Which heroes are you working on?(why?)

I have quite a few heroes that I could easily pick and choose to work on. And as I finally go through the events and get a few new heroes every month, it adds to my space. Even if it’s a hero that I don’t think I’ll use often (e.g. majority of the 3* roster until Challenge Events, Tournaments, War Battles, or Quests allow me to pull them out), I like having a few of them just in case.

Quite a list of heroes I could share if anyone wants to know, but off the top of my head, I’m working on Domitia (to help rid of some of the trainers I got from Halloween Event and make space), Gobbler (figured why not, even though I doubt he’d make much of dent in minion heroes that spam their specials), and Kadilen (would love to pair her up with Elkanen and because costume). There’s also Isarnia, who I got earlier this month, who I will be dumping all my hoarded capes and a couple telescopes onto since friends and alliance mates suggested that I not ascend Thorne past 3/70, no matter how much I like him.


My motivation is gotta catch 'em all so I’m levelling Zulag instead of my second Sartana. When I finish Gullinbursti I’ll start on Guardian Jackal then Guardian Gazelle. I have only one dart atm so it’ll be a while before I can max her. In Blue I only have Richard at 3^70 and duplicates Richard and Isarnia who I’ll save for the HA. In green I have Horghall at 3^70 not terribly excited to give him tonics but if no one else shows up when I get to 6 I guess I’ll do it and Guardian Falcon in red. Got my third Marjana today but not going to level her or my second Khagan. Also got Noor waiting for rings and as mentioned I am going to level her just because I want one of everything.


Right now, on my main account I am working on Gretel, Freya, Marjana, Valeria, and Hansel. I was working on Magni, but pulled Valeria during the Halloween event and have been mindlessly working on her ever since. Once I get her to 3-60, I’ll switch back to Magni. On my alt, I am working on Frigg, Boldtusk, Valeria, Wu Kong, and Boomer. I do not have enough blades to ascend Gravemaker, so I am working on taking BT to 3-60, then will take GM to 3-70 and see if I have enough blades for both at that time.




Finished Francine and now im slowly working on 2nd Caedmon. I have pulled Horghall but i wont be leveling him.


10 tonics, 12 sturdy shields


Im still doing Skadi up to 3.70.
I have pulled Glenda but i wont level her yet.


6 telescopes
21 warm capes


Still doing Mitsuko up to 3.70
Then probably i will level Garnet up to 3.70 before deciding who max first.

4 rings
12 hidden blades


I finished third rigard and now i will level Seshat my new purple hero pulled in TOL


2 tabards
17 trap tools


I paused Bai yeong but i have maxed SIF instead.
Now im finishing G.Jackal and then probably i will wait until next months if i pull something better before using my darts.


6 darts
12 orbs



Purple: I ascended Sargasso to 3/70 and started working on Jack, after Jack I will work on Vlad. Then I will ascend Quintus to 3/1 and level him up to 3/70.

Yellow: Still working on Bai Yeong, I want to finish him at 3/70. In the meantime I ascended Danzaburo to 3/60. I hope that I will get new heroes in December, I will do 10x pull during Atlantis, few more pulls in the costume chamber.

Blue: Grimm finished and emblemed. Jott finished and I’m using him on titans, he is really good. Agwe finished at 3/60, now working on Gato and today finally I got my first Kiril from TC20. He is my priority.

Green: Ceadmon finished, Mnessus finished, Little John also finished and now working on Gobbler. He eats minions, so i think that he may be useful for Christmas event. Melendor will be next.

Red: Sir Lancelot finished, Wilbur finished ( :heart:) and now leveling Kelile.

I can see how my roster grows and how I can finish more quest, it is very rewarding. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


While I love her mana generation drop, I also love her as a riposte blocker. Especially in the trials with Boril. Block riposte and you don’t have to worry about dispelling! :slight_smile:

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Current projects:

RED Boldtusk #2 (costume already done)
BLUE Boril
GREEN Caedmon
YELLOW Pixie (LOL why not?)
PURPLE Proteus (finally got lucky enough to pull that sucker!)


3 weeks later, I’ve brought Zocc and Elena to 3-70, will keep them there for a while before final decision. Still waiting to lose a raid with Zocc in the team, so I might decide to go further with him sooner than I thought. Also, finished Tyrum and his costume, I need a 3* dispeller/cleanser.

2nd Sonya and Jackal almost there.

Got Falcon during last Guardians, and want him in my red team for titans, and we’ll see where else.
Tarlak also titans, and offence. Guess he will be at 3-70, waiting for more tonics.
Ametrine, because I’m curious about ninja mechanics, and also I lack purple hitters. c.Tiburtus and Cheshire cat are my only 4* purple dmg dealers.


Joot, because I want see what he can do and second costume BoldTusk… Two of him make wicked flanks or wings.

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I’m done… all maxed and working on 2nd Bjorn… after that I have just few pretty much useless dupes at 1/1 and some for me rejected S1 5* sitting forever at 3/70 which aren’t worth the mats in my eyes. I’m boned.
In 16 days (2 days for last advanced storages to get to lvl 10 + research) I’ll have HA10 researched and 7 more days first retraining. HA is my only hope, cause pulls give me nothing.


So time for an update:

Red: Finished Lady Loki and then decided to finally ascend the 2nd Scarlett I had sitting at 3.60 for ever as I hate a 4* not being finished. After I finish her I don’t know what Ill do. Maybe a 3rd Boldtusk since I have so many extra costumes and an extra healer for war is always a good idea. Or maybe just wait until costumes come and see what happens.

Blue: Finished Boril and Costume. Started Skadi and just in time for all these undead wars… She will get the emblems and (at least for undead wars) replace Vela. Will hopefully get the one telescope I need before she hits 3.70. After, I did get Frank that I would like to level but also hoping for new costumes.

Yellow: Finished Mist. Also finished Vivica’s costume and finally gave her emblems (+18). Working on Li Xiu costume now. Pulled Odin so he will get darts and be my first 5* mana buffer. After that, waiting for costumes.

Purple: Bera is almost there… and she worked great at 4.XX during these undead wars… but Clarissa will have to wait AGAIN… pulled Hel in Tavern and I’m very excited for her… So she will be next and get my remaining Tabards because that mana stop is great.

Green: Green is back to being complicated. Finished Almur (who is +20 and is working great on titans), and then Lianna costume, and then my 2nd Belith’s costume because I wanted something fast (took longer to get 8/8 than to get to 3.50). Got really lucky during the Halloween summons and got Francine (was just pulling for Frank). Was all ready to give her the tonics, and most likely emblems. Got her to 2.55 and pulled Frigg… Got Francine to 2.60 and now sticking with Frigg who will get the tonics first because that will be another great defense down hero for war. Poor Atomos getting pushed away again.


Odin: just got him from Valhalla. Was gonna ascend vivica but she can wait.

Heimdall: been playing him in my green mono paired with Alby… The synergy is unreal.

Glenda: got enuf support heroes on blue… Some extra damage to buff my Cobalt will do.

Bera: I’ve got sniping, aoe, cleanse and buff, she’s indeed situational but will work.

Azlar Costume: i have decent damage on red but perhaps i lack burst.


After 19 days…

Green: finished Francine (now sitting happily at +7 and on my war/raid defenses), 2nd Friar Tuck and costume, and a second Belith. Maxing a 2nd Kashhrek with costume as backup for Ninja Tower. Queue: 2nd Jack O’Hare

Purple: maxing a 2nd Sartana (her costume is done!) for war depth. still have 8 Tabards anyway. Jack from Morlovia is done.

Red: TC20 spit out a Khagan! whee. I have 11 Rings now, PoV will give a 12th, so Khagan will probably get ascended

No Yellow currently (I have Leonidas and Justice and a 2nd Joon all at 3/70, but only 5 Darts). And no Blue currently (3rd Sonya and costume both done). So off-color feeders are going to Sartana and to Kash as both have maxed specials (2* to Sarty, 1* to Kash)

Khagan at least will take a while. it’s nice to work on a new hero… for a while there I was only working on dupes. and the end of my hero queue is in sight. would be weird to not have anyone to level at all, but let’s see.

already have dupes of several 3*s: Hawkmoon with costume, Brienne with costume, Belith, Kvasir, Pixie, Tyrum with costume, Friar Tuck with costume . mostly for Ninja Tower depth, though I sometimes use 2x Pixie, 2x Tyrum and 2x Brienne against Rare tier triple bosses or when going mono in Raid Tourneys. thought about 2x Kvasir, but not really stackable (max 3 minions) so…


The dreaded day(s) are finally arriving for me…

GREEN - Caedmon
YELLOW - Joon and Pixie
PURPLE - Proteus

2/5 colors have hit a standstill. After Joon and Pixie, yellow will also be stuck.

Still have enough purples and greens to work on for a while, but since they’ll also be absorbing red and blue (and eventually yellow) feeders, they’re bound to level up at a much faster pace than I’m used to.

I’m wondering what the heck I’m going to do once I’ve taken all of my available heroes as far as they’re able to go. Never thought that day would actually come, but now it looks like a distinct possibility in the not-so-far future. :thinking:


Similar here. Been almost 3 years of playing and I always got at least some useful dupes to work on, now I got even those on max. Thankfully I got 3 new heroes from Valhalla - Jarvur, Stonecleave and Brynhild. Very happy for Brynhild, she’s already maxed and even gave here emblems.
Will slowly work on other 2. Not entirely sure of their usage, but well I put every unique 3*/4* to max level just because. Missing 1 Vallhalla 3* and half of the 4*. about 5* heroes… I already know that I won’t get more than probably 1, one day…

HA is researching 4* troop retraining (as I totally forgot that I can’t have 2 researches going at once :D) as I so so bad need yellow mana troops… (I have 0 of them…)
After 4 days I’ll research HA10, so first retraining will be finished in 25 days.


ATM, I am waiting for that d-blade quest so I can max Francine. She will be maxed quite quick because I have few k feeders on my TCs. All the heroes I get from farming are fed to Guardian Owl, but am still debating if I should spend darts on this hero or not. I kinda need slow an very slow heroes for rush attack AW and tournaments, but all of my druid emblems are on c.Kadilen, Freya and Master Lepus. Other than those two, I kept one more Nordri, and will max him because he is awesome 3* hero.

EDIT: Oh, lucky me! The quest just started :grin:


Ahhhh I was actually fortunate enough to pull Francine myself, green is one color where I have plenty of heroes to level up but no ascension mats! Currently all I’ll be able to do with her is to bring her up to 2/60. :man_facepalming:

It’s like owning one of the most powerful guns in the game, but not having any ammo for it. :confounded:

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Ouch! :grimacing:
I was always lucky with tonics, had decent choice of green heroes, also, but was always short on d-blades. After I max her, I think I will start working on second c. Kadilen.

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I have 5 tonics, but 0 sturdy shields. :laughing: And 7 d. blades, 7 tomes, but only 2 compasses . :laughing: And both compasses are currently reserved for other heroes anyway.

Mat distribution has always been an issue for me.

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that’s pretty good! I only have 2 Valhalla 4*s until now… Shadereave and Fura. :frowning:

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