Which heroes are you working on?(why?)

@djmindcrasher I love my Grimble! He was my 2nd 5* Purple after Domitia. I use him for raids, war attacking teams, farming and tournaments.

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Second Lady Loki - She is great on War attacks
Drake Fong - Not much to say
Jabber - Just landed but need to wait 2 more tabard and sucks emblem clash with Drake.
Sonja - Finally landed her after 2 years
Tarlak - Titan damage

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@gnikdrazil Great job on pulling Jabberwocky! I was hoping I would get him in the last Wonderland as a lot of folks were successfully pulling him. Unfortunately, I was not so lucky. Jabber and Lady Loki will be great additions to your team!

Red: Technically out of projects, but slowly puttering along 2nd Boldie in the 4th ascension after having maxed out his costume already. Does feel like a tremendous waste of red feeders though, since he only gets used for war because Boldie #1 is at +15 already. Maybe Namahage #3 or Ei-dunn #3 or Shadereave??? All seem like mediocre choices though.

Blue: 3rd Sonya+C, then maybe vanilla 2nd Kiril in the 4th ascension (maxed costume already).

Green: 4th Caedmon+C 4 (yes I’m huge fan of Caedmon)

Yellow: Gullinbursti, Bai Yeong

Dark: Vanilla 2nd Rigard in the 4th ascension (maxed costume already)

Lots of dupes here, goal here is solely to expand my war bench. Blue and green heroes are mainly to counter the blue tanks we seem to face every other war, yellow because Bai Yeong at 3/70 is viable in a yellow stack, and that slow pig is at least a sort of healer in the absence of Woolerton.

No worthwhile 5* heroes to work on in any of the colors, so 4* only for now. At least I save on mats. :man_shrugging:

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I recently got Vivica from the event so I am doing her. Need 1 more dart to then either max her or Malosi.
Right now, Vivica is on about 3/20

I recently did Gullinbursti and Peters since I’ve neglected 4*s in favor of 5. Now with them done I’m working on Khiona who I got in the August Atlantis pull. I kept her at 3/70 to see if I got Jabber this month, but I didn’t so up she went.

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