Which heroes are you working on?(why?)

Well, neither I like she’s slow, but she has great attack power and special features. In my view, she very usable even with support from faster heroes. :smiley:

Unfortunately, the summoning rates are the same.

My 2 cents. :v:

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I read a lot about the hero. I think the only bad thing is that he is slow. great otherwise :slight_smile:

After a month, I was about to run out of leveling projects… then did 4 key summons and a gem 10-pull in costume chamber cause Marjana was featured…

AND I GOT MARJANA! and finally, the Rigard and Renfeld costumes, plus 5 more new ones! 8/14 new!

I’m happy, very happy. Icing on the cake, also pulled a 2nd Purple mana troop today! now either my costumed Tibs or costumed Rigard can have it, alongside dear old Proteus :slight_smile:

  • Purple: Renfeld’s costume because he will be done quickly, then costumed Rigard 1, then costumed Rigard 2

  • Yellow: finishing a second Danzaburo who came last Atlantis. 2nd Wu Kong is done.

  • Blue: Richard and costume are now maxed. Grimm’s costume next, then costume for Grimm 2, then Ulmer’s costume

  • Red: Carol done, Santa almost maxed (level 78!!). Then Marjana’s costume all the way, then Gormek’s costume, then Jahangir’s. then will decide if I ascend 1st Khagan, or work on 2nd Marjana and her costume

  • Green: 1st Brynhild done, 2nd Brynhild almost done, then will do Belith’s costume, then 2nd Belith’s costume

nice infusion of new leveling projects. Especially excited for the Purple and Red additions :slight_smile:


Another month has passed. Let’s see what happened.

yellow: got Justice from HA, now levelling her. Maybe I’ll have the materials when she’s at 3/70.
purple: still Obakan, nearly finished. Next one depends on the materials.
blue: finished Richard and hus costume. Now Magni from TC20.
green: finished Lianna (finally). Now Melendor’s costume.
red: still Reuben, nearly finished. Next will be Khagan from HA.

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It has been almost 3 months since my last update. I feel I have made some great progress! I even was promoted to Leader of my alliance after the previous leader quit the game. With that move, my priority was setting the example in alliance activities like wars, titans, Mythic Titans, Ninja Tower, etc.

Also, there has been a major shift in the hero meta. Telluria and GTV are no longer the top heros and formations any more! Finley, Frigg and GM top the list. See @Razor website Titan Mafia. As for formations, a Green-Red-Green, Red-Green-Red and Blue-Green-Blue formations lead the way! Thus, my plans have shifted!

With all that said, the following heros have been maxed:

5* heros - White Rabbit, Guardian Gazelle, Frigg, Athena, Lady Loki, Seshat and Alfrike
4* heros -
3* heros - none

My updated project list is

  • Yellow 5* Sif, - 4* - Gretel
  • Green 5* - LOTL, 4* - Peters
  • Blue 5* - Frida, 4* - Jott
  • Red 5* - Vanda, 4* - Guardian Falcon2
  • Purple 5* - Freya, 4* - Fura

I have been playing with my roster for some time now. I moved away from Telluria as my tank post-nerf. I have been running with Kunchen+19 for 2 months hold 2600+ cups. Ultimately, I want to move to a Red, Green or Blue tank. Unfortunately, my choices at great at the moment. Krampus did end up in my stocking for Christmas, so I might give him a run once I level him!

Some additional roster improvements, several heros have been updated with emblems - Finley+20, Killhare+20, GM+19, Kunchen+19, Zeline+20, Seshat+8, Guardian Gazelle+17, Kingston+7, Proteus+20, Guardian Falcon+20 and Miki+1. I still have my Sorcerer emblems for LOTL. My plan is to emblem these along with other 5s I have in the pipeline before starting to further emblem my 4 heros like Rigard, Tiburtus, Kiril, Peters, Hansel, Li Xiu and others.

I have been really lucky to pick up Krampus, MN, Santa and cKhagan (along with Guardian Gazelle) over the last 3 months. MN is my 2nd reviver along with Heimdall. With the leveling, emblem upgrades and troop leveling I have done over the last 3 months, my war defense is better, my war teams are improving and these heros will be great additions to my war, tournament and event teams. I didn’t pull during the first Ninja portal and I did not get any 5* ninjas in the 2nd. I did get Shale from the Ninja portal, but I’m debating whether to level her sooner than later. I got really lucky to pull Guardian Gazelle in the Teltoc event! :hugs: Now, I’m only looking for Guardian Panther to round things out (Guardian Chameleon, Falcon, Gazelle, Jackel). I also hope to get Gefjon, Odin or Thor in the Valhalla portal at the end of the month. I could really use either to really pollster my roster.

Good gaming all and keep improving! :wink:


My leveling priorities in order of importance:

Also if I get 2 Damascus blades, I’ll do a final level up for Delilah and Quintus as priorities.


UPDATE: Got one damascus blade and leveled Delilah, now at 4/20


So yeah, it’s after costumes and Marjana was featured… And I did a lot of pulls. Trying to mix in some costumes and other heroes so I can get things done.

Red: Finished Shale. Finished him about a week before costumes and would have started Santa but got lucky in HA 10 and got Grazul who I did not have. I didn’t want to choose who to start (only 6 rings) so did a 2nd Rudolph I had laying around since I like him for events (and he lasted until costumes). Got Marjana so maxing her costume now (already had one maxed) as how can you say no to an elemental defense down? Also got scarlett so my +18 scarlett will be next and have that 940? attack. Then depending on where I am with everything else I think Grazel gets the rings over Santa, but do think he’ll get the next set. Otherwise other Gormek, Nashgar, and 2nd Scarlett all have costumes.

Blue: Finished Skadi and she is at +13 emblems… and used a lot. After her I did frosty for a 3* healer and minions and that brought me to costumes. Was hoping for Kiril costume but he still hides from me. Instead doing one of my Grimm costumes because the pair of them will make a nice combo. Either Frank next or Ulmer/Valen costumes. Lord Loki Ill start when I get some more telescopes (at 2).

Yellow: Gretel was finished and Odin is almost 3.70. I was going to max him but with the recent small nerf I am waiting to make sure he doesn’t completely change like Vela did… While waiting Hu Tao’s costume will get done first since I end up using him a lot in tournaments. After Gan Ju costume and then not sure.

Purple: Hel is getting there. I got no new purple costumes so Ametrine with her dispellis next. After I have an extra Rigard saved since a 3rd with costume will get used.

Green: Frigg was just finished today and getting as many emblems as my food will allow. Started back on Francine as I still am excited to use her. Probably max her before moving onto Caedmon costume for that cleanse/dispel option.

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Some amazing heroes you fellas have in the works, near completion or recently completed!!!

My salivating over several of them got me thinking about the heroes I don’t have (never a good thing to do). Then came more thought and having to make a LIST. LOL.

First I'm covering who I have had that I ate - just my play-style or personal experience with these heroes...

  • Khagan (saw/experienced enough ate him 3/70)
  • Rumpelstiltskin (saw/experienced enough ate him at 3/70)
  • Horghall (saw/experienced enough ate him at 3/70)
  • Ranvir (saw enough ate him 3/70)
  • Vivica (had enough of her ate her 4/80, she hated me)
  • Grimble (ate him 3/70 not missed at all - should be if he did his job proper)
  • Ratatoskr (I ate him immediately… damn - only regret on the had/have list I ate - I had obtained other v3 heroes at the time that seemed much more my style - and NONE have been maxed till recent - i.e. Tyr likely my last Fire (pulled trigger on him day before obtaining Garnet, I would have preferred Garnet) while Fenrir and Heimdall and others will forever sit the bench that were obtained in the same approx time as Rat)

Now I'm covering the Legends I have never obtained since my start in July 2007 and a bill of 2X,000.00 (possibly can replace the 2 with a 3 SMH). I'm actually going to tally it all up (in my 4th year now) as I am FINALLY ok with finding out now. SMH360x.

FIRE missing

  • Captain Kestrel
  • Gefon
  • Gravemaker
  • Guardian Kong
  • Lady Loki
  • Natalya
  • Queen of Hearts
  • Red Hood
  • Vanda

ICE missing

  • Cobalt
  • Finley
  • King Arthur
  • Krampus
  • Raffaele
  • Snow White

NATURE missing

  • Atomos
  • Francine
  • Frigg
  • Guardian Chameleon
  • Jade
  • Lady of the Lake
  • Margaret
  • Morgan Le Fay
  • Tarlak
  • The Hatter

HOLY missing

  • Bai Yeong
  • Delilah
  • Drake Fong
  • Guardian Owl
  • Mica
  • Norns
  • Odin
  • Onatel
  • Poseidon
  • White Rabbit

DARK missing

  • Aeron
  • Alfrike
  • Bera
  • Boss Wolf
  • Freya
  • Guardian Panther
  • Jabberwock
  • Killhare
  • Marie-Therese
  • Mokk-Arr
  • Myztero
  • Onyx
  • Sargasso
  • Ursena
  • Victor

HOLY TOLEDO BATMAN! Honestly, I didn’t realize till today the great extent to which I am missing KEY heroes amongst the individual elements. Dang!

Anyway! I am most excited about a hero picked up outside my leveling plan, really personally excited about LORD LOKI offensively. Needing 3 scopes however could be months out or more.

I have 4 darts (and holy just isn’t a great element for me overall with my play style and whom I have). The game likes giving me darts. Being very short on Ascension Materials, likely only a Holy can get maxed in the next month or two so my options are what they were/are. For Holy though:
It would be between:

  • Sif
  • Sir Roostley
  • Leonidas (Costumed) - if I had the costume LOL.

Asc Mats otherwise are 1 tonic, 1 rings, 1 tabbard so these elements aren’t even a fleeting thought for potentials.

I’ll be back with my visual Leveling Plan (which is specifically CLASS LEVELING - for placing them in very mid-high USE. They are all maxed already). I selected a single hero for each HERO CLASS with 2nd and 3rd line leveling. I believe 5 that were solid over a month ago - maybe it was more like 2, are likely going to get swapped out… tbd, will provide info from my perspective on it. The META changes just makes many unattractive, that seemed well groomed previous ha ha ha.

I have so many EPICS maxed I have never USED or so rarely used I’m not going to level anymore without a decent costume (and I didn’t pick up any this round worth pursuit).

I maxed Costumed Hawkmoon and Nordi this am… :wink:

Thanks for the shares here @JAWS1 @bub102x @raider_Mike


(all comments are regarding my MAIN account, some mentioned have been obtained on alts that will not get any use unfortunately).

THIS LEGENDS SUMMONING OF ABOUT 70 (not all recorded) went amazing! See Here:


Updates… 30 days later…


BK is at 3.70, and waiting 3x rings. Carol is maxed, and now lucky get Colen.C leveling him.
Next target maybe 2nd Marjana or Azlar or Reuben to 3.70.
Reason: Azlar for rush war and turnament. Reuben for hit-3, not sure if he is great though, but fast hit-3 seems good to try.
5* at 3.70: Noor and Elena
5* at 1.1: Azlar, Reuben, 2nd Noor
Material: 3x Rings


Karil and his costume maxed, Frosty maxed. Now leveling Glenda to 3.70.
Next target Thorne, I was lucky to get his costume this month, so I would level his original 1st.
Will ascend both Glenda and Thorne, maybe Thorne 1st, need hard hitter like Magni.
5* heroes at 3.70: none
5* heroes at 1.1: Glenda, Thorne.C and 2nd Magni
Material: 14x Scopes


Francine is at 3.70, lucky this month xMas get MN, so while waiting tonic, leveling MN to 3.70.
Next target Ishhtak and his costume for event and turnament.
5* heroes at 3.70: Francine, 2nd Telluria, 2nd Kingston.
5* heroes at 1.1: Margaret, Atomos, Zocc, Elkanen and Kadilen
Material: 4x Tonics (no update) :sweat_smile:


Mica now at 3.70. Now leveling Sir Roostley, I think the family bonus with Killhare is great, but lack of paladin though… nah, maybe I will reset Telluria later.
Next target maybe 3rd Mist, because she is so great, or maybe new costume what I have Kailani.C and Ganju.C.
5* heroes at 3.70: Mica, Onatel, Neith
5* heroes at 1.1: Bai Yeong, 2nd Poseidon, 2nd Joon, Justice, Leonidas.
Material: 4x Darts


3rd Proteus is maxed, now leveling Ameonna for fun.
Next target maybe Stonecleave, 2nd Gafar or new Cyprian.C or Oberon.C.
5* heroes at 3.70: Sartana-C, Clarissa
5* heroes at 1.1: Obakan, 2nd Ursena, Domitia, Quintus
Material: 4x Tabard


And 20 days later:

Dark: Stopped stonecleave at 3/60. He might get a turn later, first finish fura while starting Ursena with 1*. She will then move up when fura is finished.
Yellow: Mist was finished last week. Now Gullinbursti 2* and up, 1* to costume hu tao.
Blue: Skadi in final ascension, ulmer costume for 1*
Green: Lianna, and tuck (and then costume) for 1*
Red: Reuben at 3/70. Lets try him out a few times before giving rings. If I do, I have an extra set, and no other 5*, so I probably will. Finishing Rudolph, and will start Lancelot when he’s done, and probably jahangir costume.


First @jinbatsu - by no means did I mean to critique your list at all… I just was interested and typed along as I went through your plans… ha ha. Awesome buddy. Your doing great!

Great on BK! how is Carol? Costumed Colen is great.

Really can’t go wrong with a 2nd Marjana, could be a better choice than Rueben - not sure… I have him just wont be able to get to him (I have several players on the BM teams that have Reuben maxed I could reach out if your on the fence or put you in touch), and a 2nd MJ has always been on my mind. Azlar is a beast and for those reasons mentioned alone are great!

Glenda is very interesting and I followed in @Guvnor footsteps after his great research, and Q&A and examples (posted here in the forum on her) in spreading the positive news. I have her but wont get to her. Thorne 1st I think is a solid choice @jinbatsu! 2nd Magni is great too, I always wanted him and didn’t get till year 3 of playing then got multiples but other blues I went with instead :(. Obtaining costume for him I would go for it for sure though.

Francine! Lucky dog! MN is one of my all-time Favs. I still run my Telly (a 2nd one I think could be valuable in wars and Kingston is a for sure - I have 2nds of each at 3/70 as well - just going with others).

Mica! Awesome. Sir Roostley always gives me issues. Family Bonus? Then you have the killing Killhare Grats! Beast-MODE! Onatel!!! Neith I finally maxed - I even stripped my ALASIE to give all the blems to Neith (class 20) in particular for her mana effects in the Equalizer war (tank her). I’m not happy with that choice. She can be a ■■■■■ though and really mess you up with her blinding whiplash! I’d rather have my alasie back though. Bai, nice. I went dual Joon myself, only use 1 anymore though. Now 2nd Poseidon!!! YEAH! Leo with a costume :slight_smile: Justice with a costume maybe. You have some great Holys coming up.

3rd Proteus… ok! I lucked out in the 1st offering of HEL and got 3 (ate 1) but two maxed - my signature back in the day - I have 2 Proteus as well but will always take the dual Hels first. Proet def one of best 4* in S2 (next to Wilbur). Costumed Cyprian should be great - because my Costumed Boril is at class 10 (and do run him now again over 5* in wars)… I was pushing all my blems to Clarissa in my plan (at 14 now - she is pretty decent) and my Costumed Quintus is at 14 as well - both may be getting reworked out of my plan however… Costumed Sartana love it.

Came back to edit I KNEW I saw Ursena in there somewhere (#2!! so awesome).


As Indicated! :wink:
I do what I say and say what I do.
It’s not pretty :sunflower:

Two week update:

Another period of good progress. Been running double TC2 for most of the last two weeks.

Purple: Jack finished, having only ever been fed 1* purple, so it took a while for him, but speed boosted my 5* progress. Working on Proteus-v2 now, having just really gotten started. Protues getting all purples.
Yellow: HT finished, Mist-v2 well under way! When Mist is done, I’m on to some costumes from the last chamber: Chao then LX.
Blue: Richard done! Maxed 5* number 11 in my roster. In order to keep it so that two colors give away their 2* to my 5* in progress, I passed on Frank for now and am levelling Grimm’s costume which is new. Feeding it only blue 1* because it still levels fast even with those. Frank will slot back in behind cGrimm.
Green: Mel/cMel-v2 both finished. Elkanen is now leveling for the last couple days, getting all green as well as blue and red 2*. He’ll still be going up in 2 weeks, but after him is LJ from 3/60 where he has long been stuck up to max, then Buddy who I pulled in Dec.
Red: Rudolph done, then I moved on to Noor who went from 2/60 >> 3/70. Played a bit with her in war this weekend and really liked her, but alas, no rings, so she sits and waits. Moved on to Ei Dunn, who is receiving only red 1*. After she’s done I’ll go back to Noor if I can, or I’ll start Carol who I pulled in Dec.

I’ve got 2 5* of each color, and 11 and 12 don’t break that pattern yet. I want to keep it even across colors, but I’m currently lacking another yellow 5* except for a 2nd Leo which I don’t care to spend the darts on right away. Hopefully a summon or TC20 will cough one up soon. I have options in all other colors, but not mats.


My lack of green 5☆ is starting to worry me. I have like 10 5☆ for each colour , basically, maybe less like 6 in purple vs only 3 in green!and one of them being close to useless, yes Horghall, the unleveled one.

Anyways this is my future project

How is it possible? Too many yellows and blues and im so so scarse in greens?


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