Rings


Glenda ascended and maxed, Thorne ascended maxed and also his costume maxed.
Sapphire, Ulmer Cotume, and Helo maxed.
Now leveling Zila Lei.
Next target maybe Costume Valen, and Rumpelstiltskin to 3.70.
5* at 3.70: none
5* Untouch: Rumpelstiltskin, Isarnia, Richard, 2nd Glenda, 2nd Magni, 2nd Thorne
Material: 5x Scopes


MN ascended, maxed emblemed +19 (optimal, didn’t want to give more for healing bonus).

Still not yet start for Ishhtak, so… Have 2x Almur, both are maxed (well mythic titan resist, but at least for ninja tower), and Gramps maxed.
Now leveling Tettutkh.
Next target: Francine would get ascend after Onatel maxed, and maybe next Gregorion to 3.70 for mythic titan, and maybe Gobbler.
5* at 3.70: Francine, 2nd Telluria, 2nd Kingston.
5* Untouch: Gregorion, Margaret, Atomos, Zocc, Bertila, Elkanen, Kadilen, Horghall
Material: 8x Tonics


Dawa and her costume maxed :muscle:, Ganju costumed maxed, Kailani and her costume maxed, Poppy maxed.
Sir Roostley at 3.70, would plan to ascend him if I can get Lepus, but well I just get dup of Lady Wooly, so Onatel is ascended and now she is at 4.71, so 2* feeder, trainer etc for her.
Now leveling 1* feeder holy for Griffin.
Next target maybe 2nd Griffin.
5* at 3.70: Mica, Sir Roostley, Neith
5* Untouch: Uraeus, Bai Yeong, 2nd Poseidon, 2nd Joon, Justice, Leonidas.
Material: 2x Darts


Ameonna maxed, Stonecleave maxed, Cyprian costume maxed, Sabina costume maxed, Oberon costume maxed, Malicna at 3.70.
Now leveling Morris for fun.
Next target maybe 2nd Gafar. Still not sure which one to ascend, I’m leaning Sartana, but well let see.
5* at 3.70: Sartana-C, Clarissa, Malicna
5* Untouch: Obakan, 2nd Ursena, Domitia, Quintus
Material: 10x Tabard


Most 5* projects I am taking slower and focusing on 3*/4* depth in case HA10 or costume portal gives me something random.

:purple_circle: : Fura (almost complete) [Possibly Mok-Arr next]
Seemed like a decent skill set against healers. Seeing as how I have 18 tabards and Mok-Arr at 3.70, I’m putting off the decision to max. However, there aren’t many other places to send purple feeders at the current time, so MokMok might be next.
5* options (dupe Grimbles, dupe Sartanas, Obakan, Domitia[2.60])

:green_circle: : Skittleskull (costume) [possibly Berden next]
Largely for fast tournaments. My green 3* bench is heavy on non-damage dealers, so a costumed Berden will likely help in most cases.
5* options (Elkanen[3.70], dupe Lianna [3.70], Kadilen, Horghall)

:large_blue_circle: : Valen [Likely Miki next]
I only have 4 maxed blue 3* heroes. Valen will be helpful for tournaments.
Miki I’m hesitant to go with since I have Tarlak and Ranvir maxed. However, depth on titan hits might be useful for mythic titans if I ever decide to care enough to pay attention during those.
5* options (Glenda[3.70], Thorne[3.70],Richard[1.1]C, Isarnia, dupe Magnis)

:red_circle: Captain Kestrel (almost complete) [Jahangir costume next]
Kestrel makes in a nice addition to my red stacks.
Jahangir is quite useful on rush tournaments, so levelling a costume makes sense.
5* options (dupe Azlar, 3rd dupe Marjana, dupe Elena)

:yellow_circle: Norns (almost complete) [might take Leo to 3.70 next]
I have a lot of fun with Norns; especially in the first biome rules of Season IV. Since I have a ton of Sorcerer emblems stocked, they will likely be +20 instantly.
Leo I have at 1.1, so putting him at 3.70 will delay any further ascension questions and prepare me for if I get his costume (not likely, but why not hope).
5* options ( Justice[3.70], dupe Joon [3.70], dupe Poseidon, dupe Vivica[3.46]C)


Fed by single on-colored 2 heroes or higher, including trainers of all rarities:*

Red: Khagan with costume, now on his 4th tier. His costume version at 3/70 will be fully ascended for him to gain MCB. Previous project was Marjana (w/o costume) now maxed. She is my 9th maxed 5* red. After Khagan and his costume, I’ll work on the May HOTM, if I am lucky enough to pull her using free coins, keys and/or tokens. I still have 18 rings. If not, I may ascend Reuben or a 2nd Mitsuko or a 3rd Grave maker or a 2nd Khagan with costume.

Blue: Isarnia (obtained from Hero Academy). But she will be leveled only up to 3/70. May fully ascend her if I get her costume. Previous project was Thorne, also placed to 3/70. Next project may be either untouched Frosth or 3/70 Glenda. I have around 18 scopes in my inventory.

Green: Jade, but only up to 3/70, unless her skills are reworked for the better. Previous project was Horghall to 3/70. After Jade, I may ascend Ratatoskr or Guardian Chameleon (heavily inclined to do the rodent), both at 3/70. Around 18 scopes in my inventory.

Yellow: Sir Roostley, currently still on the first tier, but temporarily to 3/70 only. Previous project was Uraeus, now fully maxed and fully emblemed. Next project is Guardian Owl, but only to 3/70, unless I get the costume for my 3/70 Vivica as I badly need a regular defense debuffer. Also still have around 18 darts.

Purple: Malicna, also to 3/70 temporarily. Previous project was Obakan, left him at 3/21 with full 8/i skills and may resume leveling up to 3/70 after Malicna is placed to that level. As future project after Obakan, I am still debating whether Malicna or Grimble will get fully ascended. My other choices are 3/70 Kunchen, 2nd Clarissa at 3/70, 3/70 Quintus or 3/70 Zulag. Have around 24 tabards in my inventory.

Fed by single on-colored 1 heroes:*

Red: Vollermort, who will be fully emblemed. Previous project was the costume of Gormek to max level. Afterwards, I am still debating whether I will work on the original Gormek left at 4/01 since I focused on his costume or the costumed version of maxed Colen or the costumed version of my maxed Kelile or Shadereave, unleveled yet.

Blue: Helo, who may be emblemed. Previous project was 2nd Kiril to max. Future project may be 2nd Sapphire.

Green: Gramps is on the 3rd tier of ascension and has more levels to go to get fully maxes, but his skill is still at 5/8. Previous project was the original version of my 2nd Caedmon, whose costume version was first maxed. After the 3* resurrector, I will be working on the original version of 2nd Melendor, who has the same case of my 2nd Caedmon.

Yellow: Poppy. Will fully emblem her as I am weak on rare holies. Previous project was Chao’s costume version but didn’t pursue it as I am in need of good 3* yellows. Will resume working on the costume of my maxed Chao.

Purple: Tiburkiss of my 2nd maxed Tiburtus. Previous project was Jack. Afterwards, I will be working on either Boomer or Jabbar or Ameonna or the S3 4* purple with ghosting skills.


Currently for me:
Green - Frigg then Bertila
Blue - Lord Loki then Vela
Red - Elizabeth then Mitsuko
Purple - Malicna then Zulag
Yellow - Vivica then dupe C.Joon

However, after Frigg and Lord Loki, I seriously want to focus on building up my new S4, 4* heroes and the new 3* heroes. Until now I just didn’t have the time


Red: Just finished Marj and have started Rudolph because I can’t decide who to give rings to. Hopefully will have made up my mind by the times he’s done. Options are Baldur (leaning towards him), Santa, Noor, or Rueben.
Blue: Working on Kiril and then Krampus.
Green: About to give tonics to Mother North. Haven’t decided on next green too many good choices in both 3* and 4*, but I usually like to take a little break after a 5* so probably Gramps.
Yellow: Ureaus is on hold at 3/70 waiting on darts, need 2. Working on Wu’s costume while waiting. I have entirely too many monks so he’s never getting emblems which means the costume bonus would be helpful. Then I’m not sure. Maybe Griffin.
Purple: Finishing up Kage, gave him tabards last week. Then Killhare because I pulled her hours after I gave Kage tabards.


First time poster on this thread.

I’m in a bit of a gap with leveling heroes as I don’t have anyone I’m excited about leveling. I haven’t collected my non TC20 training camp for 25 days so I’m ready for someone worthy. Hopefully the gems/coins/tokens I’ve saved come through in May. I do only have on tome to give out anyways so holding on to it.

All current trainings are aimd at added depth for Ninja Tower and Tavern of Legends.

Dark: duplicate Domitia, currently at 3/15 taking her to 3/60. After her my options would be third Domitia or Morris
Holy: duplicate Li-Xui, already maxed costume (which I like more), currently at 4/46. After her it will either be Agnes, duplicated Justice, or dup Leo
Nature: duplicate Mel, already maxed costume, but want another healer (without heal over time) for Ninja Tower, currently at 4/57. After him I’ll work on duplicate Little John.
Fire: Mack, just started. After him I’ll level a duplicate Santa. Shale is sitting at 1/1 deservingly so.
Ice: Helo, got him to 3/50, but special skill is only at 6/8. He’ll get some use in 3* tourneys. Next I’ll do Chick Jr. Other options include dup Glenda and dup Thorne.

If I summon anyone that will have an immediate impact I’ll empty the training camps and put them all towards the new hero. Hopefully May comes through for me.


Holy: Uraeus - up to 4.42. I passed over Mist and Jackal so I could team him with Elizabeth. They will be next. I’m pretty weak at 4* holy. I’d also like to work on Griffin after those two.

Ice: Jott - up to 4.40. I just maxed Helo and before that Arthur. Jott already helped me a lot with last Mythic Titan. Next is Fenrir to at least 3.70.

Fire: Elizabeth - she’s up to 4.35 or so. I’m looking forward to pairing with Uraeus. I dropped Reuben as soon as I pulled her so I’ll probably get him to 3.70 next. I’m pondering Sumle too or maybe the Skrekok? rat guy from villains or Vollermork.

Nature: Toxicandra - up to 4.40. Used my last tonics to ascend her so hopefully she is worth it. I’m itching to level Gramps for 3* rush next. Then maybe Lady of the Lake, Grevle, Almur?

Dark: Amertine - up to 2.40. she looks great to me and I’m excited to get her maxed. I just maxed An-Windr before her and Freya before AW. I’ll likely go back to Sartana after then maybe the new 3* mole man?


Tettukh, 2nd Jack O’Hare, Khagan, Poppy and Morris were all maxed…

then I pulled Sumitomo with Atlantis coins, and also maxed him…

I was getting desperate, no new projects… so I bumped Obakan to 3/1 and started working on him…

then my luck turned around. Valhalla gave me… dupe Sudri… dupe Brienne… then BERA!

And Teltoc came along, and I got…

Jackal and Owl!

So now I’ve maxed Jackal, and am power leveling Bera, while throwing some feeders to Owl (Owl will got to 3/70, but will probably NOT get the next set of darts; those will liikely go to Leonidas who is already at 3/70!) :slight_smile:

I am a happy camper. And I’ve probably already used up my luck for the next few months lol.


Completed most of my projects from 22 days ago. Right now I’m leveling 2 heroes:
Mack gets all red feeders. I have him at 4/38.
Little John is getting everything else. He’s at 3/56. I’ve realized I want a second for ToL and Ninja Tower for earlier levels.

I don’t have many next projects:
Option 1: Second santa (currently 2/31). I was leveling him for defense down in early ToL/Ninja tower levels
Option 2: Vollermork (just pulled him today). I’m not totally sure I need a hero who will only see use in 3 star very fast tournaments (random chance says that happens 1 out of every 9 tournaments (I know that’s not how it actually works)). But I’m not super confident if I’ll end up using him.
Option 3: third Lianna (with costume). Second Lianna is only at 3/70. I’m not sure I need a third one just to sit at 3/70 and only see action during Ninja Tower.

Heroes I keep for some reason with no plan to level: Shale, Morris, Agnes.

I’m running out of options.


Blue: Frosth (at 4.70-ish). I don’t have any minion summoners, so he might make a decent one. Plus his other stats look great for my blue team.

Green: 2nd Lianna (at 3.60-ish). Because other than Horghall I don’t have any other options.

Red: 2nd cMarjana (at 4.01-ish). No other real options although I did pull Vollermork today.

Yellow: Sir Roostley (at 4.40-ish). My yellows could use another hitter

Purple: Quintus (at 3.20-ish). I need to put my sorcerer emblems somewhere. And he might be fun in rush tournaments/wars


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