Which heroes are you working on?(why?)

Tarlak - Received my 6th tonic so time to fully ascend him ( need too many monk emblems )
Hu Tao - Ascending him to use on slow 4 star tourneys
Thorne - Have 9 telescopes. He could fit in the team and replace Vela. Still didn’t decide to fully ascend him. Atm taking him to 3/70 and will probably hold on the telescopes a bit further.
Shale - Another red cleanser and healer. Not perfect but may work on wars.


Paused levelling one of each colour to throw everything at finishing off Richard and Lady of the Lake. Now they are done going back to more structured.

No rush for seshat as have costume Sartana maxed on Defence, so wont have to feed all colours to her.

Have gone back to Grimm as he has been at 4/1 for a while. I also have lots of barbarian emblems so will be able to put him to +20 straight away.

Peters- have no tonics and other options were zocc to 3/70, melendor (have enough healers just now), gobbler or 2and Caedmon. Peters looks interesting and fun so doing him.

Sumle was a choice of him or Colen. Decided on Sumle. As with Grimm I have enough emblems to make +20 as soon as finished.


Another update:
yellow: Bai Yeong. Looks interesting. Won’t be able to finish him. :roll_eyes:
purple: finishing Sabina. Far from enough materials for a 5*.
blue: still Richard, then his costume.
green: Grevle to optimize my green 3* team. Then finally my beloved Lianna. :blush:
(thanks @TGW :crazy_face:)
red: finishing Elena, cause she’s my last unfinished red 5* and I had the materials.


Update on Isarnia accidental ascension:

I’ve maxed her and I am in LOVE. Vela now can hit a bit harder again. The tile damage I was needing. I plan to bring a crit troop (↑DEF%) to level 20~ for fixing her weakness a lil bit. Been using her a lot in raids.


Current projects:

BLUE - Boril (progress - 4/42)
RED - C. Boldtusk #2 (progress - 4/70 costume, 4/24 regular)
GREEN - Hansel (progress - 4/57)
PURPLE - Domitia (progress - 4/76)
YELLOW - Joon (progress - 3/61)

Next in line:

BLUE - Richard #2? (no other blues to work on)
RED - [blank] (nothing else to work on)
GREEN - Francine (most likely; many available options, so few green AMs)
PURPLE - Proteus (most likely)
YELLOW - Pixie (LOL just because)


I have finished C.rig and Francine. Bai, Mits and Skadi at 3.70.

Now im working on SIF. Probably i will go ahead to 4.80 instead of Bai because i need a strong PVE hero


Pixie’s great! I maxed two of her for use vs. triple bosses :slight_smile: comes in handy for Challenge Event Rare tier completion (as I am not trying to compete in those, just finish).

Basically, any hero that can do mana control is generally good :wink:


Don’t get me wrong, I like Pixie, I just don’t do a whole lot of 3* content. I’d rather finish Joon first, but lacking the darts for him. And my only remaining options in yellow are either a second copy of Leonidas (which I also won’t be able to finish), or finishing Hu Tao (who I don’t really have much use for at present time, and it will be easier to finish Pixie first).


ah that makes tons of sense then. yeah, I wouldn’t bring a 3* to a 4* arena either, much less 5*. only exceptions are costume Brienne and Nordri for Titans, but we only fight 8* Titans so that’s still doable :slight_smile:


I’ve tried Brienne, but even our lowly 8* titans kill her far too quickly for her to be useful. :confused:

Is yours emblemed? I have yet to emblem any 3s (and don’t plan to until I feel very good about the emblem levels on my 4s and 5s).


my Brienne was at +6 when I first started using her vs. our 8* Titans. she could survive one hit IF a harpoon or axe was used on the Titan. but then I would need to heal her right away.

She’s at +9 now, but I still ensure the titan has an attack debuff… otherwise she won’t make it.


After about 2 weeks…

Green: FRANCINE! my lucky pull from Morlovia! Power-leveling her now with Green and Red feeders! She’s gonna taste some tonics soon :slight_smile:
My Green queue is also really long… after Francine, I’ll do a bunch of dupes. 2nd Kash and costume, 2nd Friar Tuck and costume, 2nd Belith (no costume), and 2nd Jack O’Hare. The first 3 I anticipate coming in handy for next Ninja Tower.

Yellow: finished Agnes and 2nd Kvasir, now bringing Justice to 3/70

Purple: Jack from Morlovia is 4/50, with a 7/8 special skill. After that, 2nd Sartana will go to 3/70, then I will decide if I spend Tabards on her (I have 12, so most likely YES).

Blue: 3rd Sonya is done, working on her costume.

Red: absolutely nobody, so Francine gets fed.




Gefjon is at 3.70, and while waiting Rings, Shale is ascended an continue to max.
Next target maybe ascend 2nd Kelile.
5* at 3.70: Noor and Elena
5* at 1.1: 2nd Noor
Material: 4x Rings


Snow White is ascended will switch to Frank for 1* feeder and 2* feeder to SW.
Next target Glenda and 2nd Frank.
5* heroes at 3.70: none
5* heroes at 1.1: Glenda, Thorne and 2nd Magni
Material: 6x Scopes


Lianna is maxed now, 2nd Buddy is now on hold, because I was lucky to get Evelyn from Atlantis this month. I would bring Evelyn to 3.70 1st for titan and try in my raid green team (I do not have Almur yet), then maybe I would decide later who to ascend.
Next target Francine.
5* heroes at 3.70: 2nd Telluria, 2nd Kingston.
5* heroes at 1.1: Francine, Margaret, Atomos, Kadilen, Zocc
Material: 6x Tonics


2nd Gullinbusti is maxed, now leveling 3rd Gullinbursti.
Next target maybe 3rd Mist.
5* heroes at 3.70: Onatel, Neith
5* heroes at 1.1: Sir Roostley, Bai Yeong, 2nd Poseidon, 2nd Joon, Justice.
Material: 2x Darts


Onyx is at 3.70. Already have 6th tabard, I’m not yet decide to ascend either Onyx or Sartana-C, but I was leaning to Onyx. While lack of food because of ascending, leveling troop, and some emblems. I would hold 1st. Now leveling Jack.
Next target maybe Stonecleave, Ameonna or 2nd Gafar, 3rd Proteus.
5* heroes at 3.70: Onyx, Clarissa, Sartana-C
5* heroes at 1.1: Obakan, 2nd Ursena, Domitia
Material: 6x Tabard


I only work on one hero at a time. Don’t power level.

Current project: Gefjon
Why: Because she is awesome…lol

Up next: Probably Jade (Have Garnett, Shale and Sapphire). Love me some ninjas!


Finished Francine in 3 days after I pulled her on the 1st. Now I’m working on Tyr.


Post-Guardians update:

  • Purple - finished Prisca costume (used in Guardians rare); also finished An-Windr and was disappointed with him. Now working on Zulag over starting Obakan or maxing Quintus.
  • Yellow - Took Joon to max ascension; easy decision, as my only other yellow option is to take Ranvir to third ascension. Joon is now at 4^53. Did not land Jackal. :frowning_face: Hoping to land some yellow costumes next month, assuming the new ones are out. I don’t fight high enough titans to really need Ranvir.
  • Blue - took Raff to 3^70. Finished Jarvur and actually like him more than expected. Was all set to give scopes to Raff at the end of PoV, and then Isarnia showed up from TC20! :heart_eyes: So she’s now my blue project.
  • Green - Almur is now on final ascension, and I have enough sorcerer emblems to take him to +20 immediately on max, if I want. Set my new personal titan best (116K) with him last week. After Almur, I can either do some quick three-stars and/or costumes or start Kadilen. Leaning toward Kadilen.
  • Red - finished second Boldtusk and opted to start Shadereave over second BT costume. Got Shadereave to 3^60, but now he’s stuck there because I got Falcon! So he’s my new red project. Haven’t faced a green titan since drawing him, but I’m looking forward to it!

No new costumes in November - which is fine with me - so keys saved until December. Also, 16 EHTs in storage for Christmas. Likely no changes until then.


Last week pushed me to some changes.

Thorned: Is on Pause

Glenda - started working on her, 2/9 atm. Have enough telescope will work on her all the way
Tarlak - In progress, 4/60 should be done by next week.
Shitterskull - using 1-star green feeders on him, 3/12 . Will work on his costume afterward.
Hu Tao - In progress 4/5
Sir Lancelot - In progress 4/11
Mokarr - Planning to take him to 3/70 and do some tests for mono purple team. I may choose to ascend him when I have 4 more tabards and no additional better purple hero to ascend.


2 weeks again…

Purple: Finished An-Windr and Dom is now up to 3rd ascension this morning. :slight_smile: Finishing her and her costume will easily take me until my next update. Jack on deck for a break (plus I’m once again out of mats - no compasses this time, so bad for everyone. Dom ate the last compass)
Yellow: Finished Arman. Skipped Agnes and went straight to Leo. Also at 3rd ascension (so 2 5* deep into leveling). He may well take me 2 more weeks, but if not, Agnes will slot back in behind him, followed by Bee Man v2.
Blue: Finished cKiril and started Mireweave as planned. Not looking good for final ascension right now with the dearth of compasses. May have to hold off until I can get some. Jott is next, but will hit the same roadblock…
Green: Finished Almur (LOVE HIM!!) Finished Caed costume (original was max already) and started Zocc! He will probably take me a while, will run into the compass problem quickly, but will probably get priority over any 4* if he’s ready and I’m waiting still. After Zocc will be By-Ulf for 3* tournaments and variety. Elkanen in line after him.
Red: Finished Sudri. Still working Sumle as planned. Get the next to last compass, so it’s just a matter of hitting max. After Sumle will probably be Noor to 2/60. I’ve got 2 red 5* waiting on various mats. Once I get a compass and 2 more blades, Grazul will go up to 3. Azlar is sitting at 3/70, probably in line behind Grazul. Red is where my mat shortage hurts the most. Not enough blades, rings or compasses to make any meaningful progress. I guess I could level the costume on my 2nd Hawkmoon??

First time I’ve ever been at a real mat roadblock. I’ve gotten close and had low inventory before, but never have I been this stalled. AL10 will finish building in a little more than a week. Once I get it researched, I’ll be converting boots into more useful things (hopefully some compasses and blades).


Times change.

  • Green - I did just finish Melendor’s costume, but instead of Almur, I’ve started working on Frigg. I got her this past Valhalla so she gets all the green for now. I have a lot of great nature heroes, but Frigg is getting priority. I suspect as Valhalla keeps going, you will see a lot of people using her.

  • Yellow - Working on Malosi now, he’s almost maxed. After I get him maxed, I think I’ll work on Sif. I’d like to work on Mist, but I haven’t made up my mind. Malosi is fantastic and a great hero to go on the offense.

  • Red - Anzogh is almost ready for final ascension, but I think I will ascend Mitsuko instead and leave Anzogh at 3.70 for now. I need Mits to counteract those really strong offensive Ice heroes, especially Finley.

  • Blue - Misandra is almost maxed. I’m loving her and didn’t realize she gives allies mana until I was lucky and pulled her. Fenrir is probably next. I skipped Fenrir in favor of Misandra, but now they have buffed the Valhalla heroes, so I’ll happily level him next.

  • Purple - Sartana. Since I finally got another dark 5*, she is getting all my dark feeders. I did get very lucky and picked up Zulag as well as Boss Wolf in October, but I need dark offense more than dark defense right now. I can’t remember if I got Sartana in November or not, but she appeared at the right time. On yellow titans, I end up using Merlin as my dark sniper, which isn’t the best, but it is nice to watch the titan attack itself if it is confused when fully charged. Now that we have rush wars, I will hopefully get around to fully leveling Boss Wolf. I think he will be a beast on war defense for the rushes.


Mist is a really fantastic 4* hero, imo. I don’t use her often as I’m pretty deep with 5* yellow heroes, but she’s great in challenge events and tournaments. Best feature is the -64% mana generation for target and nearby for 3 turns.

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