Which heroes are you working on?(why?)

Yellow: Bai Yejong
Im an absolute fan of him. Even at 3:45 he changed so many platinum raids to my favour. He might even replace drake fong as my main yellow top hero.
But of course, 3 missing darts means a half year wait…
Red: grave maker and Zimkitha. Can’t go wrong with either of them
Blue: Richard costume, isarnia, Aegir, Fenrir. Will bring all of them to 3:70 and then decide whom to take into the A team
Purple: Same story, sartana and Myztero will be the 3:70 contenders. Which would you ascend?
Green: my weakest color. Got elkanen costume or LOTl to take to 3:70 Love LOtL but elkanen would be my first good tank. What do you think?

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Another updated: :slight_smile:

Purple: Sabina is finished and now I am working on Sargasso. Will I ascend him to 4/1? I don’t know, I still haven’t decided. If I receive Tiburtus or Rigard, I will stop levelling Sargasso and work on more useful heroes, preferably 4*.

Yellow: Finished Agnes and now working on Bai Yeong, I don’t have other yellow heroes.

Blue: I finished Grimm and I’m levelling Jott. Agwe I will leave for later.

Green: I finished Costumed Caedmon. I will max Mnessus very quickly and then start working on Little John.

Red: Working on Sir Lancelot.


I am currently working on Heimdall who is at 4x30 or so. I chose him partly because of how good he is, and partly because of how nerf’d Telly has gotten.

Also, one of the hangups with my leveling right now is that, I don’t have any 3*/4* to work on except getting Vodnik’s special to 8/8. He’s at 6/8 right now. Once his special is maxed, all 3* and 4* in my roster will be maxed. I’ll be stuck leveling 5* heroes to 3x70 and waiting for mats, (My current shortage is D. Blades). Only other exciting thing going is I’m about 2 days out from my first HA10 conversion.

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Updated projects:

Red: I finished Grazul and after that i finished Eli-Dunn.
Now im working on Mitsuko. I cannot ascend her yet to 4.1. What is more i have pulled Garnet, another top red. So red seems to be falling from the sky in my account(i stare to greens :angry: )


4 hidden blades
4 Rings

Blue :

Doing Skadi(only to 3.70 now). I finished Ulmer and Karil + costume. Other blues that i want to work on are .2nd sonya, fenrir, Boril and thorne


11 warm capes
5 telescopes


I finished Brynhild and did caedmon costume. Now working on second caedmon and after that i will do Grevle. If i not pull a 5☆ green… i dont have luck with 5☆ greens.

14 tonics
16 sturdy shields


I finished Chao and now im doing Bai Yeong .


11 orbs
9 darts


Doing Clarissa now, after that i will finish 3rd Rigard and if i not pull anything else 2nd c.tibs


15 trap tools
0 tabards


Working on Onyx for obvious reasons! Want to enjoy him until Ninjas get nerved :wink:


Well, took another 26 days of leveling, but I finished mok-arr today

I was feeding the 1* darks to bjorn 2. Guess I’ll finish him and then decide next project. Proteus2?

For yellow I started Leonidas due to lack of other options, and figured with 8 more darts (had 14) and slim changes on a better yellow 5*, I’d ascend him.

Blue, finished kiril 2, now the costume. Next I guess either second Sonya (and costume), or Thorne.

Green skittleskull and the 1* go to her costume. Next I guess I’ll start on Lianna (rng gonna rng, have all green S1 5*, but only 1 blue (Thorne) and 1 yellow or maybe first Caedmon who took a year to get out of TC20 (and then twice in a row…)

Red I finished Scarlett and now working on Elena


I finished Alice, now Ametrine got her unexpected place in line. After that I will work on Norn, she (they?) could be very useful in next ninja tower.

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RED: Noor reached 3/70, stuck now, plz send rings. Working on Ei-Dunn in the meantime.

BLUE: Jott (final ascended and currently approaching level 60, so should be done relatively soon…)

GREEN: Hansel (final ascended, but still a ways to go)

YELLOW: Joon (will only be able to bring him to 3/70 without more darts, unfortunately)

PURPLE: Domitia (still… final ascended but feeding her mostly 1-2* purple heroes, I might as well be feeding rabbit pellets to an elephant… 5* heroes take forever)


Here you go.
:ring: :ring: :ring: :ring: :ring: :ring:

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Magni, don’t have mats though. Lianna, not all mats, Khagan, need rings, Poseidon, will have the darts, when he is at 3/70 - just finished Malosi and Zulag, got her from a 10 pull at Ninjas, have the mats, but way to go.




2nd Wilbur and Sudri now maxed, currently no other red to level, and get Ninja Shale at least he is red cleanser although he is more slow then very slow hero (15 tiles need to cleanse all allies), but anyway.
Next target maybe 2nd Kelile.
5* at 3.70: Noor and Elena
5* at 1.1: 2nd Noor
Material: 4x Rings


Jott is maxed, Karil is still on hold (lvl 1.27), now leveling Snow White and will continue to ascend her.
Next target maybe Capt Diamonds or 2nd Triton.
5* heroes at 3.70: none
5* heroes at 1.1: Thorne and 2nd Magni
Material: 8x Scopes


Lianna now is 3.70, I will ascend her soon. Now leveling Skittleskull-C.
Next target Carver and Belith-C.
5* heroes at 3.70: Lianna, 2nd Telluria, 2nd Kingston.
5* heroes at 1.1: Margaret, Atomos, Kadilen, Zocc
Material: 10x Tonics


No big progress on yellow, still leveling 3rd Jackal.
Next target is 2nd Gullinbursti.
5* heroes at 3.70: Onatel, Neith
5* heroes at 1.1: Sir Roostley, Bai Yeong, 2nd Poseidon, 2nd Joon, Justice.
Material: 2x Darts


Sartana-C now 3.70, now continue Tibs-C, his oroginal is only at 4.1.
Next target while waiting AM for Sartana, maybe bring Onyx to 3.70. I will ascend Sartana 1st, except if Onyx get update buffed.
5* heroes at 3.70: Clarissa, Sartana
5* heroes at 1.1: Obakan, Quintus, 2nd Ursena, Domitia, Onyx.
Material: 4x Tabard


You think Onyx needs a buff?

Two weeks again…
Purple: Finished costume for Tibs. An-Windr in progress as planned. Some of this levelling was done with 1* only so the special maxed first with 2* going to Mist final levels. Once An-Windr is done, Dom/CDom on deck.
Yellow: Mist finished, eating 2* of several colors at various points. Only recently started doing this (last two updates) after reading on here, and I am liking this technique more and more. moved on to Arman, who is only getting 1* (2* to Gormek) until special maxed. This technique not only helps the higher level recipient get there faster, but avoids having to feed 3* who are maxed but not special max. After Arman will be Agnes then start Leonidas.
Blue: Isarnia maxed! :slight_smile: (only my 6th max 5*, 2nd blue) Moved on to Jarvur who is almost there. Took longer than normal because of the new strategy, but the overall benefit is worth it. After Jarvur, my already max Kiril’s costume gets some love.
Green: Grevle finished. Berden’s costume finished. On to Hansel#2! After him, some costumes get some love (Caed and Kash).
Red: Got Grazul to 2/60 and finally got 4 blades, but switched back over to my long stuck 3/60 Gormek for them. He’s on the way up now, eating most of the 2*, so moving quickly. When he’s done I’ll level Sudri for Rush 3* tournaments and because I’m low on red mats (ZERO blades and only 4 rings). Then I’ll probably start some 4* (Shadreave waiting, as well as dupes like Scarlett and Wilbur). Azlar at 3/70 waiting on rings/blades and Grazul at 2/60 waiting on blades/rings/blades. Wish I could even out the AM demands, as I have tons of trap tools and shields and capes but no blades at all…


A small update -
Second Marjana is maxed.
4th Rigard almost finished, still his costume needs to be finished.
Costume chamber gave me some new non-dupe stuff to work on at least, even new Hotm after 19 months.


The problem with Zulag is, that I have so many purple healers, like that many :

And also 22 tabards to spare. My other purples on max are Sartana, Domitia and Mok-arr with only other options other than Zulag being 2nd Domitia and 2x Quintus, which I refuse to max.
3 of my Rigards and Aeron gets used every war and I was thinking of putting Zulag in purple mono with Aeron, but idk really.

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Three weeks later, 2nd Rigard + costume, Sumle, Kaliani and White Rabbit done. Now:

Still some work on Caedmon and Jott, beacuse I power leveled Berden and Balthazar (+ costumes) for this tourney.

Khiona, because she’s very good, and definitely better option than my other purple 5+, Quintus.

Gullinbursti, because I don’t have a yellow healer, and will finish him sooner than Vivica (also, Rabbit got the darts, let’s collect few more).

Shadereave, I don’t know, he looks like fun. :slight_smile:


You can always level her up to 3.70 and see how she works. She wont contribute with tile damage (so low attack, even more at 3.70) but with a 8/8 ability you will have a backup healer/support hero.

Yeah I’m definitely going to do that like with every copy of a 5* and see later. I still have mixed feeling though. Kind of similar special skilll as Aeron, but with different buffs.

Yes I think so,… I was thinking in theory (since I don’t have level him to 3.70), I would keep on eye on every review about him.
In theory:
1st charge: 5 tiles -> only 1x emenies small damage and dispell 1x enemy (not good)
2nd charge: 10 tiles = avarage -> only hit-3 middle damage and dispell-3, Seshat and Panther with fast mana can do 3-dispell.
3rd charge: 15 tiles (very slow is 13.5 tiles) -> hit-all is okay,…

but more slow then very slow… :thinking:

Kiril also just got the costume for him. Bit short on blue heroes and healers so he seems good pick. Maybe Raffaele later on.

Don’t forget about this:

2nd charge is only 9 tiles (functionally fast) with level 11 troop

I feel like the ninjas are meant to use the second charge almost always since it’s basically fast. Occasionally the very fast charge will help finish an enemy in a hurry, and very infrequently will a great cascade give you the last charge. But, if the board is good it’s nice that extra tiles aren’t wasted and they charge the ninjas even more


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